Monday, October 19, 2015

A Change of Pace in Plugging

Today I used lube...

For the first time in over a year, I decided to use a tiny drop of lube for the glass plug, mainly on the shaft, because one of the effects I don't get with dry plugging is having the shaft slip up and down inside my sphincter. With the lube I get that movement every time I stand up or sit down, and it's a kind of different feel than having the plug stay in place in the sphincter. However, I will be going back to dry lubing tomorrow. I've grown used to being solidly plugged without the shaft slipping up and down.

There is also another change of pace on this blog, this particular post, which I probably won't revisit after sharing this with you. I knew that due to some horrible accidents, some men have lost their penises and have had to adjust to life without their male genitals, but I had never heard of men (who do not want to be MtFs) who don't like their genitals and have them removed, leaving only a pee hole. They still consider themselves men and are not transitioning to women. They generally call themselves nullos. I find this fascinating, even as a gay man, because I sure love my cock and balls. But after reading some of their stories, I find I can understand why they do this. They become dedicated bottoms, if their gay, or they accommodate their wives' use of their asses and submissives.

This one does not look "photoshopped"
I also discovered that many of the sites where you find pictures of nullos, someone is just creating them with Photoshop, but after awhile that odd allure is just not very interesting. But the real nullos are both interesting and in short, kind of hot looking to me. So, I've share what I think are real pictures and one video of these men. I found them on the Internet and assume that they are therefore public domain.

Here is another one that is even more convincing to me, and shows more of the abdominal area for you to decide for yourself. Again, I think it's kind of hot looking, even though I wouldn't consider doing this voluntarily.

This is precisely what the first nullo man whose story I read looks like

And here is a vid I found with a nullo using a buttplug. Enjoy!

Nullo male with buttplug:

Nullo male. pre cumming while dildo fucking powered by XTube

Monday, September 28, 2015

The Effects of Butt Plugging

More than just the side effects

Anyone who has ever read about the "dangers" of butt plugging or read advice and tips about using a butt plug will get some grave warnings or advice that is, at best, repeated as if it is tested and based on experience.

The grave warnings include permanently stretched anuses, which leads of course to incontinence. Now, this may possibly be a side effect, if and only if you don't use common sense. There is simply no need (other than the challenge) of getting a watermelon sized butt plug in your ass, especially if you force it in.

The advice and tips include only keeping a plug in place for a few hours at most and to lube frequently. This is good advice if you're going to choose a butt plug made of rubber/silicon. And if you're going to use a plug with a base that doesn't respect your tender anal skin. Those jewel plugs look cute when we see them in pictures, but they're shaped wrong and you will eventually hurt. But I've written frequently about choosing the design of the plug for long-term plugging, so I'm not going to repeat it here. Nonetheless, if you've chosen a well designed plug of the right material and one that does not do violence to your ass, the negative effects of butt plugging for hours, days, weeks, months, and years will be minimal.

So, you can ignore all the grave warnings and you can ignore the tips and advice and really get into the benefits of living plugged.

One of my readers has said that living plugged gives him a sense of well being in body, mind, and soul. This is precisely my own experience, and I've now moved into the seventh month of my third year living plugged. While there are times I can't even feel the plug in my ass, hardly a moment goes by that I don't think of it or at least know without dwelling on it that I've got my plug in place and all is right with the world. The plug is a pacifier, if you want to think of how a baby keeps his sucky in place, or someone who wears a favorite shirt just feels better. The plug is like have someone's arm around your shoulder. And all it takes to elicit a sigh of simple well-being is for me to clinch my ass and feel the plug inside.

I've done everything I'm likely to do in the way of activities, including going out in public, to parties, to dinner, the movies, grocery shopping with my plug in place; others talk about other activities like running, bike riding, etc. with a plug in place, and I can say that being plugged while doing whatever you do enhances that activity.

Unfortunately, thus far, I've been unable to find many vids of men wearing a butt plug in public. It's usually women, and man do they take chances that should be a turn-on to the voyeur in all of us. But I'm sure that the thrill of seeing evidence of someone wearing a butt plug in public is even greater for the one doing it. "Public" many times simply means out in nature or in a toilet somewhere. But then of course, how are you going to show the fact that you're wearing a plug in public if it's invisible beneath your clothes? I suspect that there are far more people wearing plugs in public than we might realize. I live in a fairly small city, and we have a single adult toy store, and yet butt plugs and dildoes abound in this store, so someone has to be buying them and wearing them, and I mean a lot more than you'd think. I like to watch people walking by when I'm out on the street (butt plug in place) and wonder which ones are likely to also be plugged. I'm ordinary looking, and so I know that the next person on the street doesn't have to be a hot bod to be enjoying the thrill of wearing a plug. It could be the little old man shuffling his way into the cafe across the street. It could be the waiter coming up to his table to take his order. It could be the hostess behind the counter who greets him.

The true side effects of living plugged is the utter feeling of bliss that accompanies it. As I write this, my plug is firmly in place, the ring base is pushing against my anal opening, my sphincter is stretched open an inch, and the egg-shaped head of my plug is filling the lower part of my rectum, with just the slightest, but evident pressure on my prostate, and my cock feels that it is on the verge of becoming an erection. This is the physical part that leads to my feeling of well being.

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Butt Plugs are Sexy

I like the way butt plugs look when men wear them...

I have to admit that I'm often caught breathless by the beautiful and sexy look of a butt plug in a man's ass.

Totally sexy looking

I also like to see a man obviously enjoying the plugged feeling.

And I like the camera angle that guys go for to create a memorable image...

Monday, September 14, 2015

What are the Long-Term Side Effects of Living Plugged?

The good news is that there are none!

I've virtually had a plug in my ass for two and a half years, day and night. And I've used steel and glass exclusively. These are two materials that are simply unforgiving. They form the rectum and sphincter by hard, unrelenting solidity. Even still, when I remove the plug for cleanup, bowel movements, and enemas, all I really get is temporary stretching. Right after removal, I can get four fingers into the rectum with no problem, but, let's say on a day when I've got the runs and have had to leave the plug out for several hours (this happens very infrequently due to my diet and supplementation) when I insert it again, I have to take it slow and easy, just like the first time.

This means that I have not damaged my sphincter; this also means that my rectum is not permanently opened. One guy, writing about this subject has said that his plug has caused his rectum to be bigger. Again, I'd say two things: one, it is temporary; two, he's using a lot bigger plug than he really needs to use.

The bad news is that it is possible to permanently damage your ass hole, sphincter, and perhaps even the prostate. But if you apply sanity to your plugging and don't violently force a huge plug, fist, or other object into your rectum, the resilience of the marvelous body will return to normal with discontinued use.

I think I could easily go from my two-inch diameter plug to say three inches. I could also widen the shaft, and lengthen the overall plug to amp up the sensations. Butt...I'm not going to, unless NJOY or Icicles come out with the same design of plug (angled head, comfortable ring base) in a bigger size.

There is a pastor (whom I call "Pastor Poop Chute") who likes to go on the religious talk shows and claim that gay men eventually become incontinent and have to wear diapers. Yes, there may be some men (gay or straight) who get so reckless with their rectums that they do permanent damage. None of us need to be that man, and we can engage in delicious anal play from now until we grow old and never damage the rectum, sphincter, or prostate.

Other than possible damage (through reckless and violent plugging) to the butt hole that I've just talked about, I can think of no other issue regarding long-term plugging. I'm not an expert, by any means, but my own experience tells me that plugging, rather than being dangerous, is healthy, precisely because the body is best treated when exercised, from the muscles to frequent milking of the prostate, to keeping the sphincter active. A sedentary lifestyle will cause much more temporary damage (in the way of hemorrhoid) than using a butt plug to keep the sphincter exercised.

Okay, here’s one for heterosexual men and their GFs. Nice!

GF wakes me up by destroying my asshole powered by XTube

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Why Men Should Plug Their Butts

Prostate Massage and Cure for Hemorrhoids

These are two reasons why men should plug their butts, at least a few hours a day or a few times a week: prostate massage and prevention of hemorrhoids. One of the most important reasons for men to use a butt plug is to regularly massage and work the prostate on a deeper level than the effect of normal ejaculation. While frequent masturbation or sex culminating in an ejaculation is good for the prostate, there's nothing like a prostate milking to tone up and improve prostate function. Guys, the only way to get to the prostate for a thorough milking is to go in through the anus.

I just couldn't help throwing this
one in here. Let's pretend that he's
that "fluffed" because he's wearing
a butt plug!
Many straight men, fortunately, have discovered the joy of anal stimulation and have hopefully gotten over the idea that if you play with your rectum you're gay. The surprising statistic is that less than half of gay men engage in anal intercourse, so it's not a "gay" thing. I'm not disparaging gay men, since I am a gay man, but I want my straight brothers to use all those delicious nerve endings in the anal opening and get to the prostate from the inside. It's a healthy thing to do, as well as opening up another avenue for sexual enjoyment.

Those who have read this blog know that I personally stay plugged 24/7/365, but that's just my thing. But I can readily attest to the fact that plugging is a healthy and beneficial activity. It DOES cure hemorrhoids or prevents them from occurring in the first place. Of course my experience is with glass and metal plugs, and I cannot attest to whether the porous and somewhat less comfortable rubber plugs will do as good a job on the prevention of hemorrhoids. Before I started plugging regularly, I had hemorrhoids that tortured me most days with unrelenting itching, bleeding, and discomfort. I had tried Tucks medicated pads and that oily Preparation H just to give me some relief. Even wiping after a bowel movement was torture. I had begun to refer to my anus as my "rusty" butt, and though I would have to suffer from 'roids the rest of my life. It wasn't until December of 2012 that I began my tentative journey into living plugged. I started out with a silicone plug that felt good for a couple of hours and then I had to remove it. It was the classic conical shape and stayed put well, but it was just too intrusive and I don't know if it would have cured my "rusty" butt had I been able to keep it in. But I couldn't.

Everything feels better when you're wearing a plug.
My next plug was the NJOY medium and while it was comfortable for a lot longer than the silicone plug, eventually the rather sharp-edged oval base irritate the very tender skin around my anus. By the time April of 2013 came around I had discovered the NJOY-shaped glass plugs, with the exception being the donut or ring base. From the moment I worked the plug into my butt and kept it in, I discovered it was 100 percent comfortable no matter how long I kept it in.

I don't need to chronicle the last two years and 5.5 months that I've lived plugged in this post. But I can say that even with the angled head turned away from my prostate (for long-term wear), I get ample prostate milking throughout the day and night that my prostate is never swollen, and I haven't had not a single hemorrhoid on my anus in the last two years and six months.

This is why I urge all men to plug regularly. You don't have to be someone's slave to initiate the plugging. You don't have to try to live plugged, as I do, nor do you have to be ashamed of the wonderful pleasure and stimulation that plugging can offer. Just do it. You have everything to gain with this activity and nothing to lose. If your male or female partner is averse to anal play, make it a solo activity.

Plugged and ready to go out in public:

Levissklave in Sklavenlevis2 powered by XTube

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Solo Sexual Eroticism

Of course, wearing a butt plug

I imagine that almost everyone who reads and enjoys this blog from time to time engages in solo sexual eroticism. Yes, it's the same thing as masturbating in private, but for me the goal is not to climax and end the session by cumming. It's akin to edging, as well, and keeping the sexual waves going as long as you can.

Now, this is exactly what my Icicles #14 butt plug looks
like in my ass, although I really don't know what the
plug in this picture is made of. But note how the ring
base fits between the butt cheeks like a coin in a slot.
It's very comfortable, even sitting.

That's what I'm doing this morning. I had a great night staying erect by a hands free use of my butt plug, just clinching and stretching and otherwise staying too busy to sleep, although I did some of that, too. Last night my plug just felt more "there" than normal, pulled in tightly to my anal opening (plugging dry helped), and it all just carried on into this morning. Following a really hefty evacuation (been slightly constipated for about a day),  I had a fantastic enema that totally cleaned me out from the rectum to my eyeballs, and then I dried my butt and inserted the Icicles #14 glass plug totally dry; once it got started (past the dry skin around the anal opening), it popped in deep and snug.

And then I stayed naked. Did some work in the courtyard, stayed eroticized and tingly. And now, still naked, I'm sitting in my office chair with my butt cheeks spread so that when I sat down, the ring base of my plug forced the plug a little deeper into my rectum, as well as causing the anal opening to be stretched—and stay stretched because I'm sitting on my spread butt cheeks. I hope you get the visual image. The physical sensations are, of course, of being hard plugged, dry plugged, and the sphincter is of course open an inch because of the size of the shaft.

All nerve endings are fully activated. Nope, not going to masturbate. This is just one of those really good-feeling days of living plugged. Whoops! Hold on a second while I get a fingertip of precum and lick it. time!

Note how, in the picture to the left, the shaft is an important part of the plugging experience, since the sphincter is not allowed to close completely. This is part of living plugged that is great.

This is long movie, from inserting the butt plug at home and then video of him driving around. He does his best to show that he’s wearing the plug while driving.

Huge Buttplug While Driving powered by XTube

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Why I Live Plugged

Is it a thrill, a fetish, or something else?

Quite obviously I haven't always lived with a plug in my ass. First there came a day when I was in a sex shop and wondered about them (about eighteen years ago). Prior to that, I had been playing with my ass using dildos and the closest thing I could get that looked like a real cock. I had been fucked for many years by my male partner and enjoyed the feeling, so it was not a big step to get a dildo. True confessions will reveal that I was no longer with my partner, and my new partner was not into anal, so I was looking for a substitute for the anal fun.

He probably doesn't have a problem
keeping his butt plug in!
The trouble with a dildo was it wouldn't stay in, unless I went to all sorts of lengths to keep it in. So, in a way, that long ago, I had a desire to keep a cock in my ass, but it wasn't quite to the level of a fetish. Nor was I displeased with just sucking my partner's nice cock, and he mine. We enjoyed 69 sex and it was a point. Which is why, when I bought my first butt plug I wanted that anal thrill.

I bought the classic, which back then was really about all there was. I guess that's why they call it a classic. It was made of rubber, was about 1.5 inches in diameter at the widest point, and it stayed in very well. The humorous suggestion on the box it came in was "go play tennis." It really was that good for staying put. The problem was the base. After a few hours it dug into the skin around my anus and became irritating. I did drive about 800 miles with it in, and that night when I got to my hotel, I slept with it in, and that was the beginning of a desire to go all day and all night with a plug in my ass. If it just weren't for the base.

I know a man who can wear a tunnel plug
without worrying know...
anything escaping while out in public.
After I wore that first plug out, I just never replaced it and went several years without anal play. I got older, my nice hole got hemorrhoids because of my sedentary lifestyle. And then in December 2012, I returned to that same sex shop and bought a new butt plug. The material was greatly advanced from my first plug, and despite my 'roids I enjoyed the feeling of being plugged again. But I experimented with different plugs, eventually finding the NJOY metal plug, laughably small (I think it was the medium) and yet, the base irritated my anal opening skin. Going 24 hours became agony. So for the next several months, all the way through March 2013, I wore a plug as much as I could, but I went hours without, days without, nights without, so I wasn't really "living plugged"—not until I got my first glass plug with the circular (donut-shape) base that fit between my butt cheeks like a coin in a slot. FINALLY I had found a totally 100 percent comfortable plug, and by April 2013 I was finally living with a plug in my ass 24/7 and have been doing so ever since.

Impossibly big gape!
In a way, it's for the thrill, the feeling, the secret pleasure out in public, the feel of being fucked all day and all night, but now two years and  five months in, while the feelings are still there, I can go hours without even thinking about the plug. So more than just the thrill, the feel, the secret pleasure, it's become a fetish...something I don't want to stop doing, something that maybe I NEED to do. Is that what a fetish is? Something that keeps one enthrall? And, I don't think a fetish is harmful, physically or mentally if it doesn't rule my life. I continue to do all things I have always done, including work and socializing. So even if this is a fetish it is not crippling my life.  I truly love my butt plug. I mourn when I have to remove it even for two minutes while I evacuate, clean up and reinsert it. Some mornings when I get up I go as long as I can without answering the call of nature, so to speak. Even writing about this, right now, I'm hard and thrilled and happy to be sitting on my plug. I can feel it stretching my sphincter open, feel my dick half hard, feel the gentle buildup of precum leaking into my shorts. And as I have said in past posts, I don't know how many years I will be living plugged. There will be considerations down the road that might prevent me from doing so. One that seems far off, but inevitable is living in a nursing home, where others will have more access to my body than anyone does at the moment. I might be hospitalized and have to go under anesthesia. I don't think I would want anyone discovering my plug at that point. But for the present, I live plugged because I enjoy it. It is a fetish for which I don't apologize and find nothing wrong with it.

If you're reading this and sometimes think that using sex toys is "wrong" I urge you to give up that idea—as long as you're not inflicting danger on your health, as long as you're doing it because you have control over it.

This guy’s mancunt is really bizarre and for some of you really cool! I'd say this qualifies as a fetish.

is a loose ruined asshole sexy ? powered by XTube

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

The Right Butt Plug for Long Term Wear

Revisiting Butt Plug Design Issues

One of my favorite fetish sites is It's a free forum with lots of groups and pictures and vids and helpful and friendly people—all interested in having great sex, learning about their particular fetishes, that includes everything from masturbating in public, to BDSM to anal play and the toys that enhance them. It's a great place to make friends, but it's not really a hook-up site, which could get to be tedious for those of us who just want to have good, detailed, interesting discussions about our love of all things sexual.

Note that aside from the beautiful gape this guy has
he's using a classic plug shape. Note how sharply
the head tapers off into the shaft, and note that the
shaft is long enough for the sphincter to close around it.
A recurring issue on fetlife that I've covered here in some detail is finding the right butt plug for the right activity. I don't know how many times people have said they have trouble keeping their butt plugs IN. Aside from having a stretched out anus that you could drive a truck through this issue has an easy solution. We're talking about butt plugs and not dildos. That should be the first realization: you can't readily keep a dildo in your ass when you get up and move around. In that case, you would have to devise some strap-in method, because a dildo is basically a cock shape without a discernible plug and shaft and base. So, let's think butt plug. A butt plug consists of three distinct parts: the bulb, the shaft, and the base.

Again, unless you have a very loose sphincter/anal opening, a butt plug will stay in without worry if you select one that has three distinct sizes of the three parts. The classic butt plug has a conical shape that tapers off sharply into the shaft, and a round base that won't go into the anus when you're wearing it. Newer iterations of this classic plug, however fail in their design because the shaft may not be long enough, which causes the sphincter to be unable to close tightly around the shaft, or the conical shape doesn't taper off sharply enough, so that the plug end fits inside the rectum, distinctly from the shaft.

Let's think 2:1:2 diameter. Two inch plug, one inch (or less) shaft, two-inch base. The plug should be twice as big as the shaft, and the base should be the same diameter as the plug: 2 to 1 to 2.

He could just as well be using a dildo for this activity
You don't want to be standing at a urinal with your pants down around your ankles, wearing a badly designed plug, cough, and blow the plug out like a missile at the guy behind you, enjoying the look of your butt.

If you're into plugging long term (I'm talking several hours) and you're going to go out in public with the plug in your ass, then you should strictly adhere to the 2:1:2 design. Further, if you're a guy, you have a prostate, so you should think about getting a plug with an angled head, so that when you're going long-term, you can turn the head AWAY from the prostate, to keep the prostate massage to a minimum when you're out in public. The three very best plugs for long-term wear are the NJOY pure plugs (up to and including the 2.0 NJOY), the Devi Prisms glass plug, and the Icicles #14 glass plug. They are basically all designed the same way. I didn't mention any latex plugs, but I think there are a few with the angled head design that also adhere to the 2:1:2 principle.

I can assure you that my personal experience of living plugged 24/7/365 has taught me that the plugs I just mentioned are hands down the very best plugs for living plugged. Now if you just want a plug experience while you're fucking or getting a blow job, any number of plugs should be fine, because you're probably going to remove the plug as soon as you ejaculate, so you can go for the biggest, fattest, largest plugs you can handle for that brief 20 to 30 minute sex session, or even use a dildo.

Note that the plug this guy in the video is using is probably not going to be good for long term wear, but it should allow him no end of intense pleasure during this sex session. Enjoy!

Butt Plug in table powered by XTube

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Still Plugged

Nothing New to Share

To those who access this blog frequently, I haven't posted a blog entry in awhile. The truth is I don't have much new to add about my experiences. But I am still plugged and I'm counting down the months as I approach three years plugged, still seven months away.

Unfortunately, this isn't me. I don't have nearly that
many plugs!
I haven't changed plugs for a long while, since I still love my glass plug. I did plug myself with an NJOY medium one afternoon and found that it was too small, now.

I haven't felt like buying the NJOY 2.0, which is supposed to weigh at least a pound. I'm still doubtful that the oval shaped (and rather sharp edged) base will be as comfortable as my glass plug.

For two nights in a row I brought myself to rock hardness just by clinching my ass muscles, and once the twinge starts to transfer from the ass to the cock, it's only a matter of continuing the clinches to bring my uncut penis to full hardness. And then I stretch back the foreskin, turn over onto my stomach and keep the stretch going. I don't even have to pump my cock to finally cum. Just the intense feeling of my foreskin stretched to excess is enough to let the cum flow.

I wish this were a vid!
The other day I accidentally inserted the plug with the angled head toward the prostate. I usually wear it backwards for the long-term comfort with the head away from the prostate. And so for several hours, I couldn't get over the feeling that my anus was somehow swollen and I wondered at the slight discomfort. When, after a few hours, I finally pulled the plug out, I realized it was in wrong for me. Constant prostate massage soon becomes uncomfortable, for those of you who might be trying to stay plugged all day and all night, as I do.

There's still nothing better to me that living plugged. Of course some days are extremely good and I'm tingled all over the nether regions and getting frequent erections, and sleeping at night is wonderful. I have long since been able to fall asleep easily, even though I'm stimulated.

Hands-free cum while riding a bicycle…

cum riding a bicycle powered by XTube

Monday, July 13, 2015

Keeping my Butt Hole Plugged

A New Dimension in Plugging

I'm not quite this ambitious, but it
obviously gives this guy great
pleasure, just as it does me to
see this.
Over the past two years and almost four months that I've been living plugged, I have gone through several phases in what pleases me most about keeping my butt hole plugged. At first, and for quite a long time, it was the cascade of sensations beginning with my sphincter, moving into the rectum, prostate stimulation, and just an overall feeling of being fucked all day. And for another while, when I kept my plug lubed (glass) it was the odd zing I got quite often each time I stood up or sat down, and the movement of the plug shaft in the opening of the sphincter was absolutely delicious. It was the kind of almost unbearable pleasure of feeling the shaft of the plug move, thus tickling the hell out of my sphincter, and of course feeling the bulb of the plug get pushed deeper inside.

And then, when I started dry plugging, I had to get used to (loved having to get used to) the feelings that came from having the plug inside real tight, pulling the ring base up to the opening of my sphincter and sometimes even causing butt weariness (this too a pleasure). But the latest phase I am going through, still dry plugging, is the absolute feeling that my butt hole is plugged solid.

Just a good prostate massage
Of course it's not quite like having no butt hole, because there is strong feeling associated with having the plug simply inside, and the sphincter so clamped down on the shaft of the plug (which keeps it open about an inch in diameter) that it's like a black hole, it's difficult to even let a fart escape my hole. And yet when I clinch my sphincter muscles, the hard, ungiving glass lets me know it's there doing its job.

Today, as I write this, I've been through about a week of really great plugging, where the plug is just sucked up hard against my anus, and is only prevented from slipping inside by the two-inch diameter ring, the upper arch of which strains my anal opening in a pleasurable way as I sit and write this.

And really, this guy's athleticism and getting into a nice spread legged position to really enjoy fucking himself with a dildo is enjoyable to watch:

One can only assume that when he's finished playing with his various plugs, he'll leave one in and go about his business. I know I would!

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Staying Plugged All Day and All Night

Living Plugged requires a degree of persistence...

Over the past thirty months (from the time I started using a plug until now) I have learned to stay plugged over 90 percent of the time, day and night, by observing two simple but opposing "rules."

1. Don't fight your body if it refuses to accept a plug. This is usually due to discomfort caused by digestive gas buildup and (worse) the runs.

This rule is contradicted by the second one.

2. Be persistent in getting the plug back in as soon as you can after a bout of digestive issues. And this rule has allowed me to continue plugging even after I have had to take a two or three hour break, or in some cases an all-day break. As I've discovered, the rectum only fills up when a BM is imminent, and your body will tell you that it's different than the nice full, plugged feeling you get from your butt plug. I don't pretend to know the autonomic functions of the complex of muscles and their jobs in the process of waste elimination, but after over two years of living plugged I can tell the difference between being plugged and being plugged up!

Note that the rectum is an area below the sigmoid colon and it is usually clear of waste.
The other most important realization I have come to is how the rectum seems to function. During most hours of the day and night, the rectum stays clean of waste. Higher up there is the sigmoid colon which prevents waste from just going on down the "poop chute" unless it's time for it to. So, let's say I've had a bout of the runs. Early on in my experience with living plugged, I would lose the desire to insert the plug back in my rectum and would go a day or a night before venturing back into my plugging. I mistakenly thought that the runs kept my rectum "dirty" for a lot longer than it did. In other words, you only need to wait a little while for the rectum to clarify and become clean after a tremendous dump or even a bout of the runs.

I hope someone actually gets to attend little gatherings
like this. Cute little puppy dog butt plug.
In this post, I make no apologies for being so graphic. This post especially is devoted to those like me who really do want to live plugged. Yesterday, I had taken a supplement that contained zinc chelate, not realizing that one of the side effects was to mess with the digestive system. I had hardly finished eating lunch and got back home when I realized I was in for a bout of Montezuma's Revenge. And sure enough, as soon as I sat on the toilet and removed the plug, there was a thunder storm in the toilet. About an hour later, with the plug still removed, I was hit with the awful realization that I had just shit my pants—almost—and had another thunder storm in the toilet.

Now, normally, and early in the first year of living plugged, I would give myself permission to go the rest of the day and that night without the plug. But I only waited a few hours, gave myself and enema, and I was delighted to see that the thunder storm had passed and the sun had come out. My rectum was clean, and so I happily re-plugged only a few hours after the incident. So I didn't lose that much time being unplugged.

Many of you reading this, of course, will just wonder, WTF, just keep that plug out of your butt for a while. Not so...not me, nor the other people I've heard from who like to live plugged. I follow these two contradictory rules: don't fight the body but be persistent in getting the plug back in there after the rectum clarifies, and of course when the thunder storm has moved on.

This guy’s mancunt is one of a kind:

caption of my daily cam / roulette show powered by XTube

Friday, June 5, 2015

Living Plugged too much of a good thing?

Too much of a good thing?

No! It's not too much of a good thing.

It is still wonderful, every day, every night, every hour of the day and night. I've been using a butt plug since December 2012 and worked my way up to living plugged by April 2013. Since then I have have virtually had a butt plug in my ass 24/7/365—except for a ten-day period in 2014 when I deliberately went without and on a few days here and there when my body was just not capable of being plugged. This is the reality. And after two years and two months, I give myself permission to not feel I've failed when I just can't keep a plug inside.

This is great for self-massaging the prostate
Luckily, those days are few and far between. I think the longest I have every gone without removing the plug for cleaning, BM, etc., is about 22 hours. And then it was just to clean up, have a BM, or just plain check my rectum, check the plug, and then stuff the plug back in as soon as I could. Not an hour that goes by during the day, when I'm awake do I fail to sigh with a deep satisfaction of living plugged. There's something quite visceral and satisfying, appeasing, pleasing, and just plain sexy (to me) to know that I've got a mass of glass in my ass and that my sphincter is held open an inch.

Last night, when I pulled the plug and got ready for an enema, I felt of the ass lips, which have now become about three fingers wide from front to back, and just inside, it was easy to get my fingers into the sphincter and then the rectum. It felt so nice inside there, with that area always filled with my plug. However, even as "loose" as it is, I can still hold an enema and have never had an "accident" in my pants, so to speak. So I will continue staying plugged. It's just a plain joy to feel the plug with every movement and clinch.

Insert, lay back, wiggle, and have a
hands-free prostate massage and cum.
I heard from a fellow who tried out the Icicles No. 14 that I use, and he said it was nice and comfortable and easy to stay plugged as long as he wanted, but he also said he was disappointed that he didn't feel more stimulated the entire time he was plugged. If you try to stay plugged and you also find that your stimulation subsides after a couple of hours and you get into a sense of comfort with little stimulation, this is when the true sex organ, the brain, should kick in. You're being continually fucked and if things are going right, it should be very comfortable—so comfortable in fact that you can't always feel the plug inside. But when the brain reminds you that you're being fucked the whole time, you should begin to feel hard. This post came as a result of me lying down for a few minutes in my office, just to enjoy the sensation of my plug, and I ended up getting a hard cock and being washed with waves of pleasure—all from just thinking about the plug in my ass.

This is a prostate massager that
vibrates, tickles you on the outside and massages the
prostate inside
Straight guys, do yourself and your body a favor. Start exploring your ass. I'm especially concerned with men who have never allowed themselves to overcome social disapproval, who think the ass is dirty. It's unhealthy to not clean your butt, your rectum, and to do that you've got to get past the opening, to get inside a couple of inches, and enemas are also good for your butt on occasion.  And the unattended anus is subject to bleeding and itching hemorrhoids. There are actually butt plugs for hemorrhoids! But the glass and metal plugs that are meant for anal pleasure are far and above the best for curing hemorrhoids. This is so important. I know you attend to your cocks like they were precious little beings that need stimulating. But so is your ass!

There are so many benefits to massaging your anus and prostate, as well as undreamed of pleasure. Don't let social disapproval or your conditioning prevent you from getting in touch with fully half your sexual fulfillment. And you can do it without damaging your rectum.

self fisting and 24 hours fun, the plug for the day powered by XTube

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Three Years Wearing a Butt Plug?

Two Years, Two Months, and Counting...

No, I haven't yet gone three years wearing a butt plug 24/7/365. I'm only just past my second month into the third year, and as I might have remarked at the one year anniversary, I'm still going strong, still enthusiastic about all the wonderful benefits of living plugged. I know that actually living with a butt plug imbedded in one's ass just might not appeal to most men who love butt plugs. A plug is usually seen as being comfortable for about six hours before the user needs to remove it. And like short-term anal play, using a butt plug is still seen as an alternative to using a dildo in preparation for anal sex.

All I can say is Woo! Where on
Earth is that thing in the body?
Living with a butt plug imbedded on one's ass 24/7/365 is different than those other reasons. In a sense it goes beyond sex and climaxing. I rarely masturbate to completion any more (aside from having sex with my partner). Cuming just gets in the way of the fun of living plugged. And after two years where I actually have had the plug in my ass at least 90 percent of the time, people might think you get so used to it that it becomes a non-feeling. Yes, there are times that I am simply not aware of the plug. Sometimes I actually have to feel my ass crack through my pants when I'm out walking to see if I am plugged. It does become and stay that comfortable. But all it takes to remind me that the plug is still embedded is a clinch, a squat, getting up or sitting down, leaning against a wall, or even a radical step, when I stretch across a puddle of water as I walk. But this non-sexual aspect is an interesting development. It means that my body has accepted the plug as part of my body. As I write this, sitting down, I'm slightly erect and I feel the plug inside solid and comforting on many levels beyond just the sexual thrill.

This would definitely get you
ready for a good anal fuck.
There are lots of us men (and women) out there who do like to come as close to being permanently plugged as we can. I've been lucky enough to hear from a few of them, and we have a great time discussing the various reasons why living plugged is just so nice. Not a day, maybe not even an hour, will go by that I don't sigh with pleasure, knowing I'm plugged. An entry in another blog on butt plugging as a lifestyle from 2005 reminded me today that one of the first things that just has to go is any sense of guilt about living plugged or butt plugging for short-term sessions. The guy was saying how reading about others who like to plug helped him feel that he was not alone. I know, there are some situations where it might feel unseemly to be plugged, say, attending a funeral? Talking with an elder aunt, giving her a hug, all the while conscious of my plug. One guy even tweeted about the thrill of being on a stage and handing out awards while he was plugged. My feeling is that if you're going to live plugged, then everything like that just comes with the territory. What I have not yet done and just might never do, however, is be plugged going through airport security. My plug is clear glass, but it could be detected by the scanners. I just don't know.

This is the epitome of a nice clean rectum.
No worry about eating his ass out.
Many forums also discuss the aspect of anal play for straight men. Come on, it's time to relax about that too. We all have ass holes, men and women, and all of us men have prostates that will respond to direct massage from the inside. And the best way to get there is, of course, through the ass hole, the opening of which is kept shut by the autonomic features of the sphincter muscles. But, not only that, the sphincter is blessed with a whole tangle of nerves that respond to all different types of stimuli. Wearing a plug that keeps the sphincter open about an inch (the shaft on my plug is 1-inch in diameter) just keeps those nerves in an uproar with any slight movement, as I have said. It also has a curative effect. My butt is healthier than it has been in many years. It's once again fun to play with, easy to keep clean all because I wear a non-porous plug (glass).

I’ve been looking for a man walking with a butt plug…and this plug is huge!

walking session outdoor with my B51 inserted powered by XTube

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Showered, Shaved, Plugged

My Normal Plugging Routine

I get ready each day for continuous plugging doing just about the same thing every morning. I get up naked, having been plugged all night, and once I have my coffee and things get moving and my body awakens, my next step is to have a BM, followed by a clean out enema, and before I replug, I do a nice, thorough genital and butt hole shave. I know...genital shaving is not a universally desired part of a man's hygienic and "sex-appeal" routine. Some men prefer bears, natural body hair, and genital and ass bush. But I like to feel as naked as possible. Once I'm shaved I plug my butt before getting into the shower. I'm as clean in the backside as I can be, since the enema flushes me out after a BM, and I love the way the freshly inserted plug feels in my ass as I soap up and shower. I'm usually good to stay plugged until sometime in the mid or late afternoon, at which time I do an additional shallow enema (not always) and replug as soon as I've finished.

This guy has it all. I can just imagine that the plug is adding
intensity to his feelings.
I've been developing the optimal plugging routine for the last two years, and I do have to say I've been very successful living plugged. In March, I had an opportunity to drive a great deal back and forth between two cities (one hour each way) and for reasons I won't go into I had to make two round trips each time I traveled, which put me on the road for four hours each day that I did this. Not being able to just pop into my private bathroom if I needed to do some maintenance, I just carried a folded paper towel in my back pocket and if I had to, I used a public restroom if I had to remove the plug, clean up and replug. Instead, there were only two times I needed to do this. I've been plugging continuously now for two years, and I can feel when I need to pull the plug, do a bit of clean up and replug. It's a subtle feeling somewhere just inside my rectum, past the sphincter. There's not much feeling there, but if I can actually feel the egg of the plug more than usual, I know it's time to check on things down there.

Another delicious self-suck while
plugged. I can only dream of
doing this!
But back to being showered, shaved, and plugged. There's just no greater feeling of naked cleanliness and comfort with my two-inch diameter glass plug. My butt just loves it. I think about my plug in place throughout the day and into the night. Again, I simply don't know why I enjoy being continuously plugged 24/7. As I've said it's like a pacifier for my ass. Makes me feel good all day, and I can do everything while plugged. I sometimes forget that I'm plugged when I'm out and about and talking to people, because much of the time the plug and my body are simply one. It's like my nose, I'm aware of it but at the same time unconscious of that awareness. With the plug, I bend over, clinch my ass, walk, stand up, sit down, and the awareness of the plug comes flooding back. That's what it is to live plugged. It's a continual interaction between my body and the plug, and yet it's sometimes completely unconscious. I can of course spring a boner at will, because of what the plug is doing and where it's located, at the center of my nerve bundle, including the sphincter and prostate, and the root of my cock.

Those of you who have stuck with me over these nearly two years, during which time I have been writing this blog will know that I really haven't got much else to say. But when I think of something I want to share, I'll write about it here.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Living [Butt] Plugged for Two Years

Despite that it's April Fool's Day...

I claim to have been living with a butt plug in my ass 24/7/365 x 2. That's 730 days. Now, it is not true that I have successfully been plugged 24/7 for two solid years. I took off a ten-day period in 2014 to make a 3,000 mile trip by car, and I thought it would be a good time to go un-plugged for two reasons: 1. I wanted to see if my sphincter and anus had had any permanent changes as a result of living plugged, 2. I wanted to see if the slight looseness I had achieved would return to a rather tight ass. It was a good experiment. I discovered that ten days was not enough time for everything to return to pre-plugging normalcy. It was easy when I got home from the trip and as soon as I could plug my butt after the ten-day trip.

I like his erection in the fold
of his leg.
It is also true that during these past two years, there have been times that it was either not a good idea to be plugged, either because of the runs or because of other digestive issues or not possible. You really can't stop the body from cleansing itself forcefully when it appears it absolutely must evacuate. But these are the only conditions under which I have been unable to stay plugged. So for the trip and these other days, I would relent to my claim and say that I might have gone a grand total of 30 days cumulative without a plug. That still says that I've been plugged 96 percent of the time for two years.

And I'm celebrating this second year milestone by...having a plug in my butt. After two years it still feels wonderful. Last night I kept waking up with a raging hard-on, and during such times, I like to trace the shafted below my balls and see just how much cock there is in my body. The part that shows and the part the people measure is probably only a third of what's really a much longer cock. But that's another discussion. Skinny men for sure probably have a lot more cock that lays outside the body. It doesn't mean that fat men don't also have quite a length of cock inside their bodies.

Always a good use for a door frame!
Anyway, I don't plan to give up living plugged. For one thing, I really think the glass (could be metal, too) plug has cured my 'roids. I haven't had an issue for two years. For another thing, my anal muscles and my anus has become a lot healthier, stronger, and better living plugged. I still don't know if silicon plugs would have the same health-giving effects as a metal or glass plug. I will continue to avoid going bigger and deeper. The Icicles #14 glass plug is about five inches in total length, including the ring base. The business end of the plug is shaped like an egg and is two inches in diameter at the widest point. The shaft is about an inch and a half long with a one-inch diameter, which means it keeps my sphincter open about an inch. And for all intents, it is really the shaft I believe that is physically the most stimulating to my anus. I wear the angled head away from my prostate to avoid over stimulating that. But if you like to drip precum and get your shorts sticky, by all means angle the head toward the sphincter. The ring base on the Icicles also plays a role in the stimulation of the anal opening, because it fits between my butt cheeks like a coin in a slot, and the action of the muscles is to pull the plug inward, which means that the upper arc of the ring base is constantly pushing against my sphincter, causing additional stimulation. In all about four inches of the plug is inside my body.

Ummm...nice viewing angle.
I do plan to buy additional plugs for solo play this coming year. I would like to get the NJOY 2.0 for the sheer weight of the plug, which I understand is at least a pound in weight. I would also like to get the combination cock ring and plug (made of metal, not silicon) to sleep with it in. I have a feeling that it would cause me to get a swollen erection during the night, because the action of the plug on the cock ring would pull the cock ring hard against my body. I would hope almost unforgivingly hard. Because I have a foreskin, one of the effects of swelling is to puff up the foreskin. I don't particularly like the look of that, but I do like the extreme feeling that swelling causes. I had a combo ring and plug before but I got rid of it, because at that time I could not get the steel ball past the sphincter. I settled for a very small ball and it wasn't very comfortable. But now having worn the two-inch wide plug for two years, I feel I could get a large stainless steel ball past my sphincter.

Anyway, I'm celebrating my two year milestone. I am also celebrating all you guys who have written to me about your own attempts to live plugged. Just remember that even if you fail to achieve true permanent plugging, you have not failed. Listen to your body and don't abuse it, and the rewards of living plugged (whether it's half the time or more) are yours. I still don't know why I like to be plugged all the time, other than the obvious sexual haze and fulfillment that it gives me. I'm just a squeeze away from an erection. You are too.

Monday, March 23, 2015

The Upside and Downside of Living [Butt] Plugged

Just Seven Days from Now

I will have been living plugged 24/7/365 for two years by March 31. As I have readily said, however, I have gone a few days here and there without being plugged due to various issues, but I can honestly say that I have been living with a plug in my ass morning, noon, and night at least 90 percent of the time. And what I'd like to discuss here is both the upside of that experience, as well as the downside.

This is called the "anchor" butt plug.
To get it in, you squeeze it shut, stick it up
your butt. And then it expands inside.
The upside is that I've had the most continuous and satisfying experience feeling the plug inside of me all the time. I've enjoyed lying in bed at night and knowing I have a fist full of plug in my rectum. Some say they like the feeling of fullness that it gives them. There's something more at work here than that. It's like sucking cock for hours at a time. Nothing beats it, but alas, living with a cock in one's mouth like a pacifier is not possible; so the next best thing is having my butt do the sucking (on the plug), and that is precisely what it does. I don't use the term "man cunt" for my hole, but if I were an active bottom and wanted to be fucked a lot, I'd call it that. My partner and I don't engage in anal sex, never have, and so living plugged is my way of being fucked 24 hours a day. Again, though, it's more than that. From the very first time I ever stuck a butt plug in my ass, something appealed to me about keeping it in. It meets some kind of indefinable need that I have—and no, no, no, it's not like feeling full of shit. That's different and something I like to get rid of as soon as I begin feeling that kind of fullness.

This is the anchor plug in place. Realize
that it is open inside and simultaneously
pushing against the sphincter and the
back of the rectum. I can't even imagine
what kind of feeling it produces.
But the rectum, the sphincters, and the prostate combine to make a marvelous sexual apparatus. Butt plugging (as opposed to going a session with a dildo with the end result being an ejaculation) provides continuous stimulation. I only cum occasionally. It's not the purpose behind living plugged. Some nights, however, like last night, being plugged was so stimulating that my cock stayed hard and eager for hours, getting to the swollen stage and feeling tingly much of the night. It was fun.

Besides the pacifier effect, the being fucked effect, and the love of the various feelings on my sphincter and prostate, living plugged (I emphasize either glass or metal), I have not had a problem with hemorrhoids in two years. Prior to that I suffered daily with them. So an important upside to living plugged is anal health. This was an unintended benefit, but it's real. And for the last five months, I've been plugging dry, at most moistening the anal opening with aloe vera or spit. It provides a different sort of plugged feeling that being lubed up.

One of the downsides of living plugged is that it's a bit fussy to take a normal dump in the mornings. I first have to remember to remove the plug, and after it being in my butt for 12 or 16 hours, it does need to be cleaned a little. Usually it's a bit cloudy; sometimes it has a bit of feces on it. And then there's doing the enemas. This requires extra time. I'm not particularly enamored of enemas, not something I "enjoy" the way some people do. So that's a downside. But after two years, a surprising downside is that the body does eventually get used to the plug and the feelings during much of the day are just not as intense as they would be if I only plugged intermittently. I'm not saying that I don't enjoy the fact that my body has accepted the plug like it accepts manmade ball joints and things. But quite often when I've been sitting at the computer for hours, I just simply forget that it's there.

Another downside is that I've really had to alter my diet to stay a little on the constipated side. While that is not uncomfortable in the least, I sometimes just overdo the comfort food, Mexican food, spicy food, and then it's a battle with gas and bloating and with a plug inside, I have to take it out more frequently to get rid of the gas. Sure...I can fart around the plug, but when I've eaten something like beans or chile, the gas buildup is fast and longer lasting. So the downside is not being able to indulge in food like that as often as I would like. So you give up one thing to be able to have another. The moral of the story is, I love plugging a lot more than I like indulging in comfort food all the time.

Finally, the last downside I can think of is that once you get used to the size and feel of the plug you wear 24/7, you might have a tendency to want to up the ante and go bigger and wider. I have to realize that it would ruin my goal of living plugged if I were to continually up-size the plug. In ten years would I be wearing a watermelon? You get my point. I'm not into ruining my hole, so I have to reassess from time to time...should I got bigger? And I have to tell myself "no."

This video makes you wonder if the tip of the dildo thingy is going to come up through his throat!

Working on the depth powered by XTube

Friday, February 27, 2015

Not Goodbye After all!!

Google backtracks on policy...

So this site is not going away as I thought earlier this past week. I will still be blogging and plugging and writing about it.

BTW, thanks for all the heartfelt emails about this site and how it influenced and helped you get in touch with your anal.

I'm so giddy with happiness that I'll still be able to chronicle my plugging experiences. However, there can not even be a hint of me selling anything on this site, which I don't and haven't.

I like the way this guy (picture to the left)  has accented his black plug with his boots and gloved hand. I also love the feeling of sticking my rear out like this to accentuate the feeling of the plug. For some reason the way plugs are designed, sticking the rear out like this actually pulls the plug up snug in the butt. I do this a lot at night when I get into bed. While sticking my rear out and feeling the plug get snug, I also contract my muscles causing the sphincter to attempt to close around the shaft of my plug, which causes an even greater sensation. With a plug in my ass and doing this, I get rock hard erections.

In the next series of pictures we see the same guy's but plugged and unplugged. I love the visuals.

Such action causes gaping, but not to a large degree.

This guy reallllly gets into playing with his beautiful ass, and the camera angle is right on target. 

anal stretching with large meo anal ring powered by XTube

Monday, February 23, 2015

Unexpected goodbye

Blogger is removing or blocking overt sexual content from blogs. Living plugged has been a real pleasure for me, but I have to say good-bye. I say goodbye with a plug fit firmly in my ass, with only 36 days left before I reach the two-year anniversary of living plugged 24/7/365. Thanks to all you beautiful men and women who have been fans of my blog. It was fun fun fun.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Butt Plugging—The Urge to Go Bigger

The Mancunt and Going Bigger

Today, I was reading about butt plug addiction from straight men who have gotten into butt plugging and anal stretching and in one forum, the guys were talking about the urge to go bigger and bigger as a kind of anal addiction.

I know exactly how this guy feels. He's in the throes
of a masturbation session and there's just no limit...
I make no judgments at all about this urge, and I certainly don't mind watching videos of guys sitting down on plugs and dildos that defy description. But I do have to approach this subject with a bit of humor, which echoes the lament of one of the guys who fears he has stretched his hole so much that he says it looks like a vagina. Well...yeah it could. But I laughed aloud when he lamented "...when a fart is not a fart." I've had that experience, even when I wasn't living plugged. Or the comedian's story about when he was sick with the flu and was on a plane and says his condition was such that he was "afraid to fart."

Definitely looks something like a vagina, and many
men refer to it as their man cunt...
These are the consequences and some men, both gay and straight (but I would also suspect men who are single and continually up their game when they masturbate) keep looking for more intense thrills. When it involves anal play as part of the hours long masturbation sessions, I can see how you get to the point where you just want to keep stretching that manhole and going bigger and deeper. I don't want to do that. As I've said before, I'm a vanilla kind of plugger and I'll stick with my two-inch diameter plug that sits comfortably inside my rectum.

He's Ready.
I also know that there are times when I wish I did have a bigger plug, when everything is working on all cylinders, and I could stick a much bigger plug in my ass. Today is one of those days. My glass plug is sitting inside me real snug, with the ring base pressed against the opening and pushing against the sphincter, and the sphincter is wrapped very tightly around the shaft, and the plug head is in there solid where it wants to stay. I've been getting erections all day. But I'm not going out and buying any more plugs. I really don't want to worry about becoming incontinent over the long term. But again, part of why I plug is to live with a plug in my ass, not to work the hole into a state that's ready to receive a cock or a dildo or a fist. Nonetheless, there's something fascinating about watching vids of things like that.

You get a pretty good view of this ruined mancunt’s face, and you see his hole is open.

in love with my huge cunt exhaust powered by XTube

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Tunnel Plugs, Regular Butt Plugs, and Regularity

Let's Stay Regular

All of what I talk about in this blog is my own experience. I'm not an expert by any means, but I have successfully stayed plugged close to 24/7/365 x 2. That's right, by the end of March 2015, I will have lived plugged for two whole years, and even four months prior to that when I first began using a butt plug almost daily.

Over these two years, I've discovered that the best way to be, as concerns BMs is to stay regular, and for some of us that's a damned near impossible task. So, I've opted for staying somewhat constipated and can depend on a good, solid BM every two days. There's less clean up that way, fewer BMs, and far fewer crises while out in public to manage. Look. If you're slightly constipated, you can keep a plug in without much discomfort. I'm not talking about severe constipation, the kind that makes you feel lethargic or is painful. It's physically impossible to do a total clean out of the old pipes and stay that way for long. One of the functions of digestion and elimination is that it goes on continually.

A friend of mine uses a tunnel plug, an MEO, which is about two inches in diameter, and it holds the butt hole OPEN. He could not wear such a device if he wasn't somewhat slow to have BMS. For him, it's keeping that hole stretched and his anus open to the air. Yep, that red area inside the plug is the inside of the guy's ass. Just imagine, however, how it would be a sure-fire disaster with a dirty rectum, loose bowels, etc.
To use one of these, it would seem to me, even after a good clean out you'd have to find a way to be slightly constipated.

This is NOT a tunnel plug (I don't think). I included
it because I just love how sexy it looks.
In fact, what prompted me to write today's post is what I am currently experiencing. I had a good clean out twenty-four hours...well...thirty-six hours ago, and after doing a clear water enema to get all the residue out, I plugged with my Icicles #14, and since then, even though I have eaten three meals, I've been able to stay plugged with a minimum amount of maintenance. I know that I am constipated and anticipate having a BM later into the evening, which will of course clean me out and allow me to sleep with the plug in all night. I'm a little more constipated than usual, which is why I've been continually plugged for 36 hours. If feels very nice, right now, and just the slightest exertion on sticking my rear end out, I get a nice solid twinge in my rectum, as well as feeling the sphincter tighten around the shaft of the plug. With a tunnel plug, the intensity would be even greater. The sphincter is being held open and you have an airy feeling in your rear end. You can also run your finger inside your rectum and toy with the nice pink flesh inside.

I'm not into Scat in any way and I really don't like to deal with the clean up know. As mammals, we all have to deal with it. But living plugged shouldn't be a problem. The way I look at it, the plug doesn't contribute to either condition, either of having loose bowels or being constipated, so I might as well stay plugged, as long as there's no discomfort.

My MEO friend says that he's so used to having the tunnel plug in his ass, that his butt skin gets irritated without the plug, because of it rubbing against itself. The plug prevents the skin from rubbing. I feel the same way. The ring base on my plug keeps my butt cheeks slightly apart, and the shaft of my plug keeps my sphincter open and tightened around the shaft. I can fart around the plug, but in all other ways, my hole is plugged solid, and it feels soooo good. Yes, I stay half-hard every time I write a post on this blog.

Now this is a cleaned out intestine and rectum...