Sunday, March 26, 2017

I'm Back and Still Plugged

After Four Years of living plugged...

I can still say that I need that plug in my ass all day, all night, 24/7/365.

Cute Kid, nice big butt, love the look of that
plug jammed in there, too.
I apologize for my long hiatus from posting in this blog. As I indicated in my last blog in July 2016, I moved halfway across the country, and it has taken me this long to get settled, to meet new friends, acclimate myself to an entirely different cuisine than my body was used to and I have to say that staying regular is the key to staying plugged. Otherwise there can be nasty and quite embarrassing public crises.

Those of you who have followed me in the past might want to know how I have managed to keep up the enthusiasm for living plugged. After all, it makes sense that like a hot bath, once you've sat in it for awhile, you get used to the heat, and then the heat slowly cools. And that is exactly what has happened to staying plugged. I got used to it and haven't discovered any new angles to write about. It's just there in my ass, so I really haven't had anything new to add to such a post as this. I'm as used to having a plug in my ass as I am to having a cock. And you know that you never get tired of your cock. I still haven't found the very best enema equipment, and of course ideally it would be some sort of hook-up in the shower, where you could slowly push a long flexible hose past the sigmoid colon and on into the small intestine and keep the warm water flowing the deeper you go (never soapy—you don't want to kill the good bacteria). There's an excellent adult toy shop near me, and I have visited a few times, and I finally got around to buying a large plug. But try as I might, I've never been able to get that sucker in, and so I've stuck with my glass plug.

Nice, clean, hairless, naked ass with just that simple
ring announcing what's in his ass. Nice shot to include the
cock ring. But I also like an ass with curly-hair, right up
to the opening.
Nor have I bought an NJOY Pure Plug 2.0. Now that would fit, but I still don't think I could keep it in without discomfort, but only because of the base oval, with the rather sharp edge that digs into the skin of my butt cheeks. I was hoping, and still do that NJOY would eventually improve on that one niggling problem. To me, though, the way the NJOY looks in a man's ass is just about the sexiest look I can think of. You know what he's got stuck in his ass by the simple, clean ring on the outside. And from what I've read the NJOY 2.0 is a pound of steel, so you know what kind of thrill he's getting having that thing inside, the weight, the fullness, and almost zero chance that it's going to come out accidentally because of the very narrow shaft.

I'm glad to see that in my absence from posting that the blog still gets dozens of hits a day.

Here's a hairy-ass with steel plug play:


  1. Helloooo!!! So great to hear (er, read) from you again!!! Glad you're still in the Always Plugged Club :) Hugs

  2. I don't know why I can't comment on your latest post but I will just have to do it here: I am one of "those readers," a hem sufferer to the extreme - think huge suckers that block all exit passage, even air, and which compel me to get regular colonics due to ahem, issues. I've even been to the hospital because of them! In a desperate attempt to avoid surgery I found your blog and bought your recommended Njoy Pure, which I plan to wear 24/7 for a month as a trial to see if it can alleviate some of my woes - even a partial reduction in size during the time would be wonderful. And because my case is quite extreme, it would be a testament to butt plugs being the magic pills for hemorrhoids.
    I will consider this a personal miracle if this works, shout the marvel of butt plugs from the rooftops, and send you any plug of your choice as a gesture of gratitude. I'm serious. I hope for the sake of my health and your PO Box that this works.