Wednesday, August 20, 2014

How to Sit on a Butt Plug

How to sit on a butt plug with a ring base...

The Icicles #14 glass butt plug that I use (and keep in my ass 24/7) has a ring base. Below I've shown an image of one like it so you can follow what I'm about to describe.

No...there's no secret on how to sit on a butt plug. You just do, and the typical plug has a base that sits perpendicular to the shaft, and so when you sit down the base is flat to the surface. There will eventually be discomfort because of the way in which the base begins to dig into your ass. The NJOY pure plug design uses an oval base, and when you sit, it snuggles between the butt cheeks, and for most people it does not cause irritation.

This is actually
the Devi Prisms
Glass Plug
Note the design of the Icicles #14 (similar to the Devi plug shown here), and you will see that the ring base sits between the butt cheeks like a coin in a slot. Normally, when I'm wearing clothes everything just settles into place when I sit, and I can hardly feel the ring, the upper arc of which is slightly forced into my anal opening and provides a slight stretching motion on the lower part of the sphincter. After awhile, the sensation completely disappears, and I can sit for long periods without appreciable stimulation. But...Mama! When I stand up, the upper arc of the rings backs off my sphincter and I get this intense thrill as the sphincter closes around the shaft a little bit.

What I really want to get to is how to sit on the Icicles glass plug when I'm naked. This makes a huge difference, because as I sit, I like to pull my butt cheeks apart, and as I lower my ass to the chair, the bottom of the ring base comes in contact with the chair and as I lower my weight onto the chair, the upper part of the ring base is forced a little further into my anal opening than it does when I'm clothed. This causes...try to imagine this by moving your consciousness to your anal opening as I describe it...this causes the spinster to be opened wider and the whole plug to be forced a little higher into my rectum.

Feel it? That glass is hard and slick and pushes the sphincter open, and you can feel it stay that way. I'm naked as I write this and I am sitting down, rocking forward and back, hard, on my leather-padded chair. There's a kind of a being-fucked ache that does not diminish. And of course this causes my cock to grow hard. In fact, I've written this entire post this evening naked, rocking forward and back, and forcing the ring base to spread and tease my sphincter.

Here are a couple of pictures that a friend sent. He knows I'm always looking for good butt plugged male pictures.

Gives Pretty in Pink a whole new meaning.

And here's a good plugging vid to keep that fucked feeling going for you...

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