Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Three Years Wearing a Butt Plug?

Two Years, Two Months, and Counting...

No, I haven't yet gone three years wearing a butt plug 24/7/365. I'm only just past my second month into the third year, and as I might have remarked at the one year anniversary, I'm still going strong, still enthusiastic about all the wonderful benefits of living plugged. I know that actually living with a butt plug imbedded in one's ass just might not appeal to most men who love butt plugs. A plug is usually seen as being comfortable for about six hours before the user needs to remove it. And like short-term anal play, using a butt plug is still seen as an alternative to using a dildo in preparation for anal sex.

All I can say is Woo! Where on
Earth is that thing in the body?
Living with a butt plug imbedded on one's ass 24/7/365 is different than those other reasons. In a sense it goes beyond sex and climaxing. I rarely masturbate to completion any more (aside from having sex with my partner). Cuming just gets in the way of the fun of living plugged. And after two years where I actually have had the plug in my ass at least 90 percent of the time, people might think you get so used to it that it becomes a non-feeling. Yes, there are times that I am simply not aware of the plug. Sometimes I actually have to feel my ass crack through my pants when I'm out walking to see if I am plugged. It does become and stay that comfortable. But all it takes to remind me that the plug is still embedded is a clinch, a squat, getting up or sitting down, leaning against a wall, or even a radical step, when I stretch across a puddle of water as I walk. But this non-sexual aspect is an interesting development. It means that my body has accepted the plug as part of my body. As I write this, sitting down, I'm slightly erect and I feel the plug inside solid and comforting on many levels beyond just the sexual thrill.

This would definitely get you
ready for a good anal fuck.
There are lots of us men (and women) out there who do like to come as close to being permanently plugged as we can. I've been lucky enough to hear from a few of them, and we have a great time discussing the various reasons why living plugged is just so nice. Not a day, maybe not even an hour, will go by that I don't sigh with pleasure, knowing I'm plugged. An entry in another blog on butt plugging as a lifestyle from 2005 reminded me today that one of the first things that just has to go is any sense of guilt about living plugged or butt plugging for short-term sessions. The guy was saying how reading about others who like to plug helped him feel that he was not alone. I know, there are some situations where it might feel unseemly to be plugged, say, attending a funeral? Talking with an elder aunt, giving her a hug, all the while conscious of my plug. One guy even tweeted about the thrill of being on a stage and handing out awards while he was plugged. My feeling is that if you're going to live plugged, then everything like that just comes with the territory. What I have not yet done and just might never do, however, is be plugged going through airport security. My plug is clear glass, but it could be detected by the scanners. I just don't know.

This is the epitome of a nice clean rectum.
No worry about eating his ass out.
Many forums also discuss the aspect of anal play for straight men. Come on, it's time to relax about that too. We all have ass holes, men and women, and all of us men have prostates that will respond to direct massage from the inside. And the best way to get there is, of course, through the ass hole, the opening of which is kept shut by the autonomic features of the sphincter muscles. But, not only that, the sphincter is blessed with a whole tangle of nerves that respond to all different types of stimuli. Wearing a plug that keeps the sphincter open about an inch (the shaft on my plug is 1-inch in diameter) just keeps those nerves in an uproar with any slight movement, as I have said. It also has a curative effect. My butt is healthier than it has been in many years. It's once again fun to play with, easy to keep clean all because I wear a non-porous plug (glass).

I’ve been looking for a man walking with a butt plug…and this plug is huge!

walking session outdoor with my B51 inserted powered by XTube