Wednesday, August 19, 2015

The Right Butt Plug for Long Term Wear

Revisiting Butt Plug Design Issues

One of my favorite fetish sites is It's a free forum with lots of groups and pictures and vids and helpful and friendly people—all interested in having great sex, learning about their particular fetishes, that includes everything from masturbating in public, to BDSM to anal play and the toys that enhance them. It's a great place to make friends, but it's not really a hook-up site, which could get to be tedious for those of us who just want to have good, detailed, interesting discussions about our love of all things sexual.

Note that aside from the beautiful gape this guy has
he's using a classic plug shape. Note how sharply
the head tapers off into the shaft, and note that the
shaft is long enough for the sphincter to close around it.
A recurring issue on fetlife that I've covered here in some detail is finding the right butt plug for the right activity. I don't know how many times people have said they have trouble keeping their butt plugs IN. Aside from having a stretched out anus that you could drive a truck through this issue has an easy solution. We're talking about butt plugs and not dildos. That should be the first realization: you can't readily keep a dildo in your ass when you get up and move around. In that case, you would have to devise some strap-in method, because a dildo is basically a cock shape without a discernible plug and shaft and base. So, let's think butt plug. A butt plug consists of three distinct parts: the bulb, the shaft, and the base.

Again, unless you have a very loose sphincter/anal opening, a butt plug will stay in without worry if you select one that has three distinct sizes of the three parts. The classic butt plug has a conical shape that tapers off sharply into the shaft, and a round base that won't go into the anus when you're wearing it. Newer iterations of this classic plug, however fail in their design because the shaft may not be long enough, which causes the sphincter to be unable to close tightly around the shaft, or the conical shape doesn't taper off sharply enough, so that the plug end fits inside the rectum, distinctly from the shaft.

Let's think 2:1:2 diameter. Two inch plug, one inch (or less) shaft, two-inch base. The plug should be twice as big as the shaft, and the base should be the same diameter as the plug: 2 to 1 to 2.

He could just as well be using a dildo for this activity
You don't want to be standing at a urinal with your pants down around your ankles, wearing a badly designed plug, cough, and blow the plug out like a missile at the guy behind you, enjoying the look of your butt.

If you're into plugging long term (I'm talking several hours) and you're going to go out in public with the plug in your ass, then you should strictly adhere to the 2:1:2 design. Further, if you're a guy, you have a prostate, so you should think about getting a plug with an angled head, so that when you're going long-term, you can turn the head AWAY from the prostate, to keep the prostate massage to a minimum when you're out in public. The three very best plugs for long-term wear are the NJOY pure plugs (up to and including the 2.0 NJOY), the Devi Prisms glass plug, and the Icicles #14 glass plug. They are basically all designed the same way. I didn't mention any latex plugs, but I think there are a few with the angled head design that also adhere to the 2:1:2 principle.

I can assure you that my personal experience of living plugged 24/7/365 has taught me that the plugs I just mentioned are hands down the very best plugs for living plugged. Now if you just want a plug experience while you're fucking or getting a blow job, any number of plugs should be fine, because you're probably going to remove the plug as soon as you ejaculate, so you can go for the biggest, fattest, largest plugs you can handle for that brief 20 to 30 minute sex session, or even use a dildo.

Note that the plug this guy in the video is using is probably not going to be good for long term wear, but it should allow him no end of intense pleasure during this sex session. Enjoy!

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