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Living Plugged: The Agony and the Ecstacy

My First How-to Guide to Living Plugged...Butt Plugged, That Is.

I am by far not the expert on staying plugged 24/7/365. But like many of you, that is what I aspire to. I read about a ninety-eight-year-old man who had worn a plug for fifty-five years. He was not the one who wrote this on a health blog; instead his granddaughter had written for information on finding a replacement for him. She was embarrassed to write but did so, anyway, because her dear old granddad had broken his plug and had asked her to help him find a new one. Makes me look at elderly men in a whole new he or isn't he?

At any rate, I was also inspired to write this "how to" post, because I just heard from a man who loves my blog and aspires to living plugged 24/7/365. This guide is for him and for any other guy, gay or straight, who wants to get into staying plugged all the time. It's kind of not for guys who want to stretch their holes in preparation for getting fucked by their gfs or bfs.

The first thing we need to differentiate is between living plugged and using a butt plug to enhance our orgasms. Living plugged is staying plugged all day and all night, day in and day out, while using a butt plug to enhance an orgasm is for short-term sessions, either during sex with a partner or masturbating by oneself. Once you come, you remove the plug and bask in the afterglow of a great ejaculation. No, this is for staying plugged, even after you have masturbated or climaxed and not removing the plug, except for cleanup and maintenance.

Next, the idea of living plugged carries with it a commitment in a way to stay plugged through rough patches and challenges—all in the interest of having this unique experience that adds a sensual haze to one's life throughout the day and night. Yes, it's a continuous edging sexual experience that one wishes to keep going all the time. It's kind of like the teenage boy who wishes he could have an erection all the time (or maybe it was just me when I was a teenager!) We soon learn that once you come, your cock deflates, you put it away, and go about your business, until the next time. Not so with living plugged. You want to have some sexual stimulation all the time, and for me, it's something I never get "used to." There are times when I forget I'm plugged, until I move, sit, stand, walk, bend over, cough, need to pee—and then I get a big smile (inner smile) on my face. "Yep, the plug is still there."

If it's not just your horniness talking, and you really do want to try living plugged, the next thing you need to consider is finding the perfect plug that will allow you to stay plugged 24/7 with NO discomfort from the design of the plug. This is different for each butt, which has to do both with the part that goes inside and the base (the part that stays between your butt cheeks). If your eyes are bigger than your ass, you might have a tendency to choose a plug that is just too big for long-term comfort. Or if you're a conservative person with a tight ass, you might choose a plug that is too small to provide much beyond the initial insertion. And you really don't want to massage the prostate 24/7, so you choose a plug that is not going to keep massaging the prostate and cause discomfort that way. Some plugs are shaped with an angled head. Inserted one way, the head of the plug goes right for the prostate and massages it to orgasm; but if you turn it around, the angled head lies in the rectum away from the prostate, so it isn't massaging it all the time. Two types of plugs (more if you look at all the variations) can be worn one way for immediate prostate massage or worn the other way for long-term plugging. One is the NJOY pure plug and its knock-offs. These are stainless steel. They come in three sizes, and the 2.0 weighs over a pound. The other type of plug with the angled head are the Icicles and the Devi glass plugs with the same shape as the NJOY. there are also silicone versions.

Neptune Blue Glass Plug 1.5 inch diameter, angled head
Again, the plug you choose must be perfect and cause NO discomfort, either inside or outside. Alas, the NJOY's base was a deal breaker for me, although other men have said they have no discomfort from the base, which is oval shaped, but has a rather sharp edge, which dug into my perianal skin and, after about 12 hours began to cause agony from the irritation. When I found the Devi glass plug with a round, donut shaped ring base, I discovered that it lays between my butt cheeks like a coin in a slot, and because it is continually smooth and almost a half-inch thick (with a two-inch diameter) it is absolutely never uncomfortable. However, a guy who wrote in said that the Devi base just sticks out too far for his anal configuration and is pushed in every time he sits down. So for him, the NJOY is perfect.

The perfect plug for you might be made of silicone. I find that having to relube after a short amount of time (water-based) is also a deal breaker, especially if I'm out to dinner and the dryness begins to irritate. There are just times when it's inconvenient to find a restroom and relube. But with glass or steel, the lube doesn't dry up (silicone based lube) and keeps a thin sheen on the plug. I can get up in the morning and run my finger around the inside of my anus and it's still nice and slick, even after sleeping in it all night.

Staying Plugged - Diet.
I've discovered that I can't eat certain types of foods and expect regular, firm BMs. To live plugged 24/7, I really do have to watch what I eat. Lettuce runs through me like shit through a goose, so if I'm going to have a salad with my dinner, I am almost guaranteed a trip to the bathroom shortly afterwards, where I have to clean up, give myself an enema, and stay unplugged for an hour or so. Other foods, like beans and many greens cause gas, so to offset this, I need to also take a gas reducer, or I begin to fill bloated and uncomfortable. I've learned to fart around the plug, but I prefer not to have that issue, so I avoid foods that cause gas and bloating.

Part of my intake of food includes dietary supplements, as well as OTC products that slow down the digestion process, like Imodium AD. Regulating my snacking is also important. Sometimes I just want something between meals, but I try to keep that to a minimum. As you can see part of the commitment of living plugged is a willingness to change your diet and stick to it. I can't depend on too many enemas to keep my rectum cleaned out, because it is possible to suffer "weary butt." There's no reason to make staying plugged unpleasant and un-fun.

Staying Plugged - When Your Body Won't Let You.
The most eye-opening lesson I have learned, after being continually plugged for six months (I also count up to nine months of butt plugging, but not continually) is that sometimes, your body just won't let you. I've had bouts of the runs, when no amount of enemas would alleviate what the body has to do naturally, and one case of a the flu, which made it uncomfortable and messy to try to be plugged. I learned a long time ago, however, from another fellow plugger that you should not feel defeated, as if you have lost some sort of contest. When you have to unplug, unplug. The point is to enjoy living plugged.

The Agony?
I've mentioned a couple: the runs and illness. But listen to your body. Don't stay plugged as if it's something that's required. Nobody is forcing you to stay plugged. No one is going to think less of you if you take a break. It has to be something you love doing. If you feel pain, beyond say the initial pain threshold of getting a plug past the sphincter, just simply stop; give your body a chance to let you know what's causing the pain.

The Ecstacy?
Having a plug in my ass! Seeing a plug in your ass! Knowing we have something in common.

Again, the pictures I use on this blog are from the Internet or from fellow pluggers who send me pictures to post. I have to assume that the Internet pictures are free for the taking, when I encounter no disclaimers that state otherwise. And a new proviso is that I will not kowingly post pictures of underage young men. If you send me pictures to post, please state that you are over eighteen. Also remember that once a picture or vid enters the Internet, it will be there until the end of the Internet, and there's no stopping its spread.

There are more variations of anal toys and sex toys out there that can provide a universe of experiences, and I have tried a lot of them, but nothing speaks to me more than having my butt plugged as I go through my day. I invite others to share their experiences. Life is short, and our sex lives are sometimes even shorter. Find a way to stay sexual! It's a health-giving activity.

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