Sunday, September 13, 2015

Why Men Should Plug Their Butts

Prostate Massage and Cure for Hemorrhoids

These are two reasons why men should plug their butts, at least a few hours a day or a few times a week: prostate massage and prevention of hemorrhoids. One of the most important reasons for men to use a butt plug is to regularly massage and work the prostate on a deeper level than the effect of normal ejaculation. While frequent masturbation or sex culminating in an ejaculation is good for the prostate, there's nothing like a prostate milking to tone up and improve prostate function. Guys, the only way to get to the prostate for a thorough milking is to go in through the anus.

I just couldn't help throwing this
one in here. Let's pretend that he's
that "fluffed" because he's wearing
a butt plug!
Many straight men, fortunately, have discovered the joy of anal stimulation and have hopefully gotten over the idea that if you play with your rectum you're gay. The surprising statistic is that less than half of gay men engage in anal intercourse, so it's not a "gay" thing. I'm not disparaging gay men, since I am a gay man, but I want my straight brothers to use all those delicious nerve endings in the anal opening and get to the prostate from the inside. It's a healthy thing to do, as well as opening up another avenue for sexual enjoyment.

Those who have read this blog know that I personally stay plugged 24/7/365, but that's just my thing. But I can readily attest to the fact that plugging is a healthy and beneficial activity. It DOES cure hemorrhoids or prevents them from occurring in the first place. Of course my experience is with glass and metal plugs, and I cannot attest to whether the porous and somewhat less comfortable rubber plugs will do as good a job on the prevention of hemorrhoids. Before I started plugging regularly, I had hemorrhoids that tortured me most days with unrelenting itching, bleeding, and discomfort. I had tried Tucks medicated pads and that oily Preparation H just to give me some relief. Even wiping after a bowel movement was torture. I had begun to refer to my anus as my "rusty" butt, and though I would have to suffer from 'roids the rest of my life. It wasn't until December of 2012 that I began my tentative journey into living plugged. I started out with a silicone plug that felt good for a couple of hours and then I had to remove it. It was the classic conical shape and stayed put well, but it was just too intrusive and I don't know if it would have cured my "rusty" butt had I been able to keep it in. But I couldn't.

Everything feels better when you're wearing a plug.
My next plug was the NJOY medium and while it was comfortable for a lot longer than the silicone plug, eventually the rather sharp-edged oval base irritate the very tender skin around my anus. By the time April of 2013 came around I had discovered the NJOY-shaped glass plugs, with the exception being the donut or ring base. From the moment I worked the plug into my butt and kept it in, I discovered it was 100 percent comfortable no matter how long I kept it in.

I don't need to chronicle the last two years and 5.5 months that I've lived plugged in this post. But I can say that even with the angled head turned away from my prostate (for long-term wear), I get ample prostate milking throughout the day and night that my prostate is never swollen, and I haven't had not a single hemorrhoid on my anus in the last two years and six months.

This is why I urge all men to plug regularly. You don't have to be someone's slave to initiate the plugging. You don't have to try to live plugged, as I do, nor do you have to be ashamed of the wonderful pleasure and stimulation that plugging can offer. Just do it. You have everything to gain with this activity and nothing to lose. If your male or female partner is averse to anal play, make it a solo activity.

Plugged and ready to go out in public:

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  1. I had (have) some hemorrhoids, too : since using a plug, it is doing immensely better !!!

    1. I do hope you're using either glass or metal. But please let me know how it works. I like the one-inch diameter shaft for extra exercise of the sphincter.

    2. When Permanently Plugged after a few days :

      * when I awake in the morning, I feel Plugged Solid.

      * during the day, I have these sensations :

      . my butt (anal opening, sphincters, rectum, …) sucking my Butt Plug and trying to swallow it : it is a very pleasurable sensation ;

      . my butt trying to expel [*] my plug (here, there is only my plug in my rectum) : it increases my sensation of Fullness, it is also a very pleasurable sensation ;

      . my prostate tingles / quivers : it is an exquisite sensation ;

      . …

      Now my Fulness is Evolving into / includes Anal Pleasure.


      [*] the Devi Bulb hinders that.

    3. You describe the sensations very well. I like the feeling that my plug is being pulled inside my rectum but it can't go in because of the ring base.