Monday, June 3, 2013

The Plugging Continues

As Spring Moves Along

I've been plugged continuously now for two weeks and almost two days, 24 hours a day, and I think with this length of plugging time, I've begun to see a kind of routine in my body cycle. As with most people, I suppose the morning presents the busiest time for me in terms of plug maintenance, cleaning, BMs, and giving myself a cleansing enema. I don't really like this part of the day, because my body takes two to three BMs before I feel truly clean, and before the plug settles in my ass the most comfortably. Once this couple of hours is over with, I am totally stimulated as I get to work at my computer. I'm retired and my post-retirement job is a work-at-home situation, which allows for occasional visits to my two favorite sites: Experience Project and Fetlife.

I've met some wonderful men and women there who share my enthusiasm for using butt plugs, and a few of them are into being plugged as much as possible.

The second cycle is my diet and cycling through the waste. I try to eat binding foods (bananas, dry toast, rice, etc.) and lay off fats and too many greens. Of course, I can't resist a good pizza, but even then, I usually keep it to one slice. I eat a light lunch. My recent visit to the doctor (plugged of course) involved checking my cholesterol. It was down from the last visit, so I must be doing something right.

And then there's the rest of my day. I work at my computer job throughout the morning, mostly sitting with short walking breaks, and this allows me to exercise the plug, knowing it's there keeping my sphincter closed around the almost 1-inch shaft, and with the lube, I can feel the egg shaped part of the plug in my ass caressing the lining of my rectum. After lunch, of course (being retired), I like to take a short nap, and as I lie there, I clinch, doing a series of kegels, to the delight of my cock, which then grows hard. In these last two weeks, I've only masturbated three times, and I'm beyond the temptation to remove the plug after I ejaculate. The muscles in my ass throb thereafter for a delicious few minutes as the plug is pulled tight against my anus.

I shower in the afternoons, so that I'm clean and ready for the evening. In these last two weeks that has meant going to parties, dinners out, the movies, all while plugged and secretly enjoying my plug. So, as spring moves along, I'm living plugged and loving every moment of it. It has added a dimension of sensuality to what would be ordinary days.

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