Monday, December 9, 2013

The Study of Butt Plugging for the Long Term


No, I'm quite serious. Let's take a look at this nifty graphic of the male genital and sexual equipment, along with the all important rectum, where the butt plug will be installed:

The Male Genitalia and Sexual Equipment

For the purpose of installing a butt plug for long-term wear, what I like to call "living plugged," let's take a look at two points on this diagram. First, find the prostate gland. Note that it is just inside the rectum and sits above the penis complex. We know that the prostate can be accessed by a doctor's finger or a lover's finger and/or a device made for massaging it. Second, find the rectum. Shown here it is a "hollow" opening that runs all the way from the anus to the sigmoid colon. It's not really hollow of course, if you have ever pushed your fingers in there. You're met with a lot of warm flesh, but for our purposes, here, not that the rectum turns away (curves) along the back and up.

Now imagine a regular conical-shaped butt plug. If it is about four inches long, it will push its way into the rectum so that the rounded bottom of the cone will push against the prostate, but it will also push against the front wall of the rectum. Now consider the uniquely angled head of the NJOY and Devi Glass plug, or similar Icicles products.

First, imagine inserting the NJOY in with the angled head away from the prostate. Note that it will lie in the natural curvature of the rectum in a natural position. The oval base of the NJOY will be just outside the anus.

The same goes for the Devi Glass plug (or similar Icicles product). As is readily apparent the Devi plug can ben turned forward in the rectum so that the angled head directly massages the prostate or away from the prostate, so that it too fits into the natural curvature of the rectum. This latter positioning is what allows for living plugged. The Devi (in my opinion) is better for two reasons than the NJOY: the shaft and the ring base. The shaft of the Devi is about 3/4 inches wide and will give constant  sensations to the sphincter, exercising in gently in all positions, lying, sitting, standing, walking, etc. But at the same time 3/4 inches is not enough to over-stretch the anus. The second advantage, as I have said numerous times is the ring base. It has no sharp edges and slots between the butt cheeks to keep it nice and comfortable.

Of course, I am wearing my Devi as I sit here writing this blog entry. I feel just a gentle pressure on my anal opening where the top of the ring is pushing against it. The shaft is gently parting my sphincter, and I can feel it. If I clinch or twist on my chair...ahhhh. I get a twinge of delight. The head of the Devi is sitting away from my prostate and in the natural curve of the rectum, so it is all very comfortable, and at the same time, stimulating.

And that's it. Butt plugging for the long term. Now take a look at the diagram, again, and visualize the Devi installed in the rectum, away from the prostate. This is the long-term wear position.

About midway through this vid, the man uses a conical-shaped butt plug. Refer to the diagram to visualize how it will be massaging the prostate and well as stimulating the anus.