Friday, July 26, 2013

Living Plugged, the Best Days

Some Days Wearing a Butt Plug is Soooo Delicious

By now, readers know that I virtually have my ass plugged as close to 24 hours a day as I can. And the last two days have been no different, except that, as soon as I removed my plug and had my morning BM, I cleaned up and replugged within ten minutes. It was the same for my afternoon "check" to see how things were working in my ass and the same for after my shower. Some readers will know what I'm talking about when I say that each time I removed my plug, it came away clean enough to eat off of. That's been the case for the last 48 hours. I have to attribute it to my diet. And the best thing is, for some reason, kegals during the day and at night have been especially luscious.

I've been spending more time on hard-surfaced patio furniture. I have some out front of my house and can sit and fuck myself by rocking back and forth as people pass by on the sidewalk. I can visit with them, as well, the whole time fucking myself by clinching, and as I said, it's been delicious. Some readers will know what I mean about the secret thrill of wearing a plug and feeling it inside as they go out in public. Last night we went out grocery shopping at one of the Walmarts, where I walked all over the store, and I decided that since things felt so good on my south end that I would squeeze and release as I walked through the store. I know...I must have appeared to "walk funny" or to priss, kind of like Johnny Depp in Pirates of the Caribbean. Just couldn't help it. It felt too damned good.

I really like the way this guy's genitals hang down in this picture.

It made me want to get down on my hands and knees in the fuck-me-from-behind position, and I actually did get down on the floor in that position to look for a few hard-to-see items.

All pictures and vids come from the Internet, except for those that I get direct permission from my readers to use. I'll tell you what is really difficult to find, and that's pictures of guys wearing butt plugs in public, and finding subtle ways for the plug to show, or at least the outline to show. If there are readers who would like to supply such picts or even vids, I would really like to feature them on this blog. This blog is dedicated to getting all men to get in touch with their anal sexuality—gay or straight. It accounts for at least half of the sexual experience and done right, wearing a butt plug as much as possible, you can add a sensuous aura to almost everything you do! Try it.

Let's just say that this guy is into some heavy-duty solo sex:
Latex/Rubber good cum shot.


  1. i also love to have a buttplug in all day... I wear them with thongs and I love to walk with them and also to show my ass! i really get very excited to have an huge one inside me....

  2. What kind do you use to walk around in? I've been sticking to my Devi 2-inch glass plug. It's so comfortable.

  3. Normally I use a transparent silicone plug about 5 cm diameter...but when I keep it in for many hours I swallow it completely....and I must change it with a bigger one :-)