Saturday, December 7, 2013

Butt Plugged—the First Year

A Year in the Life of a Dedicated Butt Plugger

NJOY 2.0
When I bought my first butt plug at the local adult toy store after having quit using them almost fifteen years earlier, I wasn't thinking of wearing a butt plug 365 days a year. And if I had given up on plugging after the purchase of the first butt plug, which was silicone and classically shaped because it irritate the anal opening to my ass, I wouldn't have made a lifestyle choice of living plugged.

I bought the first butt plug in December 2012. It took me a few tries to get it in. After some research, I discovered the NJOY stainless steel pure plug, and I chose the benign 1.5 inch diameter. This plug was a vast and thrilling change from the silicone plug, and I was amazed that I could go about twelve hours before the base began to irritate my anal opening (some men have no trouble with this at all). I once went twenty-four hours straight with the NJOY, but at the end of that time, I was in agony because of the base.

Devi Glass Plug
And so December became January and then February of 2013. I tried the Neptune blue glass plug, with approximately the same shape as the NJOY, except that the base was a circle and slots between the butt cheeks, rather than perpendicular to the shaft. Again, it was 1.5 inches in diameter, and sure enough, it was a beautiful experience. I was getting where I would go 12 hours plugged and 12 hours unplugged. Even though this was just about plugging nirvana, I wanted to try something just a little bigger, and so in April of 2013, I bought the Prisms Devi Glass Plug. It is two inches in diameter, has the same shape as the Neptune, including the ring base, but the shaft is bigger, and this was where I discovered the secret to living plugged. 

We all know that any feeling past the sphincter is blunted, because we don't have a lot of nerve endings in the rectum. About all we know is that something is in there when we're plugged. It is actually the shaft that is most stimulating, long lasting, and subjects us to a thrill a minute when plugged. Oh yeah, right, there is the prostate that can blow you away with feelings when massaged. But you can't live plugged if the prostate is continually massaged. Massaging the prostate is a great way to achieve an orgasm or enhance an orgasm, but I think most guys will agree that continual prostate massaging is just not possible or desirable.

A Dedicated Butt Plugged Friend Who Likes to Stay Plugged
So, in April of 2013 I discovered that I loved plugging so much and had read about long-term plugging, and discovered the buttplug lover blog, where the guy talked about it becoming a lifestyle to stay plugged, and I thought that was exactly what I wanted to do. I actually do have a rich and full life beyond living plugged, but I've never found another sexual kink so enjoyable to me as keeping a plug in my ass 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and now, eight months and counting. So thrilled was I with the prospect of living plugged that I wanted to share it with other guys, so I started this blog in May of 2013.

If I were summarize the health-giving aspects of living plugged, as well as the sexual haze that accompanies it, these would be the top of the list:

  • My hemorrhoids were cleared up after about a month of wearing the glass plugs and have stayed cleared up.
  • My anal opening is now smooth and clean.
  • I get the feeling of being gently fucked all day long.
  • I get bursts of feelings in my sphincter every time I move, sit, stand, walk, clinch, bend over, cough, or turn over in bed.
  • Standing in line at the grocery store is no longer boring, and going plugged in public is a secret little thrill all its own.
  • I can bring myself to instant hardness with a few long kegal clinches.
  • My sphincter is continually exercised without being stretched out of shape. I can still hold an enema easily without leaking, while I brush my teeth and otherwise get ready for my shower.
I get hard every time I write an entry in this blog, knowing that I'm sharing the love of plugging with other men who have discovered the joy of anal play.

Don't ask me why this guy uses latex gloves, but he sure looks sexy in the cock ring and plug...

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  1. Congratulation for 1 year of Plugged Life... and to me for I'm featured again! Woohoo! (PluggedSon from EP/FetLife)