Thursday, September 5, 2013

Road Blocks along the Plugging Lifestyle Highway

Flu, Colds, and Stomach Viruses are Roadblocks to Staying Plugged

This is not a pleasant subject for people like me who want to stay plugged 24/7, but it's one of the realities of the human body. Sometimes, no matter how much I crave having my butt plugged, I've had to suspend my journey until the ailment passes. This recently happened and I had to go eight long days and nights without plugging my butt.

I wish there were a way to prevent catching a cold or flu or contracting a stomach virus, but there really isn't, unless I want to live shut away in my room, never eat, and never make bodily contact with my mate, or shake hands, get the picture.

So, the first night as I was lying in bed, settling down with my plug firmly in place, I felt a little feverish, had a few body aches and had a hard time getting to sleep. And when I woke up about two in the morning, I rushed to the bathroom, and sure enough, had an unpleasant and loose BM. I washed up, replugged, and went back to bed. In less than an hour, I was up and at it again, and realized I just couldn't replug, so I went back to bed and tossed and turned, feeling uncomfortable and feverish.

The next morning, it was worse, and I knew I was in the throes of a full blown ailment. Every day I hoped the runs would pass and I could be plugged again. I gobbled OTC medications to get rid of the symptoms, doubled down on foods and supplements that would slow the digestion rate and went through my days and nights empty, yet craving having my beautiful glass plug in my ass. After many months of being plugged regularly, I can assure you that I felt empty and distraught. My ass was as raw as hamburger meat, and the best I could do was rub cream into my anus for relief. I think the worst thing about having such an ailment is that it wrecks the anus, and even on the final day, when I felt I could work the plug back in, my anus was very tender and raw. I had spent several minutes massaging the anus, until the rawness felt all right and not tender to the touch. And then I chose a somewhat thicker silicone based lube and worked it in my ass. Then I put a sheen of lube on my glass plug and stood in front of the sink in the bathroom and looked into a mirror behind me as I gently slid the plug into place. Every feeling was intensified, including the new tightness of my anus that had gone eight days without the plug and the shaft keeping my sphincter a little loose. But in a way, it was very pleasant and tennder, and felt so good to feel that pop as the plug got past the sphincter and nestled itself into place. And my rectum and its muscles hugged the plug for joy.

That first night with the plug back into place, as I said, every feeling was intensified and wonderful. It's now been 72 hours plugged, again, and I can resume my journey of living plugged. Yes, there will be other times when I run into roadblocks, but for now I'm back with a plug in my ass.

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