Friday, February 26, 2016

I'm not into Scatology

But I'm into my rectum

So encountering the "brown" stuff is inevitable, and while it's distasteful at times, it comes with the territory of living plugged. I'm not going to dwell on this topic, but my advice to any man (or woman) who wants to live plugged: you'll have to grin and bear it at times. Listen to your gut, literally. There are times when it is simply not advisable to insert your plug and expect to go out into public. In my case, when I've got discomfort and a bloated feeling, I know that if I persist in staying plugged, I'm inviting a crises, especially if I'm out in public and need to use (quickly) a public toilet.

I'll just bet this is a ball
trailer hitch. It really appeals
to me to see this, since I
grew up on a farm
First you have to be prepared that when you pull your plug out in the public toilet, your gut is going to release a flood know, and your plug is not going to be clean either. How are you going to deal with it. First of all, I always carry a paper towel in my pocket—necessary when public toilets have only those air dryers. Toilet paper is woefully inadequate when you have to clean a butt plug. If you're going to be able to reinsert it, you're going to have to be able to clean it with a wet towel, while you're in the stall, and I mean be able to clean it well. You can't just go out into the very public area and wash it in the sink!

Second, you'll have less of a chance to get your hands dirty in the process if you wear a plug with a ring base that you can grasp and pull the plug out with. Therefore, you're limited in the type of plug you can wear, to either metal (NJOY) or glass. There is a rubber plug with a ring base, but I've only seen it on occasion when I'm shopping online for sex toys. The other issue with silicon or rubber is that cleaning one of those smelly babies is much more difficult than metal or glass.

This is the plug before it is inserted
And this is the same after it is inserted
At any rate, that's for when you have a crises in public and you need to be able to clean up thoroughly without access to a sink and have to do all the clean up in the toilet stall.

Yesterday, I had to show up for jury duty, and I really wanted to be plugged for that. First, I wanted to foolishly/courageously test the metal detector business we had to pass through, and since I would be wearing clear glass in my ass, I figured I could pass through without beeping. But...alas, when I got up and had my morning BM it was minimal, and so I figured there was more to come and it would pressure on my rectum, so I stayed unplugged and went to court. I was glad I had not pushed the potential crises, because, sure enough, I had some discomfort. I was chosen as a juror and was able to sit through the long hours with short breaks and dispatch my duty, which ended late in the afternoon. Of course, as soon as I got home I put my plug back in my butt, where it has stayed overnight and into today.

As usual, I get to continuous feelings for living plugged (with glass). The first is that delicious full feeling in my rectum, which is different than just being full know. The second is the way the hard glass shaft keeps my sphincter forced open, so that when I clinch my ass muscles, I can feel it.

This is a long clip, but I like it because the guy is out in nature, totally naked, butt plugged, and you can tell he’s really getting into it. Watch to the end or skip a few. At one point, I know he’s shaking with pleasure.