Thursday, January 29, 2015

Butt Plug 24/7/365

What happens when you wear a butt plug all the time, 24/7/365?

At the end of March 2015, I will have been wearing a butt plug for two years, 24/7. Of course this is only "technically" all day and all night, because I have to remove it for bowel movements. Others before me have established even longer records of living plugged. One grandfather wore his for 55 years, but we don't know how much of a plug it was, because 55 years ago was the dark ages, and only doctors would prescribe wearing a butt plug. It's a good research topic, however, and someone should look into this. Another man said in a recent forum that he's worn his plug practically 24/7 for over 30 years.

So...from my own experience, what actually happens if you have a plug in your ass all the time? Does it do permanent changes to your sphincter? Does it somehow change the prostate? Can the body actually EVER get used to having a plug in the butt?

My first answer is that it depends on the size, material, and shape of the plug. All plugs have three parts: the egg, the shaft, and the base. I call the top part (the part that goes into your ass) the "egg" only because mine is shaped exactly like an egg. Sometimes I wish it was the size of a goose egg though and not a chicken egg. But that's another story.

Now wouldn't these boys look even better with
butt plugs sticking out of their asses?
Basically, there are three materials from which plugs are made: metal, glass, and silicone. There are other materials, but these are the three dominant types.

The sizes go from ridiculously small to outrageously monstrous. Neither extreme is going to be good for have a plug in your ass 24/7/365. The small ones simply don't count. The large ones are impossible to wear for very long at all.

Mine has a two-inch diameter egg, a one-inch diameter shaft, and a ring base. This is not a round base that sits perpendicular to my butt cheeks. Instead the ring base is like a donut and fits between, not perpendicular to, the butt cheeks.

I would characterize my plug size as large, as opposed to anything smaller. I'd measure the length of my plug but it's in my ass and I don't want to take it out to see. Maybe 4 inches inside depth (including the shaft), and two inches of the ring between my butt cheeks, for a total of six inches.

The NJOY metal plugs have narrow shafts and over time will not substantially change the sphincter tension or shape. But my plug's shaft is one-inch in diameter. So to see if I had done any permanent changes to my butt, I went for a ten-day period without my plug, and when I replugged after that time, the two-inch egg went in easily. So I will have to conclude that after a year and a half, my ass had loosened a little. Now if I had gone say two months without it, would it have gone back to normal? I think it would have. So, what happens to the sphincter after living plugged for a year and a half is that it stays more or less a little loose. I can still hold an enema when I shave or brush my teeth, so I'm not worried that I've done any permanent changes to my sphincter. When I first remove my plug for a BM and I use aloe gel to get ready for the enema, I can easily get four fingers in my ass, and I suppose if I really tried (I don't want to) I might fairly easily get my fist up my butt. I'm not about to let anyone else stick his fist in my butt, however. Just saying...

This is just beautiful!
Now, what about the prostate? I haven't noticed any diminished capacity to get an erection. In fact, I can bring myself to full-on hard erection without touching my cock, just by squeezing my butt cheeks and feeling the twinge begin with my sphincter as it closes around the hard shaft of the plug, and then transfer to my cock. I can hold the clinch for easily a minute without even trying hard, and when I let go, I can feel things shift and relax. I still easily shoot cum about two feet onto my chest. So I don't feel that I have done any permanent changes to my prostate by having that hunk of glass in my ass 24/7/365.

But here is a funny thing. I do go throughout the day and sometimes couldn't tell you if I have a plug in my ass or not (without clinching), so I reach back and feel the arc of the ring base in my ass through my pants. One reader of my blog didn't like the idea that after wearing the plug he could not feel the horny sensations continually. On the other hand, I find it rather neat that I have a plug in my ass and sometimes I'm not aware of it per se. It just means to me that it has become a part of my body. I'm not aware of my ears all the time, either, but I know they're there, and I know they're working because I can hear all the time.

Just enjoy the sensation!
Living plugged is not meant to provide a fuck session without a break. Living plugged is meant to be...well...plugged.

So, what happens when you wear a plug 24/7/365? There are no permanent changes (as far as I can tell); there is no permanent "damage," either. However, a definite side benefit to being continually plugged (but I stress the material should either be glass or metal) is that I no longer have hemorrhoids, no hemorrhoidal flare-ups...nothing. They're gone and I live a sedentary lifestyle. That means that my ass is a pretty pink and healthy part of my body. It's clean enough to lick all the time.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Working While Wearing a Butt Plug

Playing While Wearing a Butt Plug

What can you do while wearing a butt plug? This is a question I see pop up on google searches all the time and questions posed on Fetlife and other kink sites that I read regularly. The answer is you can do almost anything while wearing a butt plug, and quite frankly it's nonsense or inexperience or lack of knowledge to think that butt plugs could fall out so easily doing almost any activity. The other worry, which might be a little more realistic, is that the butt plug will migrate inside the rectum and start its journey to the black hole of Calcutta.

This is one of the activities you an do with a good plug
inside your ass, and it won't fall out.
I don't doubt that some men have difficulty keeping a plug from falling out, but there are two things to consider here: 1. Make sure there is ample differential between the egg portion of the plug and the diameter of the shaft. A plug that isn't shaped more or less like the classic plug with a wide head and a narrow shaft are going to fall out, or blow out with a good sneeze or fart. 2. Just how loose is your sphincter if a properly shaped plug falls out so easily. I'm thinking guys who get fist-fucked often are going to have trouble holding in even a well-designed plug. And if they're used to having an arm all the way up to the elbow, then even a good-sized plug with a wide base is just going to be sucked into the rectum.

These are badly designed plugs because either there is no shaft or the shaft and the plug are too close in size:

If you want to engage in various activities while wearing a butt plug, go for something like this:
Your sphincter will slam shut
once the head of this baby
gets past it.

Other things you can do while plugged are just simply endless. I do everything I normally do while living plugged. I just love to walk around town wearing my plug, and put a little wiggle in my walk. I love to sit on a park bench and watch people walk past. I love driving while wearing a plug, going to the movies, bending over in the grocery aisles, sleeping with a plug. You can ride a bicycle, swim, run...anything. Just make sure the plug is designed well and that your ass is not stretched out from frequent fist-fuckings. Make sure the base is similarly as wide as the plug portion, so you won't lose it inside.

Keep watching...he gets into plugging in a minute. Nice hard cock, and the face ain't too bad, either.