Thursday, November 14, 2013

Butt Plugged All the Time....and Still Able to Live Normally

I'm able to stay plugged and still focus on everyday life...

If you're the kind of man, like me, who really wants to live plugged 24/7, you might doubt that you'd be able to concentrate on everyday life, still being able to live "normally" going to work, getting a good night's sleep, doing all the things you normally would do without a butt plug in your ass. I've read that some guys are afraid they won't be able to sleep if they have a butt plug in their ass, or wouldn't be able to concentrate at work, or maybe get caught in a situation where they're unable to take care of the plug for BMs and such while at work.

Some of these are legitimate concerns, but after having been plugged now for at least seven months, I can tell you that you can live normally, concentrate on your work, carry on conversations, and do all the activities you do without being plugged. Of course there are exceptions and there are times when I have to remove my plug. I've covered the more obvious reasons in other posts. But I can assure you that while you never get used to being plugged (there's always that sexual haze of pleasure at every moment in a plugged life), it becomes so routine to feel the plug in my ass, feel the sphincter loosen and tighten as I move that it becomes a chronic awareness and something that you can easily ignore when necessary.

For example, I like to hang out at a local coffee shop and visit with the locals in the small tourist town where I live. People come and go in the coffee shop. I get introduced or greet people I know, have discussions on everything from the weather to literature and art, carry on conversations, drink coffee, and no one is the wiser; but at certain moments while visiting, I just clinch my ass for a moment and enjoy the secret pleasure of being plugged.

When I'm working I can put in several hours without once being distracted by the plug; and yet I know it's there. And when I stand up to take a break, it just lovely. Now, I do work at home, so I'm not faced with the same difficulty of taking care of butt business should it arise, as those of you might, who work in an office or facility where bathroom time is not quite so convenient or private.

Some guys say they carry small zip-lock baggies with lube, just in case their plug dries out. But I would like to suggest that you choose your permanent-wear plug with great care, for material, size, and above all comfort. Glass or steel certainly negates the need for frequent lubing. In fact, I'm almost to the point where I use just a drop or two of lube and can go twelve or more hours without the least bit irritation. I use a plug that is also not overly large in my rectum, leaving room for gas and other buildup. The shape as well is important. No need to repeat the kind of plug I have found that never irritates, and over time, I no longer have the initial kinds of issues with "weary butt" that I used to have when beginning this living plugged journey several months ago.

Living a normal life, while staying plugged is possible and preferable to living a normal life without being plugged—that is, if have a plug in your ass as much as possible is something that interests you. One last detail before I end this post. Yesterday, I overdid the butt plugging porn (see the last video in this post) and got so horny, I just had to masturbate, so I combined that with my shower. I kept the plug in place at shot my load, but I did not remove the plug afterward. A lot of guys want to immediately take the plug out after ejaculating, and thus end their plugging/jackoff session. Keep that plug in, and you will be rewarded with afterglow for several hours, before your prostate, ass, and cock settle back down.

All pics and vids come from the Internet from sites that make it possible to use them elsewhere; or more often, now, fellow pluggers send me pics to use.

Talk about an eager bottom and delicious anal play...sent me to the bathroom to beat my meat!

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