Saturday, November 9, 2013

Warning: I am Wearing a Butt Plug Under My Clothes

The Secret Sexual Pleasure of Living Plugged...

In some ways, it's no easy feat to live plugged, almost continuously 24/7/365, but I am well on my way to completing my first year plugged virtually all the time. As I've stated before, I began using a butt plug after several years of doing without, and this time, it has turned into both a challenge and a dream to stay plugged day and night, no matter what is going on in my life. I think most of us masturbate in private and have our own little kinks and private pleasures. Discounting those of us who also like to masturbate in public places or engage in exhibitionist activities, I think the majority of men and women do things under their clothing that they like to keep secret, as an added thrill in their day. I'm thinking about men who like to wear panties and frilly underthings, for example, which you'd never expect of, say, a beefy construction worker. And of course, this really has nothing to do with gender identity.

So my secret sexual pleasure is to wear a butt plug all the time, including under my clothing as I go through my day. I'm such an ordinary looking man of middle age that living plugged is really easy to get away with. Just today, I had a nice lunch with my long term partner at a patio restaurant, and we chatted and laughed in the sunlight, visited with the waitress, and otherwise had a very normal time. But there I was enjoying the feel of my Devi Glass Plug firmly planted in my ass. We live in a small village that makes the bulk of its revenue from a world-wide tourist trade, and our house sits right on a very public street in the village, and when I am out on the sidewalk in front of the house, I've got my plug in place, and I greet the visitors as they pass by. Of course, I'm also enjoying the good looking men of every age and watching everyone and wondering what their secret pleasure might also be, including the chance that I strike up a conversation with a fellow butt plugger.

Beyond the village is a moderate sized city, where there is an adult toy and video store, where I get my lube. I order my butt plugs from the Internet. But from going in there and seeing the array of sex toys, including a wide variety of dildos and plugs, I figure that many people in the city and maybe even more like me in the village are secretly plugged under their clothes. In fact, as I have mentioned before, the staff in the adult store seem to be butt plug and dildo enthusiasts, and one male clerk said, "I guess we all wear butt plugs, now." He was surely helpful and focused on showing me exactly what kind of lube worked best in his opinion.

After almost a year, now, the plug has become part of my body. I had earlier said that I'm reminded I'm wearing it whenever I move, whether it is lying down, standing up, sitting, walking. And while this still occurs, my kegels have gotten much stronger and I hold them for longer duration, now, realizing that I'm not doing any damage to my rectum or my sphincter. And when I clinch hard and long, I can feel a kind of two-step surge, from my sphincter tightening around the shaft of the plug then surging into my cock. I could hardly fall asleep last night and brought myself to the precum stage before I finally relaxed and drifted off.

hands-free cum with dildo-1

Enjoy your day!


  1. I've always been tempted to do this but never worked up the courage. Cockrings though? That's a different story.. :)

  2. Try just doing a couple hours at a time. but make sure you've got the right kind of plug that won't work it's way out (should be a plug with a difference in size between the plug and the shaft and the shaft is long enough to allow the bulb well past the sphincter. But try it for a short term foray out in public. It's a wild ass feeling you won't believe!


  3. I live with my helmet head xxxl glass plug in all the time. My fiancé got me hooked

  4. I like the helmet head, the way it looks. I bet it feels great.