Monday, August 26, 2013

Butt Plugs Cure Hemorrhoids

My Hemorrhoids Were Cured Because I Wear a Butt Plug

This might not seem like a very sexy topic for this fun blog about butt plugging, but I will relate my own story that may be of interest to anyone who suffers from hemorrhoids, both the bleeding kind and the thrombosed kind, which feel like hard little seeds in the anal opening. In fact, the first butt plugs were designed to combat hemorrhoids and other ailments of the anus. And this treatment has followed us into modern times. In fact, you can buy specially designed butt plugs specifically for hemorrhoids: Peristal anal plug.

But I've had just as good of success with a butt plug of my choice (glass or metal for reduced irritation), and over time (about a month), when I first got into serious use of my butt plug, my bleeding roids cleared up, and it was like I was an active teenager again and got real pleasure playing with my ass with my fingers. I also had two thrombosed roids that I said were like hard seeds. These are caused because blood flow to the tissue is stopped up, but both kinds of roids are caused from too little exercise and a sedentary lifestyle. My work keeps me chained to my computer for many hours a day, and because I also wear my glass plug during those same hours, every little movement I make causes the shaft of the plug to exercise my anal opening and my sphincter, as it tries to close around the shaft of the plug. So I'm getting roid-curing exercise while still sitting. Walking with a plug up my ass is just an added thrill, like being followed around by a man with his cock up my ass (without arousing suspicion from the clerks in the grocery store), although I do have to work to keep a neutral expression on my face, rather than reveal the lusty thrust of my plug when I clinch.

I would not make up something like this, because I don't seek to get any advantage from making such a claim. And it is quite possible that I'm attributing the cure of my hemorrhoids to my plug when it might be from some other source. But I can't think of anything I've changed within the last eight months—except wearing a plug. It is true that I've also been eating different foods and being more conscious of foods that cause my digestion to slow down (bananas, rice) and eating this deliberately, because I also suffered from loose bowels, which were not good for staying plugged as much as I do. But the change in my diet came after my hemorrhoids cleared up. For example, this morning I've had Kiefer and a banana, along with a regular breakfast. So it's not difficult to add changes to the diet.

Note, this is not my anus. It's taken from the Internet. I's not very sexy, but I can assure any readers who have bleeding, itching hemorrhoids that NOT having them is very sexy.

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This was a post I felt I needed to include in living plugged as a lifestyle. There is a great deal of misinformation out there about the unhealthy effects of using a butt plug. But I feel I have not harmed my anus in any way by keeping my ass plugged almost 24 hours a day, every day—at least for the last four months. So this particular post is a plea to all men (and women) who suffer the indignity and somewhat debilitating effects of hemorrhoids. Plug that ass! What are you waiting for. I also promise that besides clearing up the roids, you'll love the feel of a plugged butt.