Saturday, January 16, 2016

Sorry for the Lapse in Posts!


After almost three years of living plugged, back in November and continuing on into December and January I had a difficult time staying plugged. Maybe it was all the rich foods that I ate over Thanksgiving (then leftovers) and Christmas (then leftovers) and New Years. In other words I produced a lot of shit, some of it going through me like shit through a goose, and I can tell you that it's difficult to stay plugged when that happens.

Sure, go ahead and target that ass like a torpedo! Looks fine!
So I went to bed without being plugged many nights and fought off and on during the day to wear a plug. It was the most unplugged time I have had in almost three years! But I've also lived with the idea that if I can't wear a plug, I can't, and I'm not going to get depressed about it.

The good news is, this empty time seems to now be over, and I'm nicely, comfortably, deeply plugged as I write this post.

Going without a plug a lot during the last three months has made me feel really horny, though, and I'll soon get back into looking into all those beautiful asses over the next few weeks and coming up with some good pics and vids.