Tuesday, May 21, 2013

A Good Start on Living Plugged

Six Months on the Road of Living Plugged

I don't know what drew me back to butt plugs after several years, but one day when I was at the local adult bookstore, shopping for lube, I wandered back to the wall of dildos and butt plugs and ended up buying my first plug in several years. During my absence, the quality and materials in butt plugs had increased tremendously.

I bought a ribbed silicone plug, cone shaped like the traditional plug, and after a few days and a few tries, I finally got it in and immediately ran some errands, kind of like working on a trapeze without a net, because I was out and about, in public and didn't know if I was going to start hurting or need to use the bathroom...and then what would I do? It was kind of foolish to do this my first time out. But I was also ecstatic about being plugged and enjoyed it for awhile.

Yep, I paid for it a little, because it wasn't long before I felt tremendous discomfort and was relieved to get back home and get the plug out. I hadn't been nice to my anus, my skin was too unused to being plugged and I had done it for almost two hours. I should have stayed around the house and used it for about 30 minutes that first time.

Then I got a stainless steel NJOY pure plug, medium, which meant that it was about 1.25 inches in diameter, and I went to town on that one. Except for the base oval flange bothering me after, say, all day, it was extremely comfortable.

Let's pause here for a little video of what some guys are up to:


Still, I wasn't quite "there" with my quest for a butt plug that I could wear every day and every night. I didn't know that I was going to be one of those guys or gals that was so in love with being plugged that I just didn't want to remove it for any length of time!

And so, dissatisfied with the irritation I got from the steel plug (although it was almoooost comfortable long term, I turned to glass plugs with rings instead of a base, and in the last few weeks (from the last of of April and now through most of May, I have been wearing the Devi Glass Plug. Up until three days ago, I had been plugged more often than not, but then on Saturday afternoon, I plugged in and have been continually plugged through writing this entry—three, 24-hour days, plus 10 hours, going for four days, going for a week...living plugged. I've been on this road for six months, and the only thing that has changed is that I've come back to plugging.

Here's another review from our straight man who loves plugging:

Guys, taking the first step into plugging and exploring the other half of your sexuality (besides whacking your meat) will open up a whole new cascade of mind-blowing orgasms.

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