Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Plugged for Thanksgiving

Celebrating Thanksgiving with a Butt Plug in Place

Yeah, I know, it seems a little wrong to attend a Thanksgiving dinner among friends, family, and loved ones while wearing a butt plug. But since I am virtually living plugged 24/7/365, I could hardly stand the idea to unplug for the four-hour-long get-together.

Of course, I had to think long and hard about going to the dinner without a safety net—what if I needed to have a BM on an emergency basis? After all, eating whole mounds of food is what one usually does at Thanksgiving. Should I take a ziplock baggy with lube in it, in case I had to unplug, clean up, and re-plug? These are the kinds of questions that those of you who want to be plugged at work must face. I wouldn't have the convenience and real privacy of my own bathroom. Nonetheless, I went plugged, without a safety net. It kind of added to the fun.

Every year, for the past fifteen years, my partner and I have gone to a family friend's for Thanksgiving. We usually arrive at 3:30 p.m. and after dinner, there is always the usual gift-game, where we draw numbers, choose a gift, and then trade out for what we really want. The dinner begins at four and by the time the gift-game is over it's about eight p.m., when we usually take our leave.

This is a get-together that usually involves at least twenty people, mostly middle-aged to elderly, but there are always younger people there. So in I went, greeted all the familiar faces with a hug, shook hands with the men, sat around in various places and caught up on the news of the past year, talked about everything from sports teams to motorcycles—nothing I really had in common with anyone—and the whole time I could feel my plug as I stood, walked around, and sat on various surfaces.

Luckily, there were no twinges from my gut calling me to find the guest bathroom. I ate a moderate amount, and even had a dessert. So, I can now add this event to all the others I've attended while plugged in public.

Guy playing with an inflatable butt plug:

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  1. I have always liked that guy in the top photo of this page shoving the big dildo up his butt. The first time I saw him on the internet was ten years ago, so his pictures have long-term appeal. There's a nice album of his photos at
    --- Steve