Wednesday, July 24, 2013

I'm a Vanilla Plugger

Plugging to be Plugged vs. Plugging to Gape

When I returned to butt plugging in December of 2012, I didn't know where this rediscovered solo-sexual adventure would lead. First, I went through a series of plugs and, for awhile, I settled on the NJOY pure plug medium. Now, it looks like a little guy, and I've moved on to my Prisms Devi glass plug. As I've said in other posts they are both shaped about the same, but there are two differences, besides one being steel and the other glass. The NJOY shaft tapers down to no more that a quarter inch, whereas the Devi's shaft is about 3/4 inch. That does make a bit of a difference; but it doesn't really cause me to "gape" after I remove it. The NJOY has an oval shaped base, the edges of which are a bit sharp and, for me, after about 12 hours begins to irritate my anal opening. The Devi, on the other hand has a circular base and the donut shape is curved all the way around, so it NEVER becomes irritating.

So, I can wear the Devi plug almost constantly without ever feeling the least bit uncomfortable. This led to my quest to live plugged, day and night, and oddly enough, it led me to share this experience with readers of this blog. So, I have been "living plugged" now for seven months and things continue...

I've also come to realize over this time that I'm a vanilla plugger. I'm not into gaping or as some of the pluggers do, questing for a prolapsed rectum, where they can produce a "rose bud." Like vanilla ice cream, however, I do like to occasionally add some toppings and other "spices." Sometimes when my anus is in the pink and I'm very regular (able to keep a clean rectum for many hours), I do like to remove the plug and work my fingers into the rectum, pushing them as deep as I can, and otherwise enjoy the smooth flesh of my anus. I sometimes also think about going a bit bigger than the two-inch diameter Devi. I've been checking into custom plug makers but have yet to sketch a custom design. I think I would be satisfied with a 2.5 inch diameter plug, with a 1.25 inch shaft. That would cause my sphincter to open up another half inch. I've also thought about the weight of the NJOY 2.0, which is over a pound of steel, and I'm told that the weight alone is worth the effort. I can certainly see how this extra spice (a bigger glass plug or a heavier steel plug) would add to my vanilla experience.

I've also come to realize over this past seven months that being constantly plugged 24 hours a day, except for cleaning and maintenance is just not possible. That doesn't mean that I go much longer than a few hours without a plug, unless I'm having a bad day, you know, with the runs or loose bowel. Can't go out plugged in public when having to use a public restroom and no telling what condition the plug will be in when I pull it out. I belong to enough forums to realize that most other pluggers have similar experiences—and I don't really like to talk about it, but it is an issue that I try to address with diet and rectal enemas.

What I find really neat is the fact that I'm not the only guy who likes to stay plugged as much as possible. Some of us really do just plug to be plugged. I can't explain the thrill, but other have said it's like a pacifier (and it is), like a part of their body (and it is) and going unplugged is like losing a limb (and it is).

I use vids and picts taken directly from the Internet. My intention is not to steal any copyrighted images.

Note the gaping and "used" nature of this guy's anus.

Big Inflatable Butt Plug brought to you by Tube8

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