Friday, July 26, 2013

Living Plugged, the Best Days

Some Days Wearing a Butt Plug is Soooo Delicious

By now, readers know that I virtually have my ass plugged as close to 24 hours a day as I can. And the last two days have been no different, except that, as soon as I removed my plug and had my morning BM, I cleaned up and replugged within ten minutes. It was the same for my afternoon "check" to see how things were working in my ass and the same for after my shower. Some readers will know what I'm talking about when I say that each time I removed my plug, it came away clean enough to eat off of. That's been the case for the last 48 hours. I have to attribute it to my diet. And the best thing is, for some reason, kegals during the day and at night have been especially luscious.

I've been spending more time on hard-surfaced patio furniture. I have some out front of my house and can sit and fuck myself by rocking back and forth as people pass by on the sidewalk. I can visit with them, as well, the whole time fucking myself by clinching, and as I said, it's been delicious. Some readers will know what I mean about the secret thrill of wearing a plug and feeling it inside as they go out in public. Last night we went out grocery shopping at one of the Walmarts, where I walked all over the store, and I decided that since things felt so good on my south end that I would squeeze and release as I walked through the store. I know...I must have appeared to "walk funny" or to priss, kind of like Johnny Depp in Pirates of the Caribbean. Just couldn't help it. It felt too damned good.

I really like the way this guy's genitals hang down in this picture.

It made me want to get down on my hands and knees in the fuck-me-from-behind position, and I actually did get down on the floor in that position to look for a few hard-to-see items.

All pictures and vids come from the Internet, except for those that I get direct permission from my readers to use. I'll tell you what is really difficult to find, and that's pictures of guys wearing butt plugs in public, and finding subtle ways for the plug to show, or at least the outline to show. If there are readers who would like to supply such picts or even vids, I would really like to feature them on this blog. This blog is dedicated to getting all men to get in touch with their anal sexuality—gay or straight. It accounts for at least half of the sexual experience and done right, wearing a butt plug as much as possible, you can add a sensuous aura to almost everything you do! Try it.

Let's just say that this guy is into some heavy-duty solo sex:
Latex/Rubber good cum shot.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

I'm a Vanilla Plugger

Plugging to be Plugged vs. Plugging to Gape

When I returned to butt plugging in December of 2012, I didn't know where this rediscovered solo-sexual adventure would lead. First, I went through a series of plugs and, for awhile, I settled on the NJOY pure plug medium. Now, it looks like a little guy, and I've moved on to my Prisms Devi glass plug. As I've said in other posts they are both shaped about the same, but there are two differences, besides one being steel and the other glass. The NJOY shaft tapers down to no more that a quarter inch, whereas the Devi's shaft is about 3/4 inch. That does make a bit of a difference; but it doesn't really cause me to "gape" after I remove it. The NJOY has an oval shaped base, the edges of which are a bit sharp and, for me, after about 12 hours begins to irritate my anal opening. The Devi, on the other hand has a circular base and the donut shape is curved all the way around, so it NEVER becomes irritating.

So, I can wear the Devi plug almost constantly without ever feeling the least bit uncomfortable. This led to my quest to live plugged, day and night, and oddly enough, it led me to share this experience with readers of this blog. So, I have been "living plugged" now for seven months and things continue...

I've also come to realize over this time that I'm a vanilla plugger. I'm not into gaping or as some of the pluggers do, questing for a prolapsed rectum, where they can produce a "rose bud." Like vanilla ice cream, however, I do like to occasionally add some toppings and other "spices." Sometimes when my anus is in the pink and I'm very regular (able to keep a clean rectum for many hours), I do like to remove the plug and work my fingers into the rectum, pushing them as deep as I can, and otherwise enjoy the smooth flesh of my anus. I sometimes also think about going a bit bigger than the two-inch diameter Devi. I've been checking into custom plug makers but have yet to sketch a custom design. I think I would be satisfied with a 2.5 inch diameter plug, with a 1.25 inch shaft. That would cause my sphincter to open up another half inch. I've also thought about the weight of the NJOY 2.0, which is over a pound of steel, and I'm told that the weight alone is worth the effort. I can certainly see how this extra spice (a bigger glass plug or a heavier steel plug) would add to my vanilla experience.

I've also come to realize over this past seven months that being constantly plugged 24 hours a day, except for cleaning and maintenance is just not possible. That doesn't mean that I go much longer than a few hours without a plug, unless I'm having a bad day, you know, with the runs or loose bowel. Can't go out plugged in public when having to use a public restroom and no telling what condition the plug will be in when I pull it out. I belong to enough forums to realize that most other pluggers have similar experiences—and I don't really like to talk about it, but it is an issue that I try to address with diet and rectal enemas.

What I find really neat is the fact that I'm not the only guy who likes to stay plugged as much as possible. Some of us really do just plug to be plugged. I can't explain the thrill, but other have said it's like a pacifier (and it is), like a part of their body (and it is) and going unplugged is like losing a limb (and it is).

I use vids and picts taken directly from the Internet. My intention is not to steal any copyrighted images.

Note the gaping and "used" nature of this guy's anus.

Big Inflatable Butt Plug brought to you by Tube8

Monday, July 22, 2013

Anal Orgasm for Men

Finger, Cock, Strap-on, Dildo, Butt Plug

I think you see where I'm going with this...

Most men can experience the intense mind-blowing power of an anally-induced orgasm. Women have long written about discovering that their men, even those who are initially opposed to anal play, can be brought around by using a finger in her BFs ass during sex. This is certainly not the same as a doctor doing a proctology exam. It wouldn't do for the doctor to gently ease his finger into his male patient's butt, although it would be better if he did. Our macho, non-submissive-male culture has done a good job of turning most men off anal pleasure. And so, part of the purpose of this blog is to rectify (pun intended) the idea that anal pleasure is something all men should enjoy, without guilt, shame, feeling submissive, or embarrassed.

To avoid the dynamics of complicating this with a partner (male or female), let's begin with a solo experience. I'm mainly speaking to straight men with virgin assholes, rather than gay men, although some gay men are also turned off by anal play.

Start with a finger...
Have a bowel movement, shower, and clean the anus as deeply as you dare with a wash cloth. I think most of us take the time to clean "down there" when we bathe or shower, so touching the back end is not entirely foreign to any man. Now, instead of getting dressed and going out and doing macho things, decide you're going to take time to masturbate before you get dressed. But instead of just laying back and pounding your pole, lay back, put a little lube on your finger, spread your legs (best to raise them to your chest), and allow your butt cheeks to naturally spread open. Begin to lightly apply the lube around your anal opening, and then begin to gently massage that area, focusing your feeling right there, just outside the anal vault. And then start pushing the tip of your finger into the opening. If all goes well (how can you be embarrassed if you're alone?), push the finger in farther and withdraw slowly, push the finger in farther and farther, in a slow steady in and out motion. Almost any man should feel how pleasurable this simple act of fingering himself actually is. Now, you're going on a safari to find that glorious prostate. It's toward the front of your body, not so far in that you can't reach it with your finger. Once your anus goes "zinnng!" you know you've hit the P-spot. Just keep massaging your prostate until you come. Let your body dictate how fast and hard you drive your finger into your ass.

Gay men will move on to a cock; straight men will move on to having the GF use a strap-on, a dildo, or a butt plug...

Let's rewind to a time when you're alone and want to further explore anal play by yourself. By now, you've successfully reached an anal orgasm using your finger. But if you want to do some more serious anal play, you either have the choice of using a dildo (sorry straight guys, they usually look like cocks) or a butt plug. I would suggest that if you just want to have an anal orgasm, fucking yourself with a dildo is best. Your session will end when you've ejaculated. Mission accomplished!

If you choose a butt plug, you'll be wanting to extend your anal play into what is called "edging." You don't want to just bring yourself to an anal orgasm within a minute or two. You want to extend that anal pleasure for a few hours. To do this, try to get a butt plug that is simple in design. You don't want to get one that looks like a little fist, a celebrity's head, or has all sorts of bumps and curlycues all over it. The point is to get in into your butt without pain and to keep it in there for awhile. You'll want one that has a shaft that is much narrower than the plug part of the toy. Your sphincter will close around the shaft, and the plug will stay put. Too many plugs don't have enough differential between the bottom of the plug that goes past your sphincter and the shaft. You want one that you can walk around in and not have it slip out. I like to stay naked when I'm home alone, and when I'm into edging with the plug in my ass, I want it to stay put, so I can walk and squirm and dance—anything I can think of to keep the stimulation going, which you notice is centered right around the sphincter and which also stimulates the prostate. the plug to the left is the classic design. I once wore such a plug on a road trip (by myself) and, when I got to the B&B, I slept in it. I stayed horny because I was edging for 24 hours.

Of course our busy schedules preclude spending too much time alone engaging in anal play, and that's where extended butt plug use comes in nicely. If you want to edge all day, you can with a butt plug. You can't with a dildo, unless you're going to start wearing a harness, just to keep the dildo in place as you go about your day; but the simpler the better. Further a dildo, with no shaft that allows the sphincter to close around it is going to become uncomfortable too fast. The butt plug is usually shorter than a dildo, as well, since you'll only be wanting to reach as far as the prostate. Anything past that is kind of wasted (no nerve endings to feel it), and if the plug fills the entire rectum (about seven inches deep) it will also tend to become uncomfortable too quickly.

In conclusion about beginning to explore your anal sexuality, don't push yourself. Do only what feels good and not what causes too much pain. Take it slow, use lube, and do it in private for awhile before you complicate your anal play with a partner or spouse.