Sunday, May 5, 2013

Living Plugged

The Genesis...

I got the idea for this blog from reading a blog titled Living the Butt Plug Lifestyle, which was updated until January 2012. It inspired me to get back into butt plugging. I had done it regularly in the mid and late 1990s, and then fell out of habit. Back then I wore a plug as much as I could, even drove cross country to a wedding wearing it, sleeping in it, and I enjoyed it. But also back then the materials and configuration of the butt plugs were inferior to what is available today. The base on those plugs eventually caused irritation and so wearing them long term wasn't really realistic, without a lot of dedicated pain, which for me took away from the pleasure.

So a few years elapsed and I started looking at today's butt plugs online and I was amazed. I especially like the stainless steel and glass plugs because they are by far the most hygienic and allow the use of silicone-based lubes that don't dry out and don't require re-lubing every couple of hours. As I write this, I have been plugged for more than twenty-four hours. In fact, I'm going for 48 hours. The plug I am wearing right now is called the Neptune Blue Plug (click HERE and be taken directly to the toy store where I bought it. Look for the picture of the blue plug and click). It is six inches long, with an insertable length of four inches. The business end of the plug is egg-shaped with the widest part being 1.5 inches in diameter (easy for intermediate pluggers). Notice that the base is a ring and that the plug is angled. If it is worn forward, pressing on the prostate, it is better for short term use and good prostate stimulation. If the angle part is worn toward the back (as I am wearing it now) it is good for almost endless long-term wear. Of course, in a 24-hour period my body goes through at least two waste elimination cycles, which makes it necessary to remove for BMs and clean-up, which I accomplish with an enema. I also remove it to shower, so that I can get my anus clean. During a shower, I also like to massage the area around the anus.

Many guys use butt plugs with wide necks, so that their sphincters are stretched and they can achieve "gaping." I understand this goal. It helps prepare them for cocks or strap-ons (in the case of straight men) or dildos, the bigger the better. But I wear a butt plug as an end in itself—for the sheer delight and continual edging it allows me. I can clinch my ass muscles and work up a hands-free erection anywhere, any time. Whenever I move, or get up from a sitting position, or walk, or turn over in bed, my plug lets me know it is there. That's my goal, getting that continual stimulation and the cascade of thrills to my butt.

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  1. I am in the process of purchasing a Devi Glass Butt Plug from I also like reading your posts. Happy Plugging!! :D