Sunday, March 23, 2014

Plugged Male Butt

Serious butt plugging men...

This is a fairly inarticulate post. Just wanted to get some of the seriously sexy plugged male butts out there for your viewing pleasure. As always, I take public domain pictures and repost them here. Just remember, any man, gay or straight, young or old could open up (pun intended) a whole new side of his sexuality by butt plugging.

My friend, my fellow plugger who really gets into staying
naked and plugged
What all these guys with plugs and the video tell me is that once they get into it, guys really enjoy plugging their asses. Which is also why I keep my ass plugged all the time, every day and night. I love waking up in the morning with a hardon from clinching my butt around the plug. I love my first bm of the day relieving the pressure that has built up, and replugging as soon as I'm clean. Anyone who has been keeping up with my blog knows I'm dedicated to living plugged. As a result of living plugged, I've learned some very good ways to solve many issues that include the plug that stays put, how to eat for minimum interruption during the digestive phase, what lubes work, what to listen for in my body to know when it is probably safe to go out into public plugged with a minimum of fear about having a crisis. But of course, there are hours or a day here and there that being plugged is just not possible. But 97% of the time in the past year, I've been happily plugged and feeling pleasure throughout my body, but especially my male sexuality.

Looks like he's up for a great time

Love this shot. This guy is into some serious plugging

Pleasure on both ends. Love the way he
sticks his ass out.

Visually very nice: