Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Living [Butt] Plugged for Two Years

Despite that it's April Fool's Day...

I claim to have been living with a butt plug in my ass 24/7/365 x 2. That's 730 days. Now, it is not true that I have successfully been plugged 24/7 for two solid years. I took off a ten-day period in 2014 to make a 3,000 mile trip by car, and I thought it would be a good time to go un-plugged for two reasons: 1. I wanted to see if my sphincter and anus had had any permanent changes as a result of living plugged, 2. I wanted to see if the slight looseness I had achieved would return to a rather tight ass. It was a good experiment. I discovered that ten days was not enough time for everything to return to pre-plugging normalcy. It was easy when I got home from the trip and as soon as I could plug my butt after the ten-day trip.

I like his erection in the fold
of his leg.
It is also true that during these past two years, there have been times that it was either not a good idea to be plugged, either because of the runs or because of other digestive issues or not possible. You really can't stop the body from cleansing itself forcefully when it appears it absolutely must evacuate. But these are the only conditions under which I have been unable to stay plugged. So for the trip and these other days, I would relent to my claim and say that I might have gone a grand total of 30 days cumulative without a plug. That still says that I've been plugged 96 percent of the time for two years.

And I'm celebrating this second year milestone by...having a plug in my butt. After two years it still feels wonderful. Last night I kept waking up with a raging hard-on, and during such times, I like to trace the shafted below my balls and see just how much cock there is in my body. The part that shows and the part the people measure is probably only a third of what's really a much longer cock. But that's another discussion. Skinny men for sure probably have a lot more cock that lays outside the body. It doesn't mean that fat men don't also have quite a length of cock inside their bodies.

Always a good use for a door frame!
Anyway, I don't plan to give up living plugged. For one thing, I really think the glass (could be metal, too) plug has cured my 'roids. I haven't had an issue for two years. For another thing, my anal muscles and my anus has become a lot healthier, stronger, and better living plugged. I still don't know if silicon plugs would have the same health-giving effects as a metal or glass plug. I will continue to avoid going bigger and deeper. The Icicles #14 glass plug is about five inches in total length, including the ring base. The business end of the plug is shaped like an egg and is two inches in diameter at the widest point. The shaft is about an inch and a half long with a one-inch diameter, which means it keeps my sphincter open about an inch. And for all intents, it is really the shaft I believe that is physically the most stimulating to my anus. I wear the angled head away from my prostate to avoid over stimulating that. But if you like to drip precum and get your shorts sticky, by all means angle the head toward the sphincter. The ring base on the Icicles also plays a role in the stimulation of the anal opening, because it fits between my butt cheeks like a coin in a slot, and the action of the muscles is to pull the plug inward, which means that the upper arc of the ring base is constantly pushing against my sphincter, causing additional stimulation. In all about four inches of the plug is inside my body.

Ummm...nice viewing angle.
I do plan to buy additional plugs for solo play this coming year. I would like to get the NJOY 2.0 for the sheer weight of the plug, which I understand is at least a pound in weight. I would also like to get the combination cock ring and plug (made of metal, not silicon) to sleep with it in. I have a feeling that it would cause me to get a swollen erection during the night, because the action of the plug on the cock ring would pull the cock ring hard against my body. I would hope almost unforgivingly hard. Because I have a foreskin, one of the effects of swelling is to puff up the foreskin. I don't particularly like the look of that, but I do like the extreme feeling that swelling causes. I had a combo ring and plug before but I got rid of it, because at that time I could not get the steel ball past the sphincter. I settled for a very small ball and it wasn't very comfortable. But now having worn the two-inch wide plug for two years, I feel I could get a large stainless steel ball past my sphincter.

Anyway, I'm celebrating my two year milestone. I am also celebrating all you guys who have written to me about your own attempts to live plugged. Just remember that even if you fail to achieve true permanent plugging, you have not failed. Listen to your body and don't abuse it, and the rewards of living plugged (whether it's half the time or more) are yours. I still don't know why I like to be plugged all the time, other than the obvious sexual haze and fulfillment that it gives me. I'm just a squeeze away from an erection. You are too.