Sunday, August 30, 2015

Why I Live Plugged

Is it a thrill, a fetish, or something else?

Quite obviously I haven't always lived with a plug in my ass. First there came a day when I was in a sex shop and wondered about them (about eighteen years ago). Prior to that, I had been playing with my ass using dildos and the closest thing I could get that looked like a real cock. I had been fucked for many years by my male partner and enjoyed the feeling, so it was not a big step to get a dildo. True confessions will reveal that I was no longer with my partner, and my new partner was not into anal, so I was looking for a substitute for the anal fun.

He probably doesn't have a problem
keeping his butt plug in!
The trouble with a dildo was it wouldn't stay in, unless I went to all sorts of lengths to keep it in. So, in a way, that long ago, I had a desire to keep a cock in my ass, but it wasn't quite to the level of a fetish. Nor was I displeased with just sucking my partner's nice cock, and he mine. We enjoyed 69 sex and it was a point. Which is why, when I bought my first butt plug I wanted that anal thrill.

I bought the classic, which back then was really about all there was. I guess that's why they call it a classic. It was made of rubber, was about 1.5 inches in diameter at the widest point, and it stayed in very well. The humorous suggestion on the box it came in was "go play tennis." It really was that good for staying put. The problem was the base. After a few hours it dug into the skin around my anus and became irritating. I did drive about 800 miles with it in, and that night when I got to my hotel, I slept with it in, and that was the beginning of a desire to go all day and all night with a plug in my ass. If it just weren't for the base.

I know a man who can wear a tunnel plug
without worrying know...
anything escaping while out in public.
After I wore that first plug out, I just never replaced it and went several years without anal play. I got older, my nice hole got hemorrhoids because of my sedentary lifestyle. And then in December 2012, I returned to that same sex shop and bought a new butt plug. The material was greatly advanced from my first plug, and despite my 'roids I enjoyed the feeling of being plugged again. But I experimented with different plugs, eventually finding the NJOY metal plug, laughably small (I think it was the medium) and yet, the base irritated my anal opening skin. Going 24 hours became agony. So for the next several months, all the way through March 2013, I wore a plug as much as I could, but I went hours without, days without, nights without, so I wasn't really "living plugged"—not until I got my first glass plug with the circular (donut-shape) base that fit between my butt cheeks like a coin in a slot. FINALLY I had found a totally 100 percent comfortable plug, and by April 2013 I was finally living with a plug in my ass 24/7 and have been doing so ever since.

Impossibly big gape!
In a way, it's for the thrill, the feeling, the secret pleasure out in public, the feel of being fucked all day and all night, but now two years and  five months in, while the feelings are still there, I can go hours without even thinking about the plug. So more than just the thrill, the feel, the secret pleasure, it's become a fetish...something I don't want to stop doing, something that maybe I NEED to do. Is that what a fetish is? Something that keeps one enthrall? And, I don't think a fetish is harmful, physically or mentally if it doesn't rule my life. I continue to do all things I have always done, including work and socializing. So even if this is a fetish it is not crippling my life.  I truly love my butt plug. I mourn when I have to remove it even for two minutes while I evacuate, clean up and reinsert it. Some mornings when I get up I go as long as I can without answering the call of nature, so to speak. Even writing about this, right now, I'm hard and thrilled and happy to be sitting on my plug. I can feel it stretching my sphincter open, feel my dick half hard, feel the gentle buildup of precum leaking into my shorts. And as I have said in past posts, I don't know how many years I will be living plugged. There will be considerations down the road that might prevent me from doing so. One that seems far off, but inevitable is living in a nursing home, where others will have more access to my body than anyone does at the moment. I might be hospitalized and have to go under anesthesia. I don't think I would want anyone discovering my plug at that point. But for the present, I live plugged because I enjoy it. It is a fetish for which I don't apologize and find nothing wrong with it.

If you're reading this and sometimes think that using sex toys is "wrong" I urge you to give up that idea—as long as you're not inflicting danger on your health, as long as you're doing it because you have control over it.

This guy’s mancunt is really bizarre and for some of you really cool! I'd say this qualifies as a fetish.

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  1. I read thoroughly and carefully your blog because I wanted to wear a Butt Plug permanently.

    After reading, I bought the Prisms Devi Glass Anal Plug and the Icicles #14 Glass Butt Plug.

    Since today (8/31/2015), I am wearing permanently the Prisms Devi Glass. I inserted it flipped away from my prostate as you said. I inserted it also Dry (with my spit or very little silicone lube on it and on my ass).

    As I am going commando with this Butt Plug, I (will) wear (mostly) dark pants because I keep leaking pre-cum : in fact, pre-cum buildup are very visible on light pants.

    I must admit for my first day of wearing a Butt Plug permanently that I am eroticized in my body and I have also a lot of involuntary pleasurable contractions in my anus.


    1. Nice to hear from you Sergio. I think you will find that you will be eroticized for a long time to come, wearing the plug every day. I just contracted my anus as I wrote this and got instantly hard. The thing you need to be aware of is getting regular (if you're not) and trying to clean out with a shallow enema. Listen to your body, and if you feel uncomfortable from a buildup of gas or bloating or the need to evacuate your bowels, unplug, do your "business" and replug. Good to hear you're trying to go dry, as well. It just feels more plugged to me than using too much lube.

      Good luck and stay in touch!


    2. Using the Aneros (Helix Classic & Progasm - Ice), I became a multi-orgasmic male on the last 4th of June : now I need no more the Aneros to have a multi-orgasmic experience, I just initiate it with Kegel Exercises.

      Last night, it was my first night with my Butt Plug, I couldn't hardly sleep : there were quiet moments and also moments of sort of multi-orgasmic edging.

      Today, I enjoy a lot the involuntary contractions of my sphincter, of my rectum (peristalsis or peristaltic pleasure waves) and of my prostate... in fact of my whole buttplugged sexual anal Apparatus.

      Something huge happened three hours ago, I am now experiencing indescribable Fullness in my rectum : from now on, I know I am / will be fucked 24/7 !!!

      I contract also my sphincter sometimes to get pleasurable sensations related to the shaft of the Butt Plug... I 'Kegel' also sometimes leading to an enhancement of the sensations of my buttplugged sexual anal Apparatus

      Your blog for me is really a Gold Mine !!!


    3. thanks, Sergio. I have the same experiences at night while in bed wearing my plug. Love it, even after more than two years of living plugged.

    4. Yesterday, I experienced Fullness in my rectum : I thought it was The Peak Experience of Butt Plugging.

      But today, my butt (anal opening, sphincters, rectum, ...) sucks on my plug drawing The Devi Base Ring towards my anal opening : it is A Great Sensation.

      More, I experience subtle, sort of transcendent consciousness shifts / sensations... and also raw, animalistic sensations in my body / butt.

      Now, I know I can't escape the ever ongoing eroticization of my body through Butt Plugging : I love it, but sometimes it is so strong / intense !!! [then I accept it... without willing to give me any relief through cumming].

    5. As a [mostly] gay bottom, I notice when I am aroused that I produce anal secretions in my rectum.

      So I begun to Dry Plug quickly [after 2 days of Butt Plug use] : here, i just moisten my anal opening with my spit.

      Only in the morning, for the very first replug, I still put a very little amount of silicone lube on my Butt Plug - but I will quit that also very soon.


    6. Yes, the rectum tries to suck the plug in, and causing the ring base to fit real tight. Like you it feels wonderful on many levels.

  2. Thank you for the very informative article

  3. To Inaugurate my New Life [1] (thanks to this blog and its creator), I created a Blogger Profile.

    'mâle.pluggé', in french : 'plugged.male', in english.

    Already two days I am Permanently Plugged and I am Very Comfortable (thanks to the good advices of this blog).


    [1] Living Permanently Butt Plugged.

  4. Need some advice. I have an nJoy 2.0 which I sleep in, but is too heavy for daily wear - it drops out! I would like something about that size that is much lighter and has a thicker stem, probably about 1.5 inches. I have a glass toy that has a good weight, but the stem is too thin. Any advice?

  5. The Icicles #14 has a one-inch shaft, a two-inch bulb, and a two-inch ring base (much like the NJOY). It weighs less than half a pound and I never have any trouble keeping it in.