Tuesday, June 25, 2013

I See Butt Plugs...

Butt Plug Fantasy Fun

As I walk around in public with my ass plugged, enjoying the action on the sphincter, the feeling of the glass in my ass, the whole creamy feel in my butt as I walk and sit, I like to look around for butt plug symbols, and even physical things that I could sit down on. We already have plugs available that are called "trailer hitches."

"No thanks," Jack. "I think I'll ride back here. Make sure to hit all the bumps in the road."

The church behind my house has a three-foot high wall, and on top of that is a row of what I can only think of as Tantus A-Bomb plugs. I live in a touristy village and get to see people from all over enjoying this small historic "western" town. One day I saw a group of guys walking by, touching the butt plug pilasters and laughing and no doubt seeing them as foot tall plaster plugs, fit for a giant's ass. But oh the lube it would take!

And of course, one can spend time in the fruit and vegetable aisle and ponder sizes and shapes and the potential of plugging with them. I once stuffed an un-peeled banana up my ass, when I was alone in the Air Force barracks. And I've bought several cucumbers over the years that alleviated stress for a few hours. I've seen vids of guys using eggplants. Don't forget to wash your vegetables thoroughly before putting them back in the fridge!

And how many of us have taken one look at a bottled product and seen the potential of a good plugging session? I know that before I discovered dildos and butt plugs, household items just had to do. Makes me wanna go out and buy some erotically bottled cologne!

Butt, seriously, there are so many ways to keep the spice alive by being creative with what you stick up your butt. I just love to see guys enjoying the anal side of their sexuality. And what makes it all so neat is that you can't tell from looking at men or women who is going to be really sexual behind closed doors or out on the streets, smiling inwardly because, like me, they're stuffed under their clothes.

I really do see butt plugs and phallic symbols everywhere. It's just part of what I'm focused on, and what better way to stay focused than by living plugged?

This blog has caught on around the world, and I enjoy seeing visitors from other countries. Did anyone know that Pakistan is one of the world leaders in dildo and butt plug manufacturing, or that they're crazy about gay porn, even though it's a punishable offense to be gay in such a Muslim country? Sorry for the political reference here. I like to keep it light and on subject. But who knew? And I often wonder what goes on under those flowing robes the men like to wear? Well, I think we all can guess.

I leave you with another great vid.
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