Friday, December 12, 2014

Exploring the Man Hole

I mean the rectum...

What I love about this (yeah,
besides the dildo action) is
the shaved naked look.
Before I took a shower today, I did some careful and close shaving to my cock, balls, and anus. I know some guys like the fur and some guys like how much more naked you feel when you're shaved. I'm one of the latter. Bald as a badger. I enjoyed removing the plug and just really getting my fingers into my rectum after I shaved my man hole. I spent quite a bit of time exploring the hole and feeling around inside.

It was really sexy that my fingers came out clean, and that's after having the plug in overnight and through the afternoon. It's been said that the rectum isn't self lubing, and while that is no doubt true, I often run a finger full of aloe vera in there when I'm prepping my rectum for an enema. Once I've expelled the water (I never use anything but water in my enema), and dry my anal opening off, wash the glass plug and dry it off, there's enough aloe still in my rectum, I suppose, that even 12 hours later my rectum is still "wet." And when the plug comes out clean, and I can't feel any turd up inside, I can just stick the plug back in and go for another ten or so hours.

Off and on in these posts I've tackled the graphic facts of plugging, including the inevitable natural process of defecating. This is unavoidable, so you have to get used to the fact that you're going to have to deal with the brown stuff now and then if you're going to live plugged. No, I don't like it, but the glass plug cleans up easily.

Anyway, you also can't have loose bowels, and you definitely can't wear a plug when you have the runs. I know the name implies that you can, but you will have crises if you go out in public plugged and with the runs.

Pay attention to your gut, too, the part of the intestines that might hurt or feel uncomfortable when a BM is imminent. Don't attempt to stay plugged if your gut is trying to tell you something. Tonight, I'm going out (plugged) to have enchiladas. I can assure you that there's danger of a crisis; but I can't help but enjoy and tempt the gods as a result of eating Mexican food.

At any rate, I had a good shaving session before my shower. I enjoyed toying with my man hole and rectum, I enjoyed the enema, and now I'm enjoying my plug sitting up in there, feeling the sphincter attempt to close around the one-inch shaft, and I'm enjoying the tingle of an erection, along with a little leaking of precum.