Friday, November 22, 2013

The Long-Term Effects of Living Plugged

Seven Months with a Butt Plug in My Ass...

A Living Plugged Friend (hollow MEO 24/7 plug)
I don't wish to misrepresent the actual facts, but I can say that I have virtually had a plug in my ass for at least 200 days and nights, the only breaks were when I had the flu (8 days) and a few partial days here and there when my digestion was just too much to deal with. Unlike some other long-term pluggers, however, I have used the same plug (substituting it for another similar one during one two-week period). So, essentially, I have used the Devi glass plug, with a 2-inch diameter and a ring base, all this time. The long term effects and my perspective have been interesting.

A couple of months into this journey of living plugged, I felt that I was nicely stimulated (mainly the sphincters and the anal opening) every waking hour, which was a delight to feel intensify when I stood up, sat down, bent over, walked, danced, coughed, laughed, or otherwise moved.

After seven months (which is how long it's been now), I get the same feelings, but there's something new going on. The plug has truly become a part of my ass. I never feel any discomfort, but I sure continue to feel the stimulation. Inside, past the sphincter, I do have a slight feeling of fulness, which a lot of butt pluggers describe as one of the thrills. And doesn't feel like I have to shit. I recognize this call of nature when I feel a slight ache in my belly, which I suppose is the large intestine telling me it's time to evacuate. But I go most of the time without any particular feelings beyond my back door.

My routine for staying plugged is very simple. I usually try to have a regular bowel movement shortly after I get up in the morning; and if I'm a little constipated, I just give myself a shallow enema, sit down on the toilet and flush the rectum out. Sometimes, I fill my rectum with plain water and go about the other routines in the bath, including brushing my teeth, shaving, etc., holding the enema inside. I've found that hot water forces me to evacuate very quickly, so I use tepid to cold water. I also read about a guy who plugs while he's holding the water in his rectum. I've tried that once or twice, and it works fine, as well, to clean out the rectum. But you should be aware that deep enemas, which go past the sigmoid colon are mainly used by porn stars to get a very deep, squeaky clean anal channel. Doing this at home on a regular basis would have at least one deleterious effect: flushing the good probiotics in the intestine out and interfering with digestion. That's why I always only talk about the rectum (that first seven inches from the anal opening to the sigmoid colon). And since I know that digestion is taking place in the large intestine throughout the day and night, I've found that I need to slow down the digestion process enough that it doesn't interfere too often with keeping my plug in my ass.

This is only temporary gaping. The anus is quite healthy
Some men have asked about the long-term potential damage to the sphincter and if they will eventually become too lose, causing one to lose bowel control. I've chosen the Devi plug, because the shaft is a little less than 3/4 inches in diameter and while it keeps the sphincters open, it is not too much and only serves to exercise the sphincters. I've claimed that staying plugged actually helps improve the anus in several ways, and one of them has been the complete cure of hemorrhoids—at least in my case. After my bout with the flu, I did have some recurrence of a hemorrhoid, which left a spot of blood on the toilet paper. But when I could I plugged again, and that problem cleared up almost overnight. I used to be a poster boy for the burning, itching, twitching of the Preparation-H commercials, but no longer!

So, the true long-term effects in my case have been nothing short of complete anal health and of course a minute-by-minute thrill of living plugged.

Good plugging!