Thursday, June 11, 2015

Staying Plugged All Day and All Night

Living Plugged requires a degree of persistence...

Over the past thirty months (from the time I started using a plug until now) I have learned to stay plugged over 90 percent of the time, day and night, by observing two simple but opposing "rules."

1. Don't fight your body if it refuses to accept a plug. This is usually due to discomfort caused by digestive gas buildup and (worse) the runs.

This rule is contradicted by the second one.

2. Be persistent in getting the plug back in as soon as you can after a bout of digestive issues. And this rule has allowed me to continue plugging even after I have had to take a two or three hour break, or in some cases an all-day break. As I've discovered, the rectum only fills up when a BM is imminent, and your body will tell you that it's different than the nice full, plugged feeling you get from your butt plug. I don't pretend to know the autonomic functions of the complex of muscles and their jobs in the process of waste elimination, but after over two years of living plugged I can tell the difference between being plugged and being plugged up!

Note that the rectum is an area below the sigmoid colon and it is usually clear of waste.
The other most important realization I have come to is how the rectum seems to function. During most hours of the day and night, the rectum stays clean of waste. Higher up there is the sigmoid colon which prevents waste from just going on down the "poop chute" unless it's time for it to. So, let's say I've had a bout of the runs. Early on in my experience with living plugged, I would lose the desire to insert the plug back in my rectum and would go a day or a night before venturing back into my plugging. I mistakenly thought that the runs kept my rectum "dirty" for a lot longer than it did. In other words, you only need to wait a little while for the rectum to clarify and become clean after a tremendous dump or even a bout of the runs.

I hope someone actually gets to attend little gatherings
like this. Cute little puppy dog butt plug.
In this post, I make no apologies for being so graphic. This post especially is devoted to those like me who really do want to live plugged. Yesterday, I had taken a supplement that contained zinc chelate, not realizing that one of the side effects was to mess with the digestive system. I had hardly finished eating lunch and got back home when I realized I was in for a bout of Montezuma's Revenge. And sure enough, as soon as I sat on the toilet and removed the plug, there was a thunder storm in the toilet. About an hour later, with the plug still removed, I was hit with the awful realization that I had just shit my pants—almost—and had another thunder storm in the toilet.

Now, normally, and early in the first year of living plugged, I would give myself permission to go the rest of the day and that night without the plug. But I only waited a few hours, gave myself and enema, and I was delighted to see that the thunder storm had passed and the sun had come out. My rectum was clean, and so I happily re-plugged only a few hours after the incident. So I didn't lose that much time being unplugged.

Many of you reading this, of course, will just wonder, WTF, just keep that plug out of your butt for a while. Not so...not me, nor the other people I've heard from who like to live plugged. I follow these two contradictory rules: don't fight the body but be persistent in getting the plug back in there after the rectum clarifies, and of course when the thunder storm has moved on.

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