Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Butt Plug in Public, Reprise

Public Butt Plugging is the Most Popular Topic

After almost a half-million hits on this blog, it is evident that most of you are interested in and often like to wear a butt plug in public. Living plugged means that I do it in public every day when I'm out and about town. Sometimes I don't even think about what I'm doing. It just is, but I don't quite ever forget that I'm wearing a plug, and I like to look around at all the people, men and women, and wonder who else just might be wearing a plug. From what I gather from the porn sites I visit with the search tag butt plug, it seems that women, more than men wear butt plugs. And this is also born out in the fact that women use sex toys almost twice as much as men do.

But I've been vindicated time and again on this blog to meet men who love to plug, play with their asses, and quite a few straight men can freely enjoy anal stimulation, as much as gay men do. In fact, some of the wildest anal pluggers who get deeply involved in extreme plugging and anal play are straight men. Good for you!

But, back to public plugging. Most times, it's a little private secret that pluggers have about the fact that they're out and about with a plug firmly embedded in their butts. It's a secret thrill, and maybe that's part of the overall thrill of doing it. It is for me. I've been traveling frequently for the past year, and I can tell you when I stop for gas off the Interstate and go into a busy travel center, I'm super aware of my plug, and it gives me a thrill to feel the plug as I navigate through the men's restroom, stand at the urinal next to some guy and take a piss, as he is doing and toward the end, clinch my ass to feel the plug, or to be seated in a truck stop coffee shop, clinching my butt plug, deep, and watch the asses of the guys as they walk by...are they plugged? I like to think that some of them are.

What'cha think? Southern Good Ole Boy?
I've been traveling to the deep South in the last few months, and it's fun to see that even there they have roadside adult stores. In fact, I think I read that the South is one of the largest consumers of gay porn of all the states. So even in a state, where you might think that there's a great deal of religious suppression, it's not enough to deter many people from sex toys.

So yeah, even traveling long hours by car, I live plugged, and get a thrill each time I stop for gas and mingle among the travelers, sit in a restaurant and feel my lovely plug, tight in my ass, and even when I'm travel weary, I enjoy the interaction with the clerk at the motel I stop at for the night, bone weary though I may be, I enjoy feeling my plug, now hot from my body heat.

Traveling for hours, I can also tell you that the plug gets kind of road weary and grungy (though not with fecal matter), just being in my ass in the same position for so many miles. I enjoy pulling it out in the motel room and running my fingers around inside my ass, because it is so gaping and accessible. And I enjoy giving the glass plug a nice hot bath with soapy water, cleaning up my rectum with a good flush enema, then kissing the plug and putting it back in my ass where it belongs as I lie in the strange bed for that night and fall asleep.

Being plugged in public all the time has moments when I might be talking to someone and suddenly realize I'm plugged, grin inwardly, and keep on talking. I've been to the doctor plugged, hair salon, grocery store, the theater, restaurants, parties, barbecues. I sit on hard surfaces, soft surfaces, lean against the walls with my plug, and in each instance the sensations are different.