Saturday, April 26, 2014

Going into Year Two Living Plugged...I had a Realization

The Intrusive Nature of Butt Plugs

I'm one month into my second year of living plugged 24 hours a day, and here I would like to discuss the deliciously intrusive nature of butt plugs. Chastity boys can no doubt attest to the same feeling with their cock locks, especially when they get a hard on inside the cock cage. But there's just something very final about having my butt completely plugged off 24 hours a day. Of course if I have a build up of gas (and this happens depending on what I've recently eaten) I've found various ways to relieve it without removing the plug too often during the day. One is to take a simethicone tablet; another is simply to fart around the plug (it's easy with my glass plug); and a third way is to give myself a shallow enema. But after a year of being plugged, I don't like to depend on enemas.

I used to give myself an enema each time I cleaned up and maintained my plug, but with glass I rarely have anything stick to the plug, and if I have a good BM a warm wet cloth inside my anal opening afterwards is as clean as I need to be. It would be different of course if I was sharing my plugging with a partner. I wouldn't want to present my ass without an enema. But that is not the case. Staying plugged is a personal lifestyle choice, one that gives me pleasure throughout the day and night. Yep, I get an erection every time I sit down to write this blog, and of course that intensifies the feeling of the plug in my ass.

But I digress...

The Icicles #14 glass plug, which I've been wearing since January, has a one-inch diameter shaft (the egg above the shaft is two inches in diameter at the widest point, and it's about the same size as a regular chicken egg). But it's really the shaft that is the intrusive part. It keeps my sphincter stretched around it, and the slightest twitch or movement reminds me its there.

The plug in this guy's ass has
the ring base like the Devi and
Icicles #14 glass plugs. I think
this one is called the Pacifier.
Can you imagine having this shaft keeping your sphincter open for a whole year, 24 hours a day? To me it's this intrusion that provides the most delicious feeling. Sure our fantasies usually include getting the biggest possible plug into our asses, but there aren't that many nerve endings inside the rectum. They're all right there in the anal opening. No. I haven't forgotten about that magic button, the prostate, but I can tell you that I wouldn't want my prostate massaged 24 hours a day. I don't think it would be possible to live plugged, if that were the case. So I wear the angled head away from the prostate so that there is very little stimulation most of the time. I've also noticed that the one-inch diameter shaft has given a semipermanent flexibility to my sphincter that a narrower shaft did not. Lying in bed at night, one of my favorite things to do is run my finger around the shaft, feeling the warmth and slight wetness. I can slide my finger along the shaft of the plug and touch the bottom of the egg. In fact, I know that if I wanted a cock slammed into my ass at any given moment, I could pop out the plug and take the cock fast and deep. But since my partner is not into anal, that's not going to happen, and since we're monogamous, it's not going to happen with any other guy.

I've also said on many occasions in this blog that living plugged is not the same goal as using a butt plug for a fuck session or to prepare for a partner, or even to enhance masturbation. Living plugged is a goal I've set for myself to just have a plug in my butt all the time. Don't think it becomes routine or boring. To me, it's a totally sexualized all day fuck, granted an intrusive, never-ending fuck that I never grow tired of.

This makes me a total butt plug addict. I'm leaking pre-cum just writing about this.

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