Monday, September 14, 2015

What are the Long-Term Side Effects of Living Plugged?

The good news is that there are none!

I've virtually had a plug in my ass for two and a half years, day and night. And I've used steel and glass exclusively. These are two materials that are simply unforgiving. They form the rectum and sphincter by hard, unrelenting solidity. Even still, when I remove the plug for cleanup, bowel movements, and enemas, all I really get is temporary stretching. Right after removal, I can get four fingers into the rectum with no problem, but, let's say on a day when I've got the runs and have had to leave the plug out for several hours (this happens very infrequently due to my diet and supplementation) when I insert it again, I have to take it slow and easy, just like the first time.

This means that I have not damaged my sphincter; this also means that my rectum is not permanently opened. One guy, writing about this subject has said that his plug has caused his rectum to be bigger. Again, I'd say two things: one, it is temporary; two, he's using a lot bigger plug than he really needs to use.

The bad news is that it is possible to permanently damage your ass hole, sphincter, and perhaps even the prostate. But if you apply sanity to your plugging and don't violently force a huge plug, fist, or other object into your rectum, the resilience of the marvelous body will return to normal with discontinued use.

I think I could easily go from my two-inch diameter plug to say three inches. I could also widen the shaft, and lengthen the overall plug to amp up the sensations. Butt...I'm not going to, unless NJOY or Icicles come out with the same design of plug (angled head, comfortable ring base) in a bigger size.

There is a pastor (whom I call "Pastor Poop Chute") who likes to go on the religious talk shows and claim that gay men eventually become incontinent and have to wear diapers. Yes, there may be some men (gay or straight) who get so reckless with their rectums that they do permanent damage. None of us need to be that man, and we can engage in delicious anal play from now until we grow old and never damage the rectum, sphincter, or prostate.

Other than possible damage (through reckless and violent plugging) to the butt hole that I've just talked about, I can think of no other issue regarding long-term plugging. I'm not an expert, by any means, but my own experience tells me that plugging, rather than being dangerous, is healthy, precisely because the body is best treated when exercised, from the muscles to frequent milking of the prostate, to keeping the sphincter active. A sedentary lifestyle will cause much more temporary damage (in the way of hemorrhoid) than using a butt plug to keep the sphincter exercised.

Okay, here’s one for heterosexual men and their GFs. Nice!

GF wakes me up by destroying my asshole powered by XTube

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