Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Solo Sexual Eroticism

Of course, wearing a butt plug

I imagine that almost everyone who reads and enjoys this blog from time to time engages in solo sexual eroticism. Yes, it's the same thing as masturbating in private, but for me the goal is not to climax and end the session by cumming. It's akin to edging, as well, and keeping the sexual waves going as long as you can.

Now, this is exactly what my Icicles #14 butt plug looks
like in my ass, although I really don't know what the
plug in this picture is made of. But note how the ring
base fits between the butt cheeks like a coin in a slot.
It's very comfortable, even sitting.

That's what I'm doing this morning. I had a great night staying erect by a hands free use of my butt plug, just clinching and stretching and otherwise staying too busy to sleep, although I did some of that, too. Last night my plug just felt more "there" than normal, pulled in tightly to my anal opening (plugging dry helped), and it all just carried on into this morning. Following a really hefty evacuation (been slightly constipated for about a day),  I had a fantastic enema that totally cleaned me out from the rectum to my eyeballs, and then I dried my butt and inserted the Icicles #14 glass plug totally dry; once it got started (past the dry skin around the anal opening), it popped in deep and snug.

And then I stayed naked. Did some work in the courtyard, stayed eroticized and tingly. And now, still naked, I'm sitting in my office chair with my butt cheeks spread so that when I sat down, the ring base of my plug forced the plug a little deeper into my rectum, as well as causing the anal opening to be stretched—and stay stretched because I'm sitting on my spread butt cheeks. I hope you get the visual image. The physical sensations are, of course, of being hard plugged, dry plugged, and the sphincter is of course open an inch because of the size of the shaft.

All nerve endings are fully activated. Nope, not going to masturbate. This is just one of those really good-feeling days of living plugged. Whoops! Hold on a second while I get a fingertip of precum and lick it. time!

Note how, in the picture to the left, the shaft is an important part of the plugging experience, since the sphincter is not allowed to close completely. This is part of living plugged that is great.

This is long movie, from inserting the butt plug at home and then video of him driving around. He does his best to show that he’s wearing the plug while driving.

Huge Buttplug While Driving powered by XTube