Thursday, August 13, 2015

Still Plugged

Nothing New to Share

To those who access this blog frequently, I haven't posted a blog entry in awhile. The truth is I don't have much new to add about my experiences. But I am still plugged and I'm counting down the months as I approach three years plugged, still seven months away.

Unfortunately, this isn't me. I don't have nearly that
many plugs!
I haven't changed plugs for a long while, since I still love my glass plug. I did plug myself with an NJOY medium one afternoon and found that it was too small, now.

I haven't felt like buying the NJOY 2.0, which is supposed to weigh at least a pound. I'm still doubtful that the oval shaped (and rather sharp edged) base will be as comfortable as my glass plug.

For two nights in a row I brought myself to rock hardness just by clinching my ass muscles, and once the twinge starts to transfer from the ass to the cock, it's only a matter of continuing the clinches to bring my uncut penis to full hardness. And then I stretch back the foreskin, turn over onto my stomach and keep the stretch going. I don't even have to pump my cock to finally cum. Just the intense feeling of my foreskin stretched to excess is enough to let the cum flow.

I wish this were a vid!
The other day I accidentally inserted the plug with the angled head toward the prostate. I usually wear it backwards for the long-term comfort with the head away from the prostate. And so for several hours, I couldn't get over the feeling that my anus was somehow swollen and I wondered at the slight discomfort. When, after a few hours, I finally pulled the plug out, I realized it was in wrong for me. Constant prostate massage soon becomes uncomfortable, for those of you who might be trying to stay plugged all day and all night, as I do.

There's still nothing better to me that living plugged. Of course some days are extremely good and I'm tingled all over the nether regions and getting frequent erections, and sleeping at night is wonderful. I have long since been able to fall asleep easily, even though I'm stimulated.

Hands-free cum while riding a bicycle…

cum riding a bicycle powered by XTube

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  1. You really ought to try the NJoy 2.0. I love mine! The handle was a little uncomfortable to sit on for hours at first, but after about a month in my butt it felt fine. The greatest thing about it is the special shape and the WEIGHT - 21.4 oz = 1.34 lbs! When you're on the move it is always shifting around in your butt due to the weight. I like to put on gym clothes and go jogging in public. The NJoy charges up and down with every step and you'll be on the edge in no time. That's when I slow to a walk to calm down and then resume jogging to do it all again. Great for active outdoor - hiking, swimming, walking, and especially jogging. It moves up and down a lot when you're jogging but that 2 inch steel ball in your butt means there's no danger of it coming out accidentally. I'm wearing mine now and it feels soooo good. Hope you can give it a try sometime.
    --- Steve