Monday, November 3, 2014

Plugged Solid

I can't stop talking about dry plugging!

As many of you know, I've been living plugged now for coming up on two whole years. I've related the feelings and techniques of staying plugged over the course of that time. This is of course only my experiences with plugging and what I have learned from other guys who have written to me.

In October, I took a ten-day road trip, covering three-thousand miles, and I elected NOT to be plugged during that time. In a way it was a good time to find out if I had done permanent stretching to my sphincter and anal opening. I was never worried, because even after all this time living plugged, I never had a problem retaining an enema during my clean out periods during the day. But I did find that even after ten days of being deliberately unplugged, the two-inch head of my Icicles #14 glass plug went in easily. It was certainly not like the first time I had tried a two-inch plug. Back then, I thought I was never going to get it in without a great deal of pain. I'm not into pain.

Nonetheless, the plug went back into my hungry hole, and the whole family of butt, cock, sphincter, and prostate, welcomed the plug back after that absence.

For most of the time that I have been living plugged, I was always careful to use lube, having read how the rectum is not self-lubricating. And during that time, I wrote about how intense was the feeling when I would stand up from a sitting position when the plug shaft moved slightly due to the lube, giving me a real intense thrill in my sphincter. There were other feelings that combined with the lube, the plug did to me that felt really good. They never got old hat, so to speak, and living plugged throughout the day and night came with a whole spectrum of hot zingers.

This pretty butt just make me want
to take a bite of it, plug and all!
And then, shortly before my trip, I decided to cut way down on the lube, which I did, finally graduating to spit as the only "lube" that I used, and that was mainly to get the glass plug back in after a BM or cleaning...whatever.

Now, during the rest of October (twenty-one days) that I have been plugged again 24/7, I have to report that I don't use lube at all, just a little spit on the plug to get it past the shaved skin at the anal opening. One reader told me that he'd never used lube for his NJOY pure plug either.

So now, after a BM and if necessary an enema, I attempt to dry the anal opening before inserting the plug. Nor do I lathe on the spit to the plug, either. I just lick it slightly, and with my cheeks spread I slip the plug into my rectum. As I said in a previous post, what I achieve with a dry plugging is that once the plug is in place, it is solidly in place. I get a faint reminder of the plug because my sphincter is spread to one inch (the diameter of the shaft). And this solidly plugged feeling is different from the lubed plug feeling. I like it. I especially like to finger my ass around the plug ring, which is the only part of the plug that stays outside the body, and really, with the ring base, even part of the base is enthusiastically intruding on the sphincter.

As usual, I am hard writing about this, and I divide my conscious awareness between my head and my butt/cock as I write.

Constant readers might be aware that I don't post nearly as much as I did during the first year of this blog. My main concern is that I just don't have that much to report that is too different from the other posts. Just remember, and try to imagine, what it must feel like to be constantly plugged, night and day, so that you do EVERYTHING wearing a plug. Next time I take such a long road trip, I will be plugged.

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