Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Day Four Plugged

Actually Plugged All the Time

So, in about six hours, I will have been plugged continuously for four days and counting...

I don't intend to do a daily update and only talk about reaching each goal. But staying continuously plugged, living plugged, is my goal, and so from time to time I will mention how many days, weeks, months I have been plugged without interruption.

To me staying plugged as a way of life can have some interesting and naughty fun aspects that being unplugged doesn't have. Last Saturday after I had plugged my butt (start of this four-day session), I took a real big chance and went to a outdoor barbecue. There were over a hundred people there and only one bathroom, which I was sure would be occupied most of the time, and if I had a problem, I would be hard put to rectify (no pun intended) the problem. So, I milled through the throng, fully aware most of the time that I was simultaneously talking with someone and feeling my plug. I hugged nieces and nephews, old lady inlaws, and sat on the hard benches and ate barbecue, careful to watch how much I ate, of course. Sometimes I forgot the plug was there, until I moved, and then I was washed over with a cascade of feelings: clinch sphincter, feel the plug being pulled hard against my anus, cock twitching, maybe a slight drip of precum, which in turn probably made my face go all gooney.

I did only stay for an hour, but when I got home, it was TV time with my partner, and then to bed (and slept through the night plugged). On Sunday morning, we had a few of the relatives over for breakfast before they got back on the road, and so I was in the kitchen helping set out food, making coffee, greeting our guests when they arrived, again, hugging someone who had no idea that I was plugged. "I'm wearing a buttplug. How are you today?" (Woops! Did I say that out loud?) I sat down on a rather hard patio chair with a thin cushion, carrying on a conversation, and trying to stay focused on speaking the words, rather than clinching my ass. I do have to say that a hard surface with minimal padding really sends a thrill through my ass, and while talking, I had to avoid setting up a self-fucking rocking motion it felt so good.

Anal buttplug brought to you by

The rest of Sunday was uneventful, other than working on a book that was due back at the publishers, following my editing. And Monday was the same. So I mainly sat in my padded chair at the computer. Here, I have to interrupt to say that I've had to work out a few details that comes with being a living being. I have to accommodate the waste cycle, which for me is not as regular as I would like. And staying plugged means that I also have to do a couple of cleanses during the day. I don't think excessive enemas are healthy on the digestive system, so I rarely do a deep enema that gets water up in the large intestine, and so I use a bulb with a five-inch finger on it to clean only the rectum. That's not where food is digested, and so I don't destroy the healthy, necessary biotic thingies (sorry, I'm too lazy to look it up.

Monday came and went and again, I was at my computer working. And then on Tuesday night, when I had reached 72 hours plugged, I went to a birthday dinner. I was in a real quandary about that, because we went to a seafood restaurant and I've sometimes experience IBS symptoms following a salad or too much cheese, so I ordered rice pilaf and clam chowder. The seats were wooden with no padding, and while I felt no discomfort from my glass plug, my little butt got numb on the bare wood, and so I had to get up quite often to walk around.

And so now it's Wednesday at 9 a.m., which means I have been plugged for...91 hours and counting until 2 p.m., which will complete four days.

Let's end this post with another vid for our straight boys out there who just might consider another benefit of anal play. Yes, honey, I had a tough workout at the gym!"

JP Dubois playing with butt plug brought to you by PornHub

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