Sunday, August 31, 2014

Living Plugged 24/7 Requires Daily Planning

You have to plan for contingencies every day

Some men have written to tell me that they're also trying to live plugged or plug long-term, and in the discussions I've had with those men I decided to relate how living plugged 24/7 does require planning for contingencies every day.

For example, my partner and I went out to dinner the other night, and before we left the house, I did a check of my plug to see if it came out clean. This is a good indication that I'm not about to need to have a BM or take care of "build up" in my rectum. Besides dinner, we were also going to go grocery shopping. Our choice of food that night was Chinese. And rice is a good dish to eat (for me), since white rice contributes to a slow digestion. However, we had fried rice, and I added an egg roll. My past experience with this kind of meal led me to believe that I wouldn't face a crisis shortly after eating while we were grocery shopping.

But shortly after eating and arriving at the grocery store, I felt a build-up of gas and some bloating. If it didn't get any worse, I felt I could make it through shopping. But the intensity increased, so I had to use the store's restroom. It might have been a disaster had I not planned on how I would handle a clean-up of both myself and the plug, be able to re-insert the plug and go about shopping. First, when I entered the bathroom I took two wet paper towels with me into the stall. This way I wouldn't have to depend on the cheap toilet tissue and still leave any residue on the plug. So after I pulled it out while in the stall, I was relieved to see that there was no buildup and I was not in danger of having a messy incident. But with the wet towels, I was able to clean the glass plug until it was nice and shiny, as well as running my fingers inside my rectum to also make sure there wasn't anything unwanted in there. I used the second wet towel to clean my fingers. As some of you may know, I can wear the glass (metal would work too) almost dry, so to reinsert the plug all I had to do was use a little spit, push it back in and continue shopping. It turned out that I merely needed to alleviate the gas buildup and was able to finish grocery shopping.

Better planning would have been to put a soaking wet paper towel along with some coconut oil in a small plastic bag, but the principle is the same.

When we go to the movies, of course, I have extra time at home to do an enema and make sure my rectum is nice and clean before heading out for the evening. While I sit all day at my computer, the reclining seats in the theater often force the ring base of the plug further into my rectum than my desk chair does at home, and I have learned that when I suddenly feel a bit of discomfort, as if I have to evacuate that it is usually nothing more than the top arc of the ring sliding deeper into my rectum and causing the sphincter to open.  In such a case, I keep my belt a little looser and can slip my hand into the back of my pants, take hold of the ring base and pull it out just a little. And yes, I have had to do cleanup in the theater restrooms at one time or another, but usually its the same as the grocery store experience.

This is important to note. It is not a good idea when going out for the evening our out in public for more than two or three hours to use too much lube. This is what causes the ring base to go into the sphincter too easily. In my case, the dryer the plug the better. The thing about glass and steel plugs, over the silicon plugs is that I can get by with a dry hole and feel no discomfort whatsoever.

Further staying plugged as I have coming up on eighteen months is that I get to know what each kind of feeling means, and if I feel a roiling in my stomach and an enema still leaves me feeling "vulnerable" to an incident, I simply leave the plug out for two or three hours. This allows the rectum to adjust. If I have to have a BM, then I just wait until it is time. If I have had an inefficient enema and I know my rectum is not really clean, then I wait until it is. The rectum doesn't carry poop in it like a storage compartment. It stays clean most of the time, until the digestion is complete and it's time to evacuate.

Some guys have been reluctant to monitor their bowel habits or to prevent "the runs" for example by making sure that the food they eat will not contribute to that condition. In my case (after some research) I discovered that in my case I need to slow down digestion by taking Imodium every day. This ensures a good firm BM in the mornings, and if I have a clean one and the toilet paper comes away clean, then I know I can simply re-insert the plug after a morning BM and go well into the afternoon before any maintenance is required.

Note the angled head.
Toward the prostate (short-term)
Away from the prostate (long-term)
I have even been gone from home the entire day, driving to a distant destination, doing whatever I do, and driving home, without feeling any discomfort from the plug. Different sitting surfaces have different effects on the way the plug behaves. The most important part of the plug is first the base. The ring base is the best thing I have found to make plugging completely discomfort free. And by a ring base, I don't mean a round base that sits perpendicular to my butt cheeks, but parallel to my butt cheeks and fits between them, so that only the bottom arc of the ring shows. See the picture on this site in the right column. That's my ass plugged with a ring base. The second most important part of the plug I wear for long term plugging is, oddly enough, the shaft. This is what provides continual activity to my sphincter and what provides the little thrills of feeling throughout the day. Finally, the NJOY-shaped bulb that sits at an angle on the shaft is very important to living plugged. Wear the angled head AWAY from the prostate for daily/nightly wear. Turn the angled head toward the prostate when you want to massage the prostate during sex. Discipline yourself to eat the foods that won't cause "irritable bowel" and sudden need to evacuate. If lettuce runs through you like shit through a goose, then find another green substitute that won't act so quickly on your digestion. Staying "regular" is essential to living plugged. A firm stool is also essential to keeping a clean rectum. Imodium reduces the water content of the stool. At least that's what I use. It works for me.

That marvelous gape!