Thursday, December 25, 2014

Living Plugged Means...

I'm plugged during the holidays

There might be something some men who like to plug might find wrong with being plugged for the holidays, like sitting in church for Religious holiday programs, lighting the tree and other iconic religious activities, even opening presents on Christmas morning with the family, a lover, relatives, friends.

His plug is barely detectable
But it looks really good
But to live plugged, one just has to carry on with a butt plug in the ass, even at times of prayer, caroling, opening gifts. At least that's how I feel about staying plugged at such times. My partner of twenty-three years and I lovingly opened gifts this morning, our eyes tearing up at the special significance of this gift or that. I was plugged. I enjoyed even that moment. Later we will be joining other family for the big Christmas even, including Christmas dinner, opening gifts, hugging one another, and all the usual holiday events. I'll hug the elderly ladies in the family, shake hands with the men, all while being plugged. That's just the way it is to "live plugged."

This will be my third Christmas wearing a butt plug during this time. In December of 2012, of course, I was trying to stay plugged as much as possible, but I hadn't quite found the right butt plug and had not worked out the issues of IBS. But by Christmas of 2013, it was all good. By then I had been living plugged 24/7 for nine months. And by this Christmas of 2014, of course, I've been plugged 24/7/365 for a year and nine months. Recall I unplugged for a 10-day road trip to see how I fared and how difficult it would be as soon as I got back to re-insert the two-inch diameter plug. I also wanted to see if my sphincter grew as tight as it had been before I started wearing a butt plug regularly.

Som guys WANT to be stretched permanently. I never want to lose the ability to hold an enema in as I shave or brush my teeth, so I realized that my man hole was stretched somewhat and didn't tighten back to its former tightness when I didn't wear a plug for ten days. It will either take more time unplugged for that to happen, or I have permanently loosened my sphincter just a little bit.

Nonetheless, I love how I can remove the plug for a BM and the man hole feels soft and yielding to the touch of my fingers, and readily accepts three fingers for the ritual exploration.

So this holiday season I am celebrating my secret plugging life. I just plain love it. One reader says that he doesn't see the point of staying plugged because after a few hours it's just a non experience. I understand that. During much of the day, I'm just plugged. It's comfortable and there are not sensual tinges to remind me that I'm plugged, but for me that is not the point. Living plugged is almost a lifestyle choice, one that I enjoy. I've read of men who have plugged for fifty years, who are now elderly, or middle aged men who started thirty years ago and claim that they are more or less plugged 24/7. Some straight men who are long-term pluggers cite the same reasons as I do for enjoying it. After a year and nine months as this point, I'm just as thrilled and giddy with a plug in my ass as I was in April of 2013 when I started this journey.

This vid is a full length movie! Enjoy.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Butt Plugs and Exercising

How I use my butt plug to exercise.

I'm a little overweight and I have some groin fat that is difficult to get rid of once it shows up. It's the kind of padding above the cock and balls that tends to hide the magnificence of a man's genitals. The cock looks smaller than it is, and I use my nice, hard glass plug to enhance my groin and ass exercises. It would probably also work with a silicon plug, and in a way it involves kegal exercises, but more than that it draws the muscles beneath the groin fat in and out.

Nothing takes the place of strong strides when walking, or stretching out while running, but without that or without a daily regimen of walking and running, I use the pleasures that come from being constantly plugged to encourage me to exercise my abdominal and groin muscles. Once again, if you are reading this, try to move your consciousness down into your genital area, ass, and front—and feel that plug in your ass. Imagine as you walk that the longer, harder strides you take, the more exercise you will get to the soft areas that need to be exercised. The glass in the ass will not yield, and with a one-inch diameter shaft, when you're walking you can clinch the muscles around the plug. First it feels intensely great, but it also strengthens the butt muscles, and walking while clinched, relaxed, clinched, also encourages faster walking. I also like to stand in place and do what appears to people walking past that I am merely stretching, bending, and otherwise loosening my muscles, when in fact, I am putting hard pressure and hard stretching on my groin. The plug enhances those feelings, much better than nothing in the ass.

Spread those legs. I've noted that men who are really into wearing butt plugs like to stick their rears out and go into positions that spread the butt cheeks, as if getting ready to be fucked. With the butt plug in place, you're already being fucked. They (we) also like to open our legs wide, showing off our hard cocks and low-hanging ball sacs. For the onlooker, it's a visual thrill to see a man with a hard cock with his legs wide open; for the man doing that, it's definitely beneficial to moving all those muscles, both stretching them and contracting them as he opens and closes his legs.

Even when I get out of bed in the morning, clinching my abdominal and ass muscles motivates me to exaggerate my movements. Every exaggerated movement feels wonderful with the plug working inside of me. When I'm driving in my car, I can rock my pelvis forward and back, clinch, relax, clinch, and it feels great. It also works the groin area.

I like to squat down, spreading my butt cheeks and feel the plug being pulled into my ass. The ring base, of course prevents it from disappearing into my rectum, and the pressure on the sphincter not only feels great, but it also is beneficial to the muscles.

When I sit down or stand up, I clinch and work my pelvic muscles, and so every movement enhances the feelings of being plugged. When I sit down to shit, I love knowing that I first have to pull the two-inch wide plug through my anal opening, where it will stretch out the sphincter to two inches. That's easily three fingers wide. Nowadays, when I pass waste, I'm often surprised that I barely feel the true size of the BM (usually nice two-inch torpedo-shaped and six and eight-inches long) and I'm done. A little clean up and I ram the plug home for the next 12 or so hours.

The point is, I constantly use my plug to motivate me to exaggerate all my movements having to do with the lower trunk and that delicious crotch between my legs.

I just love knowing that when you leave a guy alone at home, he's going to masturbate and otherwise come up with some way to work that ass, like the guy in the video. Yummm...

Friday, December 12, 2014

Exploring the Man Hole

I mean the rectum...

What I love about this (yeah,
besides the dildo action) is
the shaved naked look.
Before I took a shower today, I did some careful and close shaving to my cock, balls, and anus. I know some guys like the fur and some guys like how much more naked you feel when you're shaved. I'm one of the latter. Bald as a badger. I enjoyed removing the plug and just really getting my fingers into my rectum after I shaved my man hole. I spent quite a bit of time exploring the hole and feeling around inside.

It was really sexy that my fingers came out clean, and that's after having the plug in overnight and through the afternoon. It's been said that the rectum isn't self lubing, and while that is no doubt true, I often run a finger full of aloe vera in there when I'm prepping my rectum for an enema. Once I've expelled the water (I never use anything but water in my enema), and dry my anal opening off, wash the glass plug and dry it off, there's enough aloe still in my rectum, I suppose, that even 12 hours later my rectum is still "wet." And when the plug comes out clean, and I can't feel any turd up inside, I can just stick the plug back in and go for another ten or so hours.

Off and on in these posts I've tackled the graphic facts of plugging, including the inevitable natural process of defecating. This is unavoidable, so you have to get used to the fact that you're going to have to deal with the brown stuff now and then if you're going to live plugged. No, I don't like it, but the glass plug cleans up easily.

Anyway, you also can't have loose bowels, and you definitely can't wear a plug when you have the runs. I know the name implies that you can, but you will have crises if you go out in public plugged and with the runs.

Pay attention to your gut, too, the part of the intestines that might hurt or feel uncomfortable when a BM is imminent. Don't attempt to stay plugged if your gut is trying to tell you something. Tonight, I'm going out (plugged) to have enchiladas. I can assure you that there's danger of a crisis; but I can't help but enjoy and tempt the gods as a result of eating Mexican food.

At any rate, I had a good shaving session before my shower. I enjoyed toying with my man hole and rectum, I enjoyed the enema, and now I'm enjoying my plug sitting up in there, feeling the sphincter attempt to close around the one-inch shaft, and I'm enjoying the tingle of an erection, along with a little leaking of precum.

Friday, December 5, 2014

Be on the Lookout for Men Wearing Butt Plugs in Your Neighborhood

I'm now a Butt Plug Spy

You can become a butt plug detective, too!
Even when I first tried a butt plug back in the 1990s, I was fascinated by the encouragement on the box it came in, to wear it safely for long periods of time. It even said, "Go out and play tennis!" And actually, once I inserted the plug and it settled into my rectum, and the sphincter closed around the shaft, it did feel good, and from that moment, I wondered how long I could wear the plug. It was one of those classic shaped plugs, like a cone with a rubber base.  Back then I wasn't aware of any different materials and I wore that plug off and on for weeks, but of course I did have difficulty wearing it for more than a few hours at a time. I did wear it on a driving trip to my son's wedding and had to stop a couple of hundred miles down the road and remove it. And then the night I arrived at my destination, I slept in it and had weird dreams. But by then, I was able to work around the irritation of the rubber base on my anal opening.

Now that's just a little ancient history of my butt plugging fun almost twenty years ago!

I started up again around December 2012, and by April of 2013, I had found a plug design and glass material that went in, stayed in, and was always comfortable. Since that time, I have become a man's butt man. Yes, I'm gay, and I like to look at men's butts as they pass by in my neighborhood, as I go shopping, and as guys come into the restaurants. Name a place and I'm on duty as a butt plug detective, hoping to spy the give-away outline of a plug in a man's ass. I like to look at young men's asses, old men's butts, fat, thin, and in between. I like the shape of men's butts, and if you're straight, sorry, but I'm going to be looking at your butt, as well, as you walk away or pass within my sight. You probably won't know that your butt is being stared at, or if you're verging on psychic, you might feel a tingling sensation right there in the middle of your butt hole  as I focus my attention on your ass.

Men don't have to be naked, either, for me to enjoy looking.

Now I have to confess that I just don't know why I like living every day and night with a plug in my ass. I just do. It has a pacifier effect, I suppose. It concentrates my focus as I walk and stand outside talking to passersby. I've never understood the "fullness" some butt pluggers talk about, but it could be the "solidly plugged" feeling I get when I'm wearing a plug dry. I like the nice hard feeling the glass shaft has keeping my sphincter partly open, and when I clinch at night in bed, it sends signals to my cock to stiffen. Some nights I keep my cock hard and pull the foreskin back and thumb the head of my cock, to keep it pulsing, almost to orgasm, but I back off and go through the cycle again. During the day the foreskin stays slick. 

Again,  I urge all men to get in touch with your butt hole, your sphincter, your prostate from the inside, your rectum; fill it with a plug, and go play tennis!

Estim and butt plug combo vid:

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Butt Plug Issues

Why Can't I Keep My Butt Plug In?

Over the course of the last two years, on numerous sex forums that I keep up with, I've noticed that many men are not getting the memo about how to comfortably wear a butt plug, except for short term fuck sessions.

They say that after awhile they feel discomfort, their skin gets irritated, they can't sit down for various reasons, but the number one complaint is they can't keep the butt plug in; they have to wear straps, and otherwise force that sucker to stay in place. Others have freaked out because the plug goes up into the rectum, on its way to dark hole of Calcutta.

Reasons for discomfort
I'm sorry, but I am not convinced that silicone plugs can be as comfortable as glass and metal when it comes to skin irritation around the anal opening. It takes frequent lubing to keep the base and shaft of the silicon plug from rubbing you the wrong way. If you've not tried metal or glass, consider switching.

The shape and size of the butt plug can also cause discomfort. If you're going to go long term, say twelve hours, you cannot wear a plug that is going to take up a lot of space in your rectum. Simply put, you're going to suffer gas buildup, fecal crowding, and get your prostate massaged TOO MUCH.

If your ass is greedy and wants bigger and bigger plugs, go for it, but you will not be able to use those monsters when you go out dancing, bike riding, doing yard work, and going shopping.

Consider the base of the butt plug. Any design, where the plug is glass, metal, or silicone where the base of the plug sits perpendicular to the butt cheeks is going to cause irritation. I personally think a base on a plug that is shoved up a man's ass is sexy as hell looking, but those designs will irritate the longer you try to wear them. So far, a circular base that fits between the butt cheeks like a coin in a slot is the best I have found. Second to that (for me) is the NJOY plugs with their oval base. And finally a ball base or a T-shaped base might allow comfort for a longer period of time.

Reasons for plugs falling out, or climbing into the rectum
Guys, this plug will not stay in, nor will similarly designed
A DILDO is NOT a butt plug. Dildos are designed for maximum butt fucking. And I have to admit, a big dildo can be pleasurable for a short term butt pounding. But the reason why a dildo is not good for long term wear is there is no shaft, around which the sphincter can squeeze shut to hold the dildo in place. But that also goes for a poorly designed butt plug that doesn't have enough differential between the size of the bulb that goes inside the rectum and the size of the shaft. There should be at least a 2:1 ratio between the widest part of the plug that goes inside the rectum and the shaft, which is held in place by the sphincter muscles. A two-inch bulb should have no more than a one-inch shaft.

The plug will not fall out if there is this ratio between the bulb and the shaft—unless of course your sphincters are stretched and "ruined" from fisting and huge dildo fucks. I know that some guys want to destroy the ass, and that's fine, but it's not if you're going to wear a plug when you go out for the evening or sit at work plugged.

And finally, too much lube can allow the circle base to slip inside and go past the sphincter and begin its climb into your body. Early on, I had a couple of crises when I was using too much lube—so much lube, in fact, that I had to wear double the briefs and boxers to keep the oily stain from soaking through and showing on my jeans.

Too much prostate massage
You will eventually feel overwhelmed if the design of your plug keeps pressing against the prostate without relief. At the very least, you'll keep feeling like you have to pee. More pleasurably but kind of messy is you'll keep leaking precum into your underwear. When that happens to me, I like to collect it on my finger and lick it up.

As most of you probably know, I have found long-term plugging Nirvana with this plug, here. It has an angled head, which I wear away from the prostate. The differential between the head of the plug and the shaft is 2:1, and the ring base fits between my butt cheeks like a coin in a slot. It's surprisingly easy to sit down on, which almost looks counter-intuitive. Also note that the ring base also has a 2:1 differential to the shaft.

No, I am not advocating for this plug above all others for long-term plugging. But I am advocating for this design or something similar. You might feel hesitant to wear glass in your ass. Try metal instead.

But I digress. The overall design of plugs that are ideal for long-term wear of twelve or more hours has an angled head, so that you can wear it away from your prostate, has a shaft that is twice as narrow as the bulb that goes inside the rectum, and has either a ring base (not a round base that sits perpendicular to your butt cheeks), an oval base, a ball base, or a T-base. And any of these need to be likewise twice as big as the shaft.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Living Plugged Evolution

Three Phases of Living plugged

So far, now into one year and eight months of living plugged, I've experienced three phases of staying plugged 24/7/365 (with minor exceptions here and there). I don't remember the exact number of months I stayed in one phase and then drifted into another phase. But so far there have been three:

1. Learning to live plugged
In this phase I had to learn how to control my digestion, had several near crises when I was out in public with my plug in place and ended up having to do clean up in a public toilet. I learned which foods rushed through my system and which ones were slower to digest. I also went through three different plugs. Actually I tried out five different plugs, including the months from December 2012 through April 2013, where I first got a silicone plug shaped like a cone. My next plug was the stainless steel NJOY, which is when I began plugging 24/7. This was followed by a blue glass plug with a ring base.

2. Settling in comfortably plugged
In this phase I went from the blue plug (it's head was only 1.5 inches in diameter with a thin shaft) to the Devi Prisms glass plug, with a 2 inch head, but still a thin shaft. About one-half-inch to three-quarter inches in diameter. I used this one through most of this phase, but I knew my ass could take a bigger plug. As it turned out, I went to the Icicles #14 plug. The only difference was that the shaft was one-inch in diameter and the head was still only two inches. However, I discovered that the fatter shaft, continually keeping my sphincter open a full inch provided the greatest pleasure. Once the head gets past the sphincter the only thing it stimulates with any real feeling is the prostate; but living plugged requires that I turn the angled head away from the prostate, and so essentially, the most pleasure and feeling came from the shaft.

In this phase was when I wore a pair of briefs next to my ass, and on top of that I wore a pair of boxers. I did this, because in this phase I was lubing with both water-based gel and silicone based lube. In this phase, I also perfected my dosage of Imodium to keep my digestion slow, so that my BMs were nice and firm and big. You can feel it move out of the rectum, and the tissue comes away clean.

3. The Icicles #14 plug with the larger shaft
This phase overlaps the second phase, and I attribute this phase to the perfect shape and size of the Icicles #14. A reader wrote to tell me that he was disappointed, because after awhile he said he could barely tell the plug was there, and I'm supposing that he wanted to feel stimulated to near orgasm all the time. Each of us likes to use butt plugs for different reasons. In the short-term use, it seems to me that the whole point of using a plug is to stimulate the anus and prostate during sex, so that ejaculation is powerful and intense. For maybe 12-hour plugging or sleeping plugged, the point is still to massage the prostate, and so when wearing the Icicles, the NJOY or other similarly shaped plug (with an angled head) you could say that the user is "edging" and will end this longer-term plugging session with an ejaculation.

But when I'm living plugged, the point of ejaculation is completely irrelevant. There's just something about having a plug in my ass, no matter what I'm doing that brings the more subtle pleasure. Further, in this third phase, I have gone dry (or almost dry), now into my third month. In this phase, keeping my dosage of Imodium up and watching what I eat, I have such clean BMs that I more often than not don't even have to do an enema; so in this phase, you could say that keeping the glass plug in my ass has become the most natural. By now the glass plug is home in my ass and there are no issues. I can tell by certain feelings that a BM is imminent, and the sooner that I take care of that, the easier it is to replug without much clean up. Nine times out of ten the plug comes out of my ass clean and dry, and it goes right back in after my business with just a lick of spit. My rectum is never uncomfortable with the dry plug.

Phase 4?
Who knows what's next in living plugged. I have never tired of keeping a plug in my ass and I'm reminded of being plugged throughout the day and night. There's a bit of a secret thrill of going about my day with a plug in my ass and talking to people, sitting in restaurants, the theater, walking, driving that just keeps me going. I'm sure that a psychiatrist would have a field-day with my desire to keep the plug inside of me. I'm also sure that anti-gay and anti-anal preachers would like to claim that I now have to stay plugged. But that is not the case. I cannot really tell you why this is the most lovely thing to be plugged all the time. I'm sure it could also be called a festish, but what?

Monday, November 3, 2014

Plugged Solid

I can't stop talking about dry plugging!

As many of you know, I've been living plugged now for coming up on two whole years. I've related the feelings and techniques of staying plugged over the course of that time. This is of course only my experiences with plugging and what I have learned from other guys who have written to me.

In October, I took a ten-day road trip, covering three-thousand miles, and I elected NOT to be plugged during that time. In a way it was a good time to find out if I had done permanent stretching to my sphincter and anal opening. I was never worried, because even after all this time living plugged, I never had a problem retaining an enema during my clean out periods during the day. But I did find that even after ten days of being deliberately unplugged, the two-inch head of my Icicles #14 glass plug went in easily. It was certainly not like the first time I had tried a two-inch plug. Back then, I thought I was never going to get it in without a great deal of pain. I'm not into pain.

Nonetheless, the plug went back into my hungry hole, and the whole family of butt, cock, sphincter, and prostate, welcomed the plug back after that absence.

For most of the time that I have been living plugged, I was always careful to use lube, having read how the rectum is not self-lubricating. And during that time, I wrote about how intense was the feeling when I would stand up from a sitting position when the plug shaft moved slightly due to the lube, giving me a real intense thrill in my sphincter. There were other feelings that combined with the lube, the plug did to me that felt really good. They never got old hat, so to speak, and living plugged throughout the day and night came with a whole spectrum of hot zingers.

This pretty butt just make me want
to take a bite of it, plug and all!
And then, shortly before my trip, I decided to cut way down on the lube, which I did, finally graduating to spit as the only "lube" that I used, and that was mainly to get the glass plug back in after a BM or cleaning...whatever.

Now, during the rest of October (twenty-one days) that I have been plugged again 24/7, I have to report that I don't use lube at all, just a little spit on the plug to get it past the shaved skin at the anal opening. One reader told me that he'd never used lube for his NJOY pure plug either.

So now, after a BM and if necessary an enema, I attempt to dry the anal opening before inserting the plug. Nor do I lathe on the spit to the plug, either. I just lick it slightly, and with my cheeks spread I slip the plug into my rectum. As I said in a previous post, what I achieve with a dry plugging is that once the plug is in place, it is solidly in place. I get a faint reminder of the plug because my sphincter is spread to one inch (the diameter of the shaft). And this solidly plugged feeling is different from the lubed plug feeling. I like it. I especially like to finger my ass around the plug ring, which is the only part of the plug that stays outside the body, and really, with the ring base, even part of the base is enthusiastically intruding on the sphincter.

As usual, I am hard writing about this, and I divide my conscious awareness between my head and my butt/cock as I write.

Constant readers might be aware that I don't post nearly as much as I did during the first year of this blog. My main concern is that I just don't have that much to report that is too different from the other posts. Just remember, and try to imagine, what it must feel like to be constantly plugged, night and day, so that you do EVERYTHING wearing a plug. Next time I take such a long road trip, I will be plugged.

The Eggplant…

Monday, October 20, 2014

Dry-Boning, Part 2

New Sensations from Dry-Boning

Over the course of the last 550 days (how long I've been living plugged), I have had a chance to experiment with the dynamics of living plugged. I did take ten days off to make a trip without a plug, but I'm back on schedule. What that ten-day experience without a plug in my ass showed me was that it would take a while longer for my relaxed sphincter to return to a very tight state. After the ten days without a plug the 2-inch diameter plug went in easily. I remember back in April 2013, when I first got a glass plug that was two-inches in diameter, I was about ready to give up and go back to my 1.5 inch plug, because the 2-inch plug was so intimidating.

You Go, Boy!
It wasn't long after wearing that plug, the Prisms glass plug, that I wanted something just a bit bigger in both the egg and the shaft. I was unable to find a bigger glass egg, so I "settled" for the Icicles #14, which I found in my local adult toy store. The shaft was 1-inch in diameter, but the egg was still only two inches. This was about six months into living plugged, and I learned that much of the thrill of being plugged was in the action on the sphincter—not the prostate.

And then well into my second year of living plugged, I experimented with reducing the amount of lube I used, as well as the kind I used. I had been wearing a pair of briefs and a pair of boxers because of the oil the lube leaked out of my drawers. So I switched to various water-based lubes and finally settled for aloe gel. Expert pluggers will tell you that water-based lubes will not last as long as silicon/oil based lubes, and it is true. Thereafter I began cutting down on the aloe, getting dryer and dryer as I went. Experts will also tell you that the anus does not lubricate itself, and while that is true, one needs far less lube with glass or steel plugs than they do with silicone and other such plugs.

I wrote a short article about "dry-boning" and using minimal amounts of aloe gel. And now, following my ten-day vacation from plugging, I am here to tell you that I have gone completely dry on the lube. The sensation of the plug in my unlubed ass is very "there." I was spitting on the head of the plug to get it past my shaved ass skin, but I noticed that as the head went into the anus the skin inside and the slickness of the glass allowed me to get the plug into my rectum, and the sensation of being really PLUGGED SOLID gave me an instant erection. The "hurts so good" sensation is also there, and last night, I couldn't keep my mind off the plug and the sensation of dry boning. I do not recommend that you try this unless you are living plugged. The sphincter has to be somewhat permanently relaxed to receive the plug, and I feel (although I don't know because I haven't tried it) that the friction and resistance would be damaging using anything but gloriously, naturally slick glass or stainless steel.

Need I say more? Also note the gigantic phallic symbol on
the building to the right of the butt plug.
An Aside: Did you see the worlds largest butt plug erected in Paris by the American Artist who claimed it was a minimalist Christmas Tree. About all it had in common with a Christmas tree was its color. No one bought the artist's attempt to fool the public, and vandals later deflated it. Towler Road had a comment from a heterosexual plugger who maintains that it's not just the gay men who are supporting the billion dollar butt plug industry but a lot of straight men who are in touch with their anal side, and to that I say, right on!

butt plug action:

Monday, October 13, 2014

Unplugged for a Road Trip

Giving Up My Butt Plug on Vacation

It was a difficult decision to break my plugging streak by leaving my butt plug at home when I went on a recent ten-day road trip. I wouldn't have if I had been traveling alone, but my partner of 22 years was with me, and he doesn't know that I plug. I didn't want to carry the obvious kinds of supplies that I would need in case of emergency, needing to clean up in case my digestion interfered with my plugging, as it sometimes does. Further, we were going to be eating a wide variety of foods on the road, lacing them with unhealthy snacks, and quite a few sodas—all of which was going to upset my routine.

It was the right decision. For example on the leg of the trip from Natchez, Mississippi, through Louisiana and on into central Texas in one day, I became bloated and gassy (fried food, sodas, unhealthy snacks, and stress from driving unfamiliar roads), and being bloated and gassy is anathema to staying plugged.

On the other hand, when I make the same trip to our new home when we move, I will make the road trip and my partner will fly. That will give me the opportunity to maintain my plug as needed with the right kind of supplies on hand.

The real reason for this post, however, is to describe what it was like to be unplugged after having been plugged 24/7/365 for the last year and a half. I was surprised that I didn't miss plugging in a visceral way. Yes, the desire to be plugged never left me, as I thought about our activities and how much better it would have been to feel the plug working my rectum and sphincter, but I forgot about it quite often for long stretches. We did a lot of uphill and downhill walking, and on shorter day trips I have always enjoyed feeling the plug inside as I drive. Clinching an empty hole was not nearly as enjoyable as clinching with my butt plug in place. As one of my friends said, my butt was going to protest: "Butt, butt, I wants it!" kind of like Gollum and his precious. And then there was trying to get to sleep without the Teddy Bear effect of being comfortably plugged. I got up numerous times during the night and felt a little funny without the plug.

Note the hollow sleeve that the double dong is
The most interesting thing to me, however, was whether the two-inch diameter was going to be like using it the first time when I finally got home and inserted it. I figured that my hole is probably a little stretched normally, because the shaft of the plug keeps my sphincter open an inch all the time. That may not sound like much, but when the sphincter is used to being forced open without relief I wondered if it would slowly, over the ten days return to its former tight clinch. During the trip, I stuck my fingers in my ass and measured how easy or difficult it was to insert them. I was surprised that being unplugged for ten days in a row did not significantly reduce the somewhat loose feeling of the sphincter, and on the evening we got home, the first order of business, once we unloaded the car was to do an enema cleanse and get plugged.

Hot butt!
While there was some resistance to the two-inch diameter of the head of the plug, it went in easy, and once that was past the sphincter, it popped back into place, with an audible sigh and welcoming hug from my butt, as it closed around the plug. Another effect was that I stayed semi-hard throughout that first night and into the next day. So now I have been replugged three 24-hour days and everything is back to normal—plugged and happy.

When I next make this trip by car by myself, I will attempt to stay plugged. I also like to keep my dick out of my pants and keep it hard by edging it, which always makes the miles fly by.

I've also sometimes tempted fate by keeping my cock out of my pants when I stop at rest areas, covering it with only my shirttail as I head into the men's room. But that's the subject of another kind of blog. As I write this, I'm plugged and I think again, as I have over the past year and a half, living plugged is just plain enjoyable, a private kind of thrill that makes ordinary activities more enjoyable.

You'll need to go into full screen mode to enjoy this video. The guy is using an Aneros stimulator. He's having a full-body orgasm (and incidentally probably messing up his sheets!)

Aneros full body orgasms highlights powered by YouPorn.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Dry-Boning with a Butt Plug

Using my Butt Plug Dry, part 2

As I indicated in one of my recent posts, I've been experimenting with using my glass butt plug without lube, and now a few weeks into this experiment, I can say that while it's not for the faint of heart or the really sensitive anus, dry-boning has some distinct advantages and differences than using lube.

I think I'm coining a phrase here: dry-boning. It comes from my much younger days when I had a slew of fuck buddies, and I got fucked often enough that I generally only had to have spit before I could take a cock up my ass. The phrase also uses "boning" to mean getting fucked by a hard cock. But in my case, now, I dry-bone with my plug.

The first difference is that without lube, the movement of the plug, specifically the shaft, is restricted. In one sense, I'm giving up that delicious sensation when I stand up from sitting for awhile, that I get when the plug shaft slips slightly. That is a real zing! And likewise, sitting back down, the shaft is pushed up slightly. When the plug is dry, though, the sphincter seals itself around the dry plug tighter, and there's no slipping of the shaft up or down in the sphincter. This is an advantage because it really seals my butt shut. I'm truly plugged. It's even difficult to let a fart escape. The disadvantage is also the same thing: it's difficult to let a fart escape. So I do have to remove the plug a little more often to relieve the pressure.

The second difference is that I get a harder more definite squeeze on the plug when I clinch, and if you're a guy who gets fucked a lot, you know what I'm talking about when I mention the delicious pain when the sphincter is used a lot. It's not a hurtful pain but a kind of never-ending feeling of a hard cock lodged in my ass.

I keep my anal opening shaved, which means that while it's smooth, it's also not alleviated by hair to provide a little bit of slip, nor do I get any uncomfortable hair pulls. Clean up is of course much better with a shaved ass. Now, let me be clear. I couldn't get a completely dry glass plug in my ass without either using spit or running the plug under water just before insertion. But that does not act as a lube, since it quickly dissipates once the plug is in place. I also think, but your experience may be different, that only smooth glass or steel would make dry-boning possible without horrible irritation. So I would not recommend even trying a silicon plug without lube. There would be too much friction and removing it after, say, a couple of hours, would really hurt, if not also tear the sensitive butt tissue inside the rectum.

Riding Red Plug:

Monday, September 8, 2014

Men Pleasuring Themselves with Anal Toys

Men Pleasuring Themselves and Each Other

I've chosen a series of photos from the web that shows how men (gay and straight) can derive unique and very erotic pleasure from butt plugs, dildos, and double dongs. Take a look and enjoy...

I like to see what's going on in photos like this one. This guy is watching gay porn while enjoying the pleasure of a dildo. I like the way he's trying to get maximum pleasure by spreading his legs. But I also like the fact that he naked only from the waist down and is wearing shoes. Notice also the arch in his back. This is just a real intense self-pleasuring moment for him. What do you think he's thinking about? I bet his mind is totally blank and all his focus is on his anus.

In this luscious photo we have a guy who has given some thought about his back door. Splitting the seam in jeans to allow cock and dildo access is extremely sexy to me. And he is obviously enjoying stretching his hole. Nice butt, too. This picture just has that raw male energy when it comes to anal pleasuring.

I like this photo because of the guy in the middle. Just a group of guys enjoying some naked, erotic pleasure, but the guy in the middle is the one using his friends to position himself, legs spread wide and resting them on the other guys, while he drives a dildo up his ass. Is their buzz cuts indicative that they're soldiers? I can fantasize, can't I? And the look on the middle guy's face tells me he enjoys pleasuring himself while his buddies look on.

Aside from the fact that the guy with the butt plug has a sweet ass, flawless skin, and a nice little ass, I like it because he's revealing his little secret for his friend to discover, once he pulls those jeans down. This is another sexy pose to me. Maybe he wore the plug on his trip to meet his friend. Maybe they just happened to feel a spark for a little sex in some public place, and voila! He reveals his plugged butt.

I've never had the pleasure of sharing a double dong with a guy, but this is male bonding at its sexiest. It would be neat to see a video of such a cooperative effort on both their parts as they get into position and each takes an end of the dong up his ass...and then begin the fucking motion. Each guy pushing against the dong would simultaneously drive it into the ass of the other. I also wonder if the ultimate goal is to get the dong inside so deep that they can jam their butts together!

Anal orgasm technique:

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Living Plugged 24/7 Requires Daily Planning

You have to plan for contingencies every day

Some men have written to tell me that they're also trying to live plugged or plug long-term, and in the discussions I've had with those men I decided to relate how living plugged 24/7 does require planning for contingencies every day.

For example, my partner and I went out to dinner the other night, and before we left the house, I did a check of my plug to see if it came out clean. This is a good indication that I'm not about to need to have a BM or take care of "build up" in my rectum. Besides dinner, we were also going to go grocery shopping. Our choice of food that night was Chinese. And rice is a good dish to eat (for me), since white rice contributes to a slow digestion. However, we had fried rice, and I added an egg roll. My past experience with this kind of meal led me to believe that I wouldn't face a crisis shortly after eating while we were grocery shopping.

But shortly after eating and arriving at the grocery store, I felt a build-up of gas and some bloating. If it didn't get any worse, I felt I could make it through shopping. But the intensity increased, so I had to use the store's restroom. It might have been a disaster had I not planned on how I would handle a clean-up of both myself and the plug, be able to re-insert the plug and go about shopping. First, when I entered the bathroom I took two wet paper towels with me into the stall. This way I wouldn't have to depend on the cheap toilet tissue and still leave any residue on the plug. So after I pulled it out while in the stall, I was relieved to see that there was no buildup and I was not in danger of having a messy incident. But with the wet towels, I was able to clean the glass plug until it was nice and shiny, as well as running my fingers inside my rectum to also make sure there wasn't anything unwanted in there. I used the second wet towel to clean my fingers. As some of you may know, I can wear the glass (metal would work too) almost dry, so to reinsert the plug all I had to do was use a little spit, push it back in and continue shopping. It turned out that I merely needed to alleviate the gas buildup and was able to finish grocery shopping.

Better planning would have been to put a soaking wet paper towel along with some coconut oil in a small plastic bag, but the principle is the same.

When we go to the movies, of course, I have extra time at home to do an enema and make sure my rectum is nice and clean before heading out for the evening. While I sit all day at my computer, the reclining seats in the theater often force the ring base of the plug further into my rectum than my desk chair does at home, and I have learned that when I suddenly feel a bit of discomfort, as if I have to evacuate that it is usually nothing more than the top arc of the ring sliding deeper into my rectum and causing the sphincter to open.  In such a case, I keep my belt a little looser and can slip my hand into the back of my pants, take hold of the ring base and pull it out just a little. And yes, I have had to do cleanup in the theater restrooms at one time or another, but usually its the same as the grocery store experience.

This is important to note. It is not a good idea when going out for the evening our out in public for more than two or three hours to use too much lube. This is what causes the ring base to go into the sphincter too easily. In my case, the dryer the plug the better. The thing about glass and steel plugs, over the silicon plugs is that I can get by with a dry hole and feel no discomfort whatsoever.

Further staying plugged as I have coming up on eighteen months is that I get to know what each kind of feeling means, and if I feel a roiling in my stomach and an enema still leaves me feeling "vulnerable" to an incident, I simply leave the plug out for two or three hours. This allows the rectum to adjust. If I have to have a BM, then I just wait until it is time. If I have had an inefficient enema and I know my rectum is not really clean, then I wait until it is. The rectum doesn't carry poop in it like a storage compartment. It stays clean most of the time, until the digestion is complete and it's time to evacuate.

Some guys have been reluctant to monitor their bowel habits or to prevent "the runs" for example by making sure that the food they eat will not contribute to that condition. In my case (after some research) I discovered that in my case I need to slow down digestion by taking Imodium every day. This ensures a good firm BM in the mornings, and if I have a clean one and the toilet paper comes away clean, then I know I can simply re-insert the plug after a morning BM and go well into the afternoon before any maintenance is required.

Note the angled head.
Toward the prostate (short-term)
Away from the prostate (long-term)
I have even been gone from home the entire day, driving to a distant destination, doing whatever I do, and driving home, without feeling any discomfort from the plug. Different sitting surfaces have different effects on the way the plug behaves. The most important part of the plug is first the base. The ring base is the best thing I have found to make plugging completely discomfort free. And by a ring base, I don't mean a round base that sits perpendicular to my butt cheeks, but parallel to my butt cheeks and fits between them, so that only the bottom arc of the ring shows. See the picture on this site in the right column. That's my ass plugged with a ring base. The second most important part of the plug I wear for long term plugging is, oddly enough, the shaft. This is what provides continual activity to my sphincter and what provides the little thrills of feeling throughout the day. Finally, the NJOY-shaped bulb that sits at an angle on the shaft is very important to living plugged. Wear the angled head AWAY from the prostate for daily/nightly wear. Turn the angled head toward the prostate when you want to massage the prostate during sex. Discipline yourself to eat the foods that won't cause "irritable bowel" and sudden need to evacuate. If lettuce runs through you like shit through a goose, then find another green substitute that won't act so quickly on your digestion. Staying "regular" is essential to living plugged. A firm stool is also essential to keeping a clean rectum. Imodium reduces the water content of the stool. At least that's what I use. It works for me.

That marvelous gape!

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Playing with My Plugged Rectum

Fingering My Ass While Plugged

One thing about living plugged 24/7/365 is that there's never a time (except rarely) when my ass isn't plugged. Sometimes of course when I sit down for a BM I momentarily forget, and then realize I have to remove the plug first. At those times, I like to run my finger around the ring, get into the upper arc of the ring and then feel of my anal opening, which is shut around the shaft. You can do this with a plug with a base that sits perpendicular to your anal opening, but it's quite a bit more intimate and interesting when you use a ring base. I've tried to describe this as how the ring fits between the butt cheeks, and how the upper arc of the ring is pushing against the sphincter.

Look at the Guy's Expression. He likes the way
that ass feels.
I like to push my finger(s) into the rectum, parallel to the shaft, and see how far I can get my finger...sometimes touching the plug "egg", past the sphincter. With glass (or metal) this is really easy to do, and it feels good, both to my finger tips, which gets to feel the interior of my anal opening as well as feels good to my ass.

But of course the very best time to play with my ass is when I'm in bed, right after a shower and a good enema, when I could push the entire plug, ring base and all past the sphincter and feel it disappear into my rectum. At such times it's a bit scary, because it seems that the plug wants to travel deep into my body and go exploring in the upper reaches of the sigmoid area. Once I had to rush to the bathroom and squat on the floor, digging into my ass with one finger and snag the ring base. But back to the fingering. You need to imagine just how the egg, shaft, and ring base work. The ring is parallel to my butt cheeks, and so at the very least, the upper arc of the ring is pushing against the lower sphincter area. So getting a finger in there just past the top of the ring is the real thrill. I have spent several hours at night getting no sleep but playing with my rectum, twisting the plug around and around inside, getting an extreme erection and then jacking off.

Nice Activity, here
The rest of the 24 hours in a day is spent just feeling my butt plugged. Nothing more, just plugged. Staying plugged is also a great way to keep the anal opening ready for a good fuck. Straight guys could wear a plug all day, and then have their wife or GF peg them good and hard, and then reinsert the plug and fall asleep with a goony grin. But any guy can enjoy the constant feeling of a nice hard object in their ass. Since I've been wearing a plug nonstop since April of 2013, I can assure you that while the sphincter is still tight enough to hold an enema, getting a two-inch plug past the sphincter has become very easy. I'm sure if I laid off being plugged, say, for a month, things would get back to normal. As it is, though, I can get three fingers in my ass with no trouble and wiggle the fingers inside. I'm not interested in fisting, but if I were, staying plugged would be a good way to get ready for it.

I may have used this Aneros video before, but I just love the intensity of his anal play.

Aneros powered by YouPorn.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

How to Sit on a Butt Plug

How to sit on a butt plug with a ring base...

The Icicles #14 glass butt plug that I use (and keep in my ass 24/7) has a ring base. Below I've shown an image of one like it so you can follow what I'm about to describe.

No...there's no secret on how to sit on a butt plug. You just do, and the typical plug has a base that sits perpendicular to the shaft, and so when you sit down the base is flat to the surface. There will eventually be discomfort because of the way in which the base begins to dig into your ass. The NJOY pure plug design uses an oval base, and when you sit, it snuggles between the butt cheeks, and for most people it does not cause irritation.

This is actually
the Devi Prisms
Glass Plug
Note the design of the Icicles #14 (similar to the Devi plug shown here), and you will see that the ring base sits between the butt cheeks like a coin in a slot. Normally, when I'm wearing clothes everything just settles into place when I sit, and I can hardly feel the ring, the upper arc of which is slightly forced into my anal opening and provides a slight stretching motion on the lower part of the sphincter. After awhile, the sensation completely disappears, and I can sit for long periods without appreciable stimulation. But...Mama! When I stand up, the upper arc of the rings backs off my sphincter and I get this intense thrill as the sphincter closes around the shaft a little bit.

What I really want to get to is how to sit on the Icicles glass plug when I'm naked. This makes a huge difference, because as I sit, I like to pull my butt cheeks apart, and as I lower my ass to the chair, the bottom of the ring base comes in contact with the chair and as I lower my weight onto the chair, the upper part of the ring base is forced a little further into my anal opening than it does when I'm clothed. This causes...try to imagine this by moving your consciousness to your anal opening as I describe it...this causes the spinster to be opened wider and the whole plug to be forced a little higher into my rectum.

Feel it? That glass is hard and slick and pushes the sphincter open, and you can feel it stay that way. I'm naked as I write this and I am sitting down, rocking forward and back, hard, on my leather-padded chair. There's a kind of a being-fucked ache that does not diminish. And of course this causes my cock to grow hard. In fact, I've written this entire post this evening naked, rocking forward and back, and forcing the ring base to spread and tease my sphincter.

Here are a couple of pictures that a friend sent. He knows I'm always looking for good butt plugged male pictures.

Gives Pretty in Pink a whole new meaning.

And here's a good plugging vid to keep that fucked feeling going for you...

Monday, August 18, 2014

Living Plugged for Over a Year!

Living Plugged—not so much in June and July 2014

It's been a long while since I have posted on this blog. It's not from lack of wanting to. I've just been busy earning a living, if you can believe that. Although I work at home, I've had to stave off the desire to write about being plugged. And frankly, I haven't really come up with much different that needs to be expressed. So here is a kind of assessment of living plugged now that I'm into living plugged 24/7/365, now a year and a half doing it.

Something odd began happening to me in June and continued into July and now August. It wasn't that I lost interest in staying plugged, but there were a few hours in a day, or a few days in these months when I just didn't replug after pulling the plug out for cleaning or for a bowel movement. It also wasn't because I was bored with living plugged, either. It's just that sometimes I didn't feel like going through the regime of giving myself several enemas in one session to get nice and clean. Plugging a clean rectum is really the only way to go. And the other something that happened was my partner had been cooking a lot more, and since he's such a great cook, I wasn't about to NOT eat his sumptuous meals, which means at the end of the digestion cycle (we all have to do this), I found it a little more difficult to get a good clean rectum and had to leave the plug out of my ass for, say, four hours before plugging again. And sometimes, this turned into staying unplugged overnight.

Now those of you who have kept up with my blog know that I think sleeping plugged is Nirvana, an emotional and physical high that becomes intense in my groggy state. And in June and July, I must have slept without a plug for four nights, but fortunately, not four nights in a row. There was one period, however, where I went about three days unplugged more than plugged, and I noticed something, something graphic. During those days, my anal opening became a little raw feeling, my tighty whities actually got very slight "skid" marks (even though I shave the hair back there) if you know what I mean, and that led me back to staying plugged and putting up with the enemas. I discovered that a plug in the butt is good for my underwear!

So, the bottom line (pun intended) is that I realized after these two months of fighting the maintenance regime that I need to be plugged not only for the sexual gratification but also for keeping my anal opening healthy and finger-sticking good. I also discovered that my anal opening is stretched out about a quarter inch in a semi-permanent way, and it would probably takes weeks that I'm not willing to give before the hole got seriously tight again. I can still hold an enema while I brush my teeth and such, so I'm not concerned.

Finally, I believe that only glass and steel plugs make it possible to live plugged. It might be that silicone/rubber feels nice and slick, but I think there is still a greater chance of irritation and some tissue issues that silicone causes. Further, I am also convinced that the base of the glass plug, the ring that fits into my butt cheeks like a coin in a slot is what makes it so comfortable for the 24/7 plugging.

I've heard from more men who are trying to live plugged, and my hat is off to them!

Short vid, but nice cum shot with butt plug in.

cum on face/body with butt plug brought to you by PornHub

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Plugged Males

What Men Plug and What Men Don't?

I see that I've only made one other post this month. Part of that has to do with an increase in my freelance work, which I luckily get to do from home. But maybe more important, I haven't been struck with something new to write about being plugged. Nonetheless, I've been plugged constantly, so that my freelance work is never boring.

I'm always thrilled to hear from men who want to stay plugged as much as possible. I think those of us who are into "living plugged" are in a minority of men who like to use butt plugs or dildos, but I recently heard from a straight guy who is trying to stay plugged as much as possible, so this brings up the question: Exactly what kind of man likes to use butt plugs and what kind of man will never consider it or anything having to do with his ass? On a couple of forums I have read the stern statement from men who won't consider using a plug or dildo because they consider the rectum as a one-way opening, which is only for waste elimination. But this could even include gay men. However, it is far from the truth to say that men who love anal sex are only gay. Plenty of straight men are catching up to their girlfriends and wives when it comes to being pegged or wearing a butt plug. I also think that men who use dildos and butt plugs will keep their rectums much cleaner than those men who think of the rectum as a one-way road. They won't like getting inside the anal opening too far to clean with soap and water, and I would think they also would be hesitant to give themselves cleansing enemas. I might be wrong. I only know from what I do to keep a clean rectum and what pleasures I associate with ass play, from the prostate to the sphincter.

Now, there are some men who might really want to know what it feels like to wear a butt plug, but find themselves in a situation where they can't discuss this with a partner; I've also heard from younger men who still live at home with their parents and face two problems: being able to buy a butt plug without their parents finding out or once they get a plug where to keep it so it's not discovered. The tongue-in-cheek answer to the second problem is that they can keep the plug in their rectums as I do...but I know that's not really feasible for most men.

For guys who have crossed the barrier of reluctance, fear, or shame, we can look back and think what was the big deal? But that same barrier can seem insurmountable to many men,  and I can only repeat what I've already said. In the privacy of your bathroom, when it's just you by yourself, there is absolutely nothing to be ashamed of, and if you're ever going to get in touch with the other half of your sexuality, alone and in private is the best place to start.

Latex suit with no crotch…Love these crotchless shots!

Xwideanal in latexcatsuit huge buttplug cum and expulsion brought to you by Tube8

Monday, June 2, 2014

Living Plugged Permanently

Long-term Plugging Beyond the Norm

Readers will know that when I talk about living plugged permanently, of necessity there are a few days here and there, a few hours sometimes, when I cannot be plugged for a variety of reasons. Nor do I wear what is called a "permanent" butt plug. This would be one where you could run an enema hose through the butt plug and flush out the rectum without removing the plug. Readers will know, if they've read my blog, however, that I claim to be plugged at least 97% of the time, and in that sense I am living permanently plugged 24/7/365. I'm now into the third month of the second year of living plugged. Given my age, I really don't know how long I will go before I have to hang up my butt-plugging spurs. But so far, I can say that I no longer suffer from hemorrhoids, that I have changed my diet and supplements to slow down my digestion processes and am therefore much more regular with my bowel movements.

I suspect that many guys who are trying to stay butt plugged for several days in a row haven't yet adjusted their BM habits to make staying plugged possible. It took me almost eight months during the first year of living plugged to realize that permanent plugging starts with what goes into my mouth, not what comes out of my ass. You have to be closer to being constipated than having the runs. That's just a simple fact. If you're not controlling your BMs and tend to have the runs or suffer from IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), there is no way that you can live plugged.

It turns out my secret weapon to help with this issue is an anti-diarrheal (generic of Imodium AD) from Walmart. I take 8 mg of this product every day. It means for me and my eating habits that I produce a hefty BM almost every day that is firm and comes out clean, leaving me free to avoid a lot of enemas and just replug after my BM. However, every once in a while, I will go a day or so without a significant BM. In that case, I have to do a couple of rectal enemas to move the stuff along. On such days, I might do without the Imodium. I can say that this is preferable to soft (sometimes runny) and frequent stools that would stymie living plugged, or make it extremely unpleasant.

If you're not grossed out by this frank discussion by this point, good've made it past the gross stuff (unless of course you're into scat). My point is that "living plugged" 24/7/365 is way beyond the norm of what men who love plugging are really into. Most men, I assume, like to play with their rectums and like to plug for a few hours at a time. But I've met a few other guys like me who are thrilled at the thought of living plugged in the truest sense of the word. So there are some of us who stay plugged beyond the norm.

There is a lot of fantasy involved in butt plugging and reasons for longer-term plugging. One of them is probably the most prevalent. I've read numerous personal stories of men who have mistresses or doms who like to keep their slave plugged and caged. Others, like I've read on Reddit, is to have a somewhat looser anus, so that they're ready to be fucked or pegged on demand. My goal is a little less involved. I don't have a dom who decides my plugging schedule, where or when I plug, etc. This is a personal fantasy of mine to just simply live with a butt plug in my ass. Nor do I want to ruin my ass and become incontinent. The Icicles #14 has a one-inch diameter shaft (despite what Amazon's description reads), a two-inch diameter egg, and a base ring that is donut shaped; the diameter of the ring across the whole donut is also about two inches, and the ring itself is composed of a ring that is kind of fat (a little less than half an inch thick) and is super smooth. Hence the unbelievable comfort. Sitting is great. If you can imagine the position of the plug I'm wearing right now, while sitting means that the top of the ring (an arc) is being pushed slightly into my anal opening, which means it's just slightly pushing the sphincter from the bottom, so that when I stand up, I get a little thrill as the ring moves down and the sphincter closes around the shaft in a way that seals the plug.

Try describing this position to a blind person!
Another thing I've learned during this past fourteen months with a plug in my ass 24/7 is that falling asleep and waking up are truly sexual experiences. During these times I have and enjoy causing erections. Lying on my back with my legs out straight, I arch my back into a full, hard clinch, and the plug just fills me with delight. The sphincter tries to close but is prevented by the shaft, and the hardness of the glass reminds me the plug is there. During the day when I'm out and about, I love to walk imperceptibly "funny" so that I get the most out of the plug action. I love to squat down and feel the plug, or sit on hard surfaces and push the ring against the anal opening. Oh well, I could go on and on about this. I am just totally obsessed with this experience. It's a fun fetish, it's like a pacifier for my butt, my own little secret from the world, and something I hope I can keep doing for a few more years.

In the meantime, guys, give that anus something to live for! Keep it plugged.

Inflatable plug fun…

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Plugged 10,000 Hours

That's Living Butt Plugged Now for Ten Thousand Hours (14 Months)

Far more numerous hits when I google "living plugged" usually returns pages that have to do with being plugged-in to high-tech devices, rather than a man with a plug in his ass as a lifestyle choice. I like this misdirection, because it also means that those who are searching for high-tech plugging inadvertently run across my blog about butt plugging. I can just hear people who run across my blog going, "Wait...what? Living all the time with a butt his ass?"

How Beautiful is That?
Yep. That's me. Celebrating over ten thousand hours with a butt plug in my ass. As the weeks and months pass, it's almost like my glass plug has become a part of my body, kind of like those with new hips and knees. Ideally, actually, I'd love to be able to wear the NJOY 2.0 as comfortably as I wear the Icicles #14 plug. But the base on the NJOY eventually begins to hurt. I'd like the weight of the NJOY over the somewhat lighter glass plug. But NOTHING has provided the sheer comfort of the Icicles. Men have written, worried about the ring base, worried that they can't sit down on it, and even some worried about glass breaking.

Now This Looks Fun!
I can't absolutely alleviate the fear of having the glass break. It's pretty strong glass, but as one of my posts related, the glass plug shatters into a million pieces if you drop it onto tile. So don't drop it. Anyway, as far as sitting down on this plug, it doesn't hurt. I can feel it right now but just barely. I clinch and I know it's there. I stand up and I can feel the sphincter and the anal opening getting massaged, but it's all good.

When I remove the plug for a BM or cleanup, I like being able to stick my fingers in my hole and feel how nice and slick it is, smooth where the plug has been, eager for its return. So ten thousand hours...guys I'm telling's fun and satisfying, and it's a little naughty, and I never grow tired of it.

Totally hands free dildo-fuck orgasm. Watch this guy sling that cum!

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

I Wear My Butt Plug Dry

Evolving Butt Plug Wearing...doing it dry

Here's what's for dinner!
Just wait till the wife gets home...

The advice we get from butt plug experts is to use plenty of lube when we wear a butt plug, to use silicone-based lube (because it won't dry out as quickly), and to relube often. While this is really good advice, which I've practiced over the course of my one-year, two-month stint of being plugged 24/7/365, I have lately discovered that I can wear my glass plug almost dry, and it feels different, more "there." More like I've got a hard dick in my ass.

Don't try this at home! If you're still using silicone plugs, ignore everything I'm about to tell you, except what I say about silicone plugs. Despite how slick and wonderful silicone-based plugs can feel, I would never go without plenty of lube. Ok. So to be very clear, the only plugs you can wear dry are metal and glass plugs. Or maybe I should say, the only plugs I can wear dry are metal and glass. My plugs are mostly glass. I have one medium NJOY stainless steel plug, but it's kind of like my teddy bear from when I was a novice plugger. Today and for the last five months, I've been plugged with an Icicles #14 glass plug. I changed to this one because it has the 1-inch diameter shaft. This is where the sheer fucking pleasure of wearing it dry comes in.

Now that's a glass plug!
The only reason I use any lube at all is to get the plug past the dry skin between my cheeks. Once the tip of the plug is poised at the anal opening the small drop of silicone-based lube serves to easily spread the sphincter as I slide that baby home. I know, the rectum doesn't produce any lube on its own. I know, something dry inside might do damage to the tissue. This is why I caution using glass or steel. On their own, they are very slick materials, and I can attest that when I pull the plug out, say to relieve gas or to see if I need to evacuate, my glass plug comes out easily and is usually coated with a cloudy sheen. I guess the rectum and the glass have worked together so long, now going on 10,000 hours being plugged that this sheen is all my rectum needs to stay healthy.

I can't believe how many times a day I say, "It feels soooo good!" I'm talking about how the plug feels keeping my sphincter open that one inch and never for a moment allowing me to forget I've got my plug inside.

Now I do exercise the plug in and out of my ass before I shower, and I use plenty of aloe vera gel to make the fucking action work easily. I give that baby a real workout. Then when I'm ready to shower, I take a wet cloth and clean out the anal opening of the excess aloe vera, and then with the plug still slightly moist from the remaining aloe, I slam my plug home, pull it into my ass with a good, hard clinch and step into the shower. You'd think that wearing a plug 24/7 for over a year I would grow tired of the maintenance and clean up and have times when wearing the plug was just too inconvenient. Well, yeah, on this inconvenient part, I've had a couple of events that caused a near crisis. But over all, as the weeks and months have passed, I find that I don't do nearly as much maintenance or even enemas as I did for the first six months or so. One secret is that I discovered the usefulness of Immodium tablets. I buy the WalMart equal brand. I studiously researched any long term effects of using this product daily and found the only proviso is that you can stay constipated too long. That's never a problem for me. I am regular...NOW...because of the Immodium and my diet. So there haven't been any crises wearing my plug out in public, and at home, well, I do "check" the status of my plug, but this is always a pleasure, kind of like feeling a cock slide out of my ass after being fucked. The only difference is the plug goes right back in and stays there doing its job.

Living plugged is probably not for everyone, nor even the kind of pleasure many men want. But living plugged for me is just a continually delicious feeling of comfort and satisfaction that I've come to be addicted to. It's like a baby's pacifier for my ass. There are other men who know just what I'm talking about. And as usual, just trying to express this is making me hard as I write. I just love having my glass plug in my ass.

Sometimes just watching a guy play gently with his ass is all we need…Nice closeup.

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