Saturday, May 25, 2013

A Milestone on My Journey of Living Plugged

Week One: Plugged 24/7

As I said, I am on a journey to stay plugged all the time, day and night, at home and in public, with as little time out as possible for cleaning my butt plug, taking bathroom breaks, and showering each day. And so it is fitting that I write about my first-week milestone of staying plugged virtually 100 percent of the time. That's a solid 168 hours, from last Saturday at 2 p.m until today, Saturday at 2 p.m. In fact I'm already into my second week by 1 hour...and counting down for week 2.

The plug I used to help me achieve this milestone was the Devi Glass Butt Plug. It's not meant to be an anal stretcher, but it sure is meant to be comfortable, and I can say that right now it's plugged in my ass and feels as comfortable as it did when I started this week-long journey. I'll talk more about the physical aspects of staying plugged in a moment. But here, I'd like to provide the overall description of the Devi plug. It's made entirely of borosilicate glass, non-porous and easily cleaned with soap and water. It can take either water-based or silicone-based lube. It measures 5.75 inches in length, 3.25 inches insertable length, and the bulb is 1.96 inches in diameter. It has a 2-inch diameter ringed handle, which fits like a coin in a slot between the butt cheeks, and so it NEVER irritates, as do the bases of plugs that sit perpendicular to the butt cheeks.

If you note how the head is angled, you can see that if it is inserted with the head toward the prostate, it would be used for a regular masturbation session, allowing men to achieve an intense orgasm. It could also be used wearing it the same direction for fucking a partner. But that position is not good for long-term wear, because a man could not stand post-ejaculation stimulation.

Here is an example of the kind of intensity you can get wearing a plug for a prostate massage:

I wear it with the angled head away from the prostate. To be sure there is still some prostate stimulation that causes me to have some precum in the morning when i wake up and when I'm allowing myself to grow hard by clinching my ass muscles for that delicious cascade of feelings. But during the week, I have to remove my focus on the sexual stimulation so that I can work, drive, and talk to people.  (Of course, sometimes during each of these activities, I can also get a thrill out of know the Devi is there.)

The physical aspects of staying plugged, as you might imagine are having to periodically remove the plug, have a bowel movement, and take a little more time for a quick rectal enema. During this time, when the plug is out and waiting to be cleaned, I will massage my anus with lubed fingers and feel how the plug has left my internal skin feeling so good, especially where the sphincter is located and which has to stretch open both when I gently push the plug in or when I remove it. That is the area, as well that causes intense feeling, almost to the point of pain. But I can say that the "pain barrier" is now the pleasure center, as well, as it attempts to close around the shaft of the plug. When I clinch my muscles, it is this area that is stimulated.

So, during this last week, starting last Saturday, I went to a party of over a hundred people, plugged and secretly enjoying the feeling of the plug as I talked to everyone; had guests over for dinner the following evening; and going out and running errands during the week. I also went to my doctor while plugged for a quick check up—which did not include a prostate exam. Otherwise I would have had to remove the plug, and I wasn't willing to do that. I also went to the grocery store and out to eat several meals. At home I worked in front of my computer, and of course I slept plugged every night. In fact sleeping plugged is now a constant with me, and I have been doing that now for about six months with virtually no night when I wasn't plugged.

There is a product called the MEO 24/7 anal stretcher, which some guys might be interested in. It is meant to be worn permanently as well and I understand that it is comfortable. However, it is also meant to permanently stretch the anus, and the guys who do this step up to larger and larger sizes over the course of time. I will leave you with what has to be a very sexy, graphic, and surprising video of what can be done with the MEO anal stretcher. It is hollow:

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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Day Four Plugged

Actually Plugged All the Time

So, in about six hours, I will have been plugged continuously for four days and counting...

I don't intend to do a daily update and only talk about reaching each goal. But staying continuously plugged, living plugged, is my goal, and so from time to time I will mention how many days, weeks, months I have been plugged without interruption.

To me staying plugged as a way of life can have some interesting and naughty fun aspects that being unplugged doesn't have. Last Saturday after I had plugged my butt (start of this four-day session), I took a real big chance and went to a outdoor barbecue. There were over a hundred people there and only one bathroom, which I was sure would be occupied most of the time, and if I had a problem, I would be hard put to rectify (no pun intended) the problem. So, I milled through the throng, fully aware most of the time that I was simultaneously talking with someone and feeling my plug. I hugged nieces and nephews, old lady inlaws, and sat on the hard benches and ate barbecue, careful to watch how much I ate, of course. Sometimes I forgot the plug was there, until I moved, and then I was washed over with a cascade of feelings: clinch sphincter, feel the plug being pulled hard against my anus, cock twitching, maybe a slight drip of precum, which in turn probably made my face go all gooney.

I did only stay for an hour, but when I got home, it was TV time with my partner, and then to bed (and slept through the night plugged). On Sunday morning, we had a few of the relatives over for breakfast before they got back on the road, and so I was in the kitchen helping set out food, making coffee, greeting our guests when they arrived, again, hugging someone who had no idea that I was plugged. "I'm wearing a buttplug. How are you today?" (Woops! Did I say that out loud?) I sat down on a rather hard patio chair with a thin cushion, carrying on a conversation, and trying to stay focused on speaking the words, rather than clinching my ass. I do have to say that a hard surface with minimal padding really sends a thrill through my ass, and while talking, I had to avoid setting up a self-fucking rocking motion it felt so good.

Anal buttplug brought to you by

The rest of Sunday was uneventful, other than working on a book that was due back at the publishers, following my editing. And Monday was the same. So I mainly sat in my padded chair at the computer. Here, I have to interrupt to say that I've had to work out a few details that comes with being a living being. I have to accommodate the waste cycle, which for me is not as regular as I would like. And staying plugged means that I also have to do a couple of cleanses during the day. I don't think excessive enemas are healthy on the digestive system, so I rarely do a deep enema that gets water up in the large intestine, and so I use a bulb with a five-inch finger on it to clean only the rectum. That's not where food is digested, and so I don't destroy the healthy, necessary biotic thingies (sorry, I'm too lazy to look it up.

Monday came and went and again, I was at my computer working. And then on Tuesday night, when I had reached 72 hours plugged, I went to a birthday dinner. I was in a real quandary about that, because we went to a seafood restaurant and I've sometimes experience IBS symptoms following a salad or too much cheese, so I ordered rice pilaf and clam chowder. The seats were wooden with no padding, and while I felt no discomfort from my glass plug, my little butt got numb on the bare wood, and so I had to get up quite often to walk around.

And so now it's Wednesday at 9 a.m., which means I have been plugged for...91 hours and counting until 2 p.m., which will complete four days.

Let's end this post with another vid for our straight boys out there who just might consider another benefit of anal play. Yes, honey, I had a tough workout at the gym!"

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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

A Good Start on Living Plugged

Six Months on the Road of Living Plugged

I don't know what drew me back to butt plugs after several years, but one day when I was at the local adult bookstore, shopping for lube, I wandered back to the wall of dildos and butt plugs and ended up buying my first plug in several years. During my absence, the quality and materials in butt plugs had increased tremendously.

I bought a ribbed silicone plug, cone shaped like the traditional plug, and after a few days and a few tries, I finally got it in and immediately ran some errands, kind of like working on a trapeze without a net, because I was out and about, in public and didn't know if I was going to start hurting or need to use the bathroom...and then what would I do? It was kind of foolish to do this my first time out. But I was also ecstatic about being plugged and enjoyed it for awhile.

Yep, I paid for it a little, because it wasn't long before I felt tremendous discomfort and was relieved to get back home and get the plug out. I hadn't been nice to my anus, my skin was too unused to being plugged and I had done it for almost two hours. I should have stayed around the house and used it for about 30 minutes that first time.

Then I got a stainless steel NJOY pure plug, medium, which meant that it was about 1.25 inches in diameter, and I went to town on that one. Except for the base oval flange bothering me after, say, all day, it was extremely comfortable.

Let's pause here for a little video of what some guys are up to:


Still, I wasn't quite "there" with my quest for a butt plug that I could wear every day and every night. I didn't know that I was going to be one of those guys or gals that was so in love with being plugged that I just didn't want to remove it for any length of time!

And so, dissatisfied with the irritation I got from the steel plug (although it was almoooost comfortable long term, I turned to glass plugs with rings instead of a base, and in the last few weeks (from the last of of April and now through most of May, I have been wearing the Devi Glass Plug. Up until three days ago, I had been plugged more often than not, but then on Saturday afternoon, I plugged in and have been continually plugged through writing this entry—three, 24-hour days, plus 10 hours, going for four days, going for a plugged. I've been on this road for six months, and the only thing that has changed is that I've come back to plugging.

Here's another review from our straight man who loves plugging:

Guys, taking the first step into plugging and exploring the other half of your sexuality (besides whacking your meat) will open up a whole new cascade of mind-blowing orgasms.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Evolving Toward a Plugged Lifestyle

From Farm Boy to Adulthood

By the time I left the farm for college, I was already into solo sex, although by then I was just beginning to explore the joy of anal play. On the farm there had been times that, while I was naked and running through the cotton with a nearly bursting cock, I would sit down on a cotton plant (for those who don't know, before the cotton plant produces the cotton bowl, the stalk is a kind of fleshy and stands up well), letting the bent stalk and a few of the leaves push part way into my anus while I masturbated. It would all be over quickly, but when I came, I could feel my sphincter contracting in time with my cum. Sometimes I would stick hairbrush handles up my ass, just a little way in, at night in my bed and when I came I would pull the handle out of my ass, and then clean up with a kleenex. It was neat, because in another bedroom were a couple of my sisters, and just down the hall were my parents—and knowing the close proximity I was to the rest of the family added to the excitement.

And then at college I knew I was gay and was thereafter on the hunt for other guys, because by then I wondered, really, what it felt like to suck a guy all the way to climax. Those few innocent times on the farm had only given me the idea of what it would feel like. I continued to masturbate on campus and was always looking for a public spot to do it without getting caught—part of the thrill. My roommate and suite mates were all whacking off in the shower. I knew this because they admitted it. But I wanted something different.

We guys sat around in the dorm and lied to each other about our sexual exploits with girls, but we didn't lie about jacking off and assuring one another that all guys did it. Those discussions turned me on, and I wondered early if any of my friends were gay. Years later I found at that, yes, they were...but that's another story.

Once I discovered a gay bar in a nearby town, it wasn't long before I was down there two or three nights a week and finally sucking cock and being sucked, and eventually getting into being fucked in the ass. And from that time on, it wasn't long before I discover the first classic butt plugs. One of the members of The Experience Project, user name Halomacca, has been kind enough to send me a couple of his pics to put up on this post, and they're beautiful. I've always liked the look of the butt plug going in and of course the look of the plug, once it's all the way in. This one is a Doc Johnson, medium red, with a 1.6 inch diameter and 4.7 inch insertable length. As you can see this one is about to pass the threshold and will soon pop in...or maybe it's on the say out. See how beautiful the male ass is, as it receives the plug?

And here is the same plug now that it is all the way inside the ass, except for the base. As I continue to talk about living plugged, a lifestyle choice, I hope that men who have only wondered about anal play will see from these photos and videos that butt plugging can provide hours of intense pleasure. Some men use butt plugs to get ready for their first cock or their gf's strapon. And this is a dimension of anal play. But butt plugging in and of itself is a sheer joy and can put men in touch with another whole universe of intense sexual pleasure, not just the few short minutes it takes to masturbate his cock and spurt cum. Butt plugging and anal play is longer lasting and can lead to a whole day of self pleasuring, which means that any isolated farm boys out there who now have access to the Internet can indulge in such solo sex play.

Now, guys, here's an ordinary guy anyone can identify with, and if he's a plugger, you can be too. Enjoy the video review by username "Research" from