Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Dry-Boning with a Butt Plug

Using my Butt Plug Dry, part 2

As I indicated in one of my recent posts, I've been experimenting with using my glass butt plug without lube, and now a few weeks into this experiment, I can say that while it's not for the faint of heart or the really sensitive anus, dry-boning has some distinct advantages and differences than using lube.

I think I'm coining a phrase here: dry-boning. It comes from my much younger days when I had a slew of fuck buddies, and I got fucked often enough that I generally only had to have spit before I could take a cock up my ass. The phrase also uses "boning" to mean getting fucked by a hard cock. But in my case, now, I dry-bone with my plug.

The first difference is that without lube, the movement of the plug, specifically the shaft, is restricted. In one sense, I'm giving up that delicious sensation when I stand up from sitting for awhile, that I get when the plug shaft slips slightly. That is a real zing! And likewise, sitting back down, the shaft is pushed up slightly. When the plug is dry, though, the sphincter seals itself around the dry plug tighter, and there's no slipping of the shaft up or down in the sphincter. This is an advantage because it really seals my butt shut. I'm truly plugged. It's even difficult to let a fart escape. The disadvantage is also the same thing: it's difficult to let a fart escape. So I do have to remove the plug a little more often to relieve the pressure.

The second difference is that I get a harder more definite squeeze on the plug when I clinch, and if you're a guy who gets fucked a lot, you know what I'm talking about when I mention the delicious pain when the sphincter is used a lot. It's not a hurtful pain but a kind of never-ending feeling of a hard cock lodged in my ass.

I keep my anal opening shaved, which means that while it's smooth, it's also not alleviated by hair to provide a little bit of slip, nor do I get any uncomfortable hair pulls. Clean up is of course much better with a shaved ass. Now, let me be clear. I couldn't get a completely dry glass plug in my ass without either using spit or running the plug under water just before insertion. But that does not act as a lube, since it quickly dissipates once the plug is in place. I also think, but your experience may be different, that only smooth glass or steel would make dry-boning possible without horrible irritation. So I would not recommend even trying a silicon plug without lube. There would be too much friction and removing it after, say, a couple of hours, would really hurt, if not also tear the sensitive butt tissue inside the rectum.

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