Monday, March 23, 2015

The Upside and Downside of Living [Butt] Plugged

Just Seven Days from Now

I will have been living plugged 24/7/365 for two years by March 31. As I have readily said, however, I have gone a few days here and there without being plugged due to various issues, but I can honestly say that I have been living with a plug in my ass morning, noon, and night at least 90 percent of the time. And what I'd like to discuss here is both the upside of that experience, as well as the downside.

This is called the "anchor" butt plug.
To get it in, you squeeze it shut, stick it up
your butt. And then it expands inside.
The upside is that I've had the most continuous and satisfying experience feeling the plug inside of me all the time. I've enjoyed lying in bed at night and knowing I have a fist full of plug in my rectum. Some say they like the feeling of fullness that it gives them. There's something more at work here than that. It's like sucking cock for hours at a time. Nothing beats it, but alas, living with a cock in one's mouth like a pacifier is not possible; so the next best thing is having my butt do the sucking (on the plug), and that is precisely what it does. I don't use the term "man cunt" for my hole, but if I were an active bottom and wanted to be fucked a lot, I'd call it that. My partner and I don't engage in anal sex, never have, and so living plugged is my way of being fucked 24 hours a day. Again, though, it's more than that. From the very first time I ever stuck a butt plug in my ass, something appealed to me about keeping it in. It meets some kind of indefinable need that I have—and no, no, no, it's not like feeling full of shit. That's different and something I like to get rid of as soon as I begin feeling that kind of fullness.

This is the anchor plug in place. Realize
that it is open inside and simultaneously
pushing against the sphincter and the
back of the rectum. I can't even imagine
what kind of feeling it produces.
But the rectum, the sphincters, and the prostate combine to make a marvelous sexual apparatus. Butt plugging (as opposed to going a session with a dildo with the end result being an ejaculation) provides continuous stimulation. I only cum occasionally. It's not the purpose behind living plugged. Some nights, however, like last night, being plugged was so stimulating that my cock stayed hard and eager for hours, getting to the swollen stage and feeling tingly much of the night. It was fun.

Besides the pacifier effect, the being fucked effect, and the love of the various feelings on my sphincter and prostate, living plugged (I emphasize either glass or metal), I have not had a problem with hemorrhoids in two years. Prior to that I suffered daily with them. So an important upside to living plugged is anal health. This was an unintended benefit, but it's real. And for the last five months, I've been plugging dry, at most moistening the anal opening with aloe vera or spit. It provides a different sort of plugged feeling that being lubed up.

One of the downsides of living plugged is that it's a bit fussy to take a normal dump in the mornings. I first have to remember to remove the plug, and after it being in my butt for 12 or 16 hours, it does need to be cleaned a little. Usually it's a bit cloudy; sometimes it has a bit of feces on it. And then there's doing the enemas. This requires extra time. I'm not particularly enamored of enemas, not something I "enjoy" the way some people do. So that's a downside. But after two years, a surprising downside is that the body does eventually get used to the plug and the feelings during much of the day are just not as intense as they would be if I only plugged intermittently. I'm not saying that I don't enjoy the fact that my body has accepted the plug like it accepts manmade ball joints and things. But quite often when I've been sitting at the computer for hours, I just simply forget that it's there.

Another downside is that I've really had to alter my diet to stay a little on the constipated side. While that is not uncomfortable in the least, I sometimes just overdo the comfort food, Mexican food, spicy food, and then it's a battle with gas and bloating and with a plug inside, I have to take it out more frequently to get rid of the gas. Sure...I can fart around the plug, but when I've eaten something like beans or chile, the gas buildup is fast and longer lasting. So the downside is not being able to indulge in food like that as often as I would like. So you give up one thing to be able to have another. The moral of the story is, I love plugging a lot more than I like indulging in comfort food all the time.

Finally, the last downside I can think of is that once you get used to the size and feel of the plug you wear 24/7, you might have a tendency to want to up the ante and go bigger and wider. I have to realize that it would ruin my goal of living plugged if I were to continually up-size the plug. In ten years would I be wearing a watermelon? You get my point. I'm not into ruining my hole, so I have to reassess from time to time...should I got bigger? And I have to tell myself "no."

This video makes you wonder if the tip of the dildo thingy is going to come up through his throat!

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