Monday, July 13, 2015

Keeping my Butt Hole Plugged

A New Dimension in Plugging

I'm not quite this ambitious, but it
obviously gives this guy great
pleasure, just as it does me to
see this.
Over the past two years and almost four months that I've been living plugged, I have gone through several phases in what pleases me most about keeping my butt hole plugged. At first, and for quite a long time, it was the cascade of sensations beginning with my sphincter, moving into the rectum, prostate stimulation, and just an overall feeling of being fucked all day. And for another while, when I kept my plug lubed (glass) it was the odd zing I got quite often each time I stood up or sat down, and the movement of the plug shaft in the opening of the sphincter was absolutely delicious. It was the kind of almost unbearable pleasure of feeling the shaft of the plug move, thus tickling the hell out of my sphincter, and of course feeling the bulb of the plug get pushed deeper inside.

And then, when I started dry plugging, I had to get used to (loved having to get used to) the feelings that came from having the plug inside real tight, pulling the ring base up to the opening of my sphincter and sometimes even causing butt weariness (this too a pleasure). But the latest phase I am going through, still dry plugging, is the absolute feeling that my butt hole is plugged solid.

Just a good prostate massage
Of course it's not quite like having no butt hole, because there is strong feeling associated with having the plug simply inside, and the sphincter so clamped down on the shaft of the plug (which keeps it open about an inch in diameter) that it's like a black hole, it's difficult to even let a fart escape my hole. And yet when I clinch my sphincter muscles, the hard, ungiving glass lets me know it's there doing its job.

Today, as I write this, I've been through about a week of really great plugging, where the plug is just sucked up hard against my anus, and is only prevented from slipping inside by the two-inch diameter ring, the upper arch of which strains my anal opening in a pleasurable way as I sit and write this.

And really, this guy's athleticism and getting into a nice spread legged position to really enjoy fucking himself with a dildo is enjoyable to watch:

One can only assume that when he's finished playing with his various plugs, he'll leave one in and go about his business. I know I would!