Saturday, September 14, 2013

I Just Love being Plugged!

My Delicious Addiction—for which I make no Apologies

Part of the idea of living plugged, for me, has always been to do a thing that feels sooo good all the time that to not do it is almost inconceivable. It's an addiction, just like people who become addicted to a substance (whether it's food, coffee, or something stronger). And I readily admit that having a butt plug in my ass is an addiction. But unlike an addiction to food or drugs, so far I have yet to find even a scintilla of physical harm in it. It's a sexual addiction, I suppose, like guys who masturbate several hours a day. When I was a teenager, I probably masturbated several times a day, too, although I don't think I ever got sores on my dick from doing so—that would be the true masturbation addict.

Also, being butt plugged leaves my hands free, and I can do it while wearing clothes, which means I can go about my daily routine at home or in public without being affected. Masturbating or being addicted to fucking is just not that hands free, and there's always the possibility that fucking all the time would begin to interfere with your work or your married or partnered life (if the person you're fucking is not your SO). Being butt plugged is not cheating on my husband. We can still have sheet ripping sex. My attraction to him has nothing to do with my butt plug, and it doesn't diminish my sex with him. In fact, it enhances it. Being butt plugged all the time, living plugged 24 hours a day, however, is not inconvenient, but it is kind of like being fucked all the time—only different. Sexual addiction becomes problematic for some people and they go to counseling to help them overcome it. But being butt plugged all the time has so far been without problems.

This is a recent addiction. I had used butt plugs a few years ago, as I have said in other posts on this blog, and even back then, I just wanted to have the plug up my butt all the time. But...there weren't glass and metal plugs back then, and for me, that's the key reason I can stay plugged. There is simply no discomfort, whatsoever, with the egg-shaped mass of glass in my ass and my sphincter being gently stretched open to about 3/4 inches. After almost nine months of using my butt plugs again, and after almost five months of 24-hour plugging, I can still hold an enema as I brush my teeth and get read to take a shower. In other words, I've suffered no loss of bowel control in the least.

I hope readers don't take offense or think I'm knocking other pleasurable addictions, or saying that living plugged is better than being addicted to masturbation. That's not my intent at all. I love visiting the masturbation blogs and watching guys gooning out on beating their meat. I think it's beautiful to watch. But of course some of my time is taken up with writing this blog and scouring the Internet for pics and vids, so if there is a downside to living plugged, it's the time I spend finding the companion pics and vids that go with each blog post. I also hope that women are not offended that this blog is dedicated to men butt plugging and getting all men to get in touch with their anal sensuality. Women are already in touch with their anal side of sexuality, and most women might be glad that there is a blog to try to entice men to get plugged as well; and I hope straight men are not offended that I don't include butt plugged women for their viewing pleasure.

Buttplugging is for older men, too.

Hands-free cum with electro plug and e-stim-2

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

What to Wear with a Butt Plug

I'm Not Talking About a Fashion Statement—Or Maybe I am

I've been having a good discussion with a fellow plugger who, like me, is also a nudist, or at least we both like to hang out where naked people gather—probably not a conventional nudist camp, though, because they're pretty uptight about being naked and sexual, and wearing a butt plug is pretty sexual. For me it's a way to casually edge day and night and occasionally run my finger around the head of my cock and play with the precum. My friend is a bit hesitant about wearing his new Devi Glass Plug while naked, among other people.

Well, here, take a look at his sexy ass with the Devi ring showing. I told him he has a perfectly cute butt, and he should be proud to show it off. Next time I'm among naked people (will only be men or gay-friendly women and men), I will of course wear my plug and won't care who sees it. But since I've only been living plugged for the last nine months, I haven't had a chance to hang out where naked people gather.

Butt...come on, my friend has a great butt and if you're wearing nothing but a smile, accessorize with a great looking plug! Now, no one wants to see my rather old butt, but I can assure you that my butt cheeks are longer than those in this picture and only the crescent of the ring shows, and only when I'm bending forward.

And since I'm plugged day and night, every day, what I wear with a butt plug, when I'm dressed, includes underwear, jeans, slacks, a bathrobe, jeans with the crotch torn open—even a hospital gown when I'm in for a check up. (Yes, I go to my doctor's appointments with my butt plug in place.)

Now, as far as making a fashion statement, I've seen jeweled plugs, plugs with tails, and even a plug for playing puppy-dog, where a little rubber tail like a puppy's sticks out of your butt, and you can get it to wag (kind of) by clinching and wiggling your butt.

Of course, when I'm out in public (restaurants, parties, picnics, movie theaters), I'm just wearing regular clothes and, in none of them that I'm aware of does my butt plug show. It's for my sole secret pleasure.

I thank those who have given me permission to use their photos, and for all other pics and vids that appear in this blog, I get them direct from the Internet in what I assume are public domains and not subject to royalties or copyright...

Classic butt plug use

Another classic butt plug used for anal play

Now, once again, as always, I urge all men, young and old, thin and fat, fit or unfit to give the other half of your sexuality a try. It's not just a gay man's thing...really. Use a butt plug. It's really actually good for you, and it does cure hemorrhoids. I have cured mine with my metal and glass plugs. It's wonderful to have a healthy anus again.