Thursday, June 20, 2013

Long-Term Butt Plugging and Edging

Like an All-Day Cock

There were plenty of times when I spent the night with a man who had just fucked me, and a fantasy of mine was to sleep all night with his cock in my ass. But there was the impracticality of what to do with the rest of his body, as well as the fact that a freshly milked cock just doesn't stay hard. Later, I would discover that the solution to that all-night-cock-in-the-ass issue was easily solved. Use a butt plug.

And, in a way, that's part of why I like to wear a butt plug all day, every day. It might not even resemble a hard cock, might not have that fleshy warm feeling, but it sure does a great job of keeping me on the edge. It excites all the right bits in my ass, including keeping the sphincter muscles activated whenever I move, twitch, stretch, stand, sit, walk, or deliberately work my cock into a hard on, on the edge of coming. In the picture to the left, that's my ass with the ring of the Prisms Devi glass plug showing. As I've indicated, the Devi is about six inches (four inches insertable) of beautiful crystal clear glass with an egg-shaped head, with a two-inch diameter, a shaft that's about 3/4 inches in diameter, and a 1.75 inch ring that sits just outside the anus. When I clinch my ass, the ring snuggles up close and hard to my anus, and when I sit, it's pushed close as well. But it's never uncomfortable. Just imagine that when I stand, my butt cheeks close around the ring, but because there are no sharp edges, and it's a fat, rounded circle, it feels very nice.

I also enjoy running my fingers around the anal opening, where the lube is nice and slick, and my anal opening is hot and moist feeling. I use three different kinds of lubes that I switch on a day-to-day basis; my favorite is Rascal anal lube. It's runnier than the other two silicone-based lubes that I use, but for some reason, even when I can feel a BM coming on, the plug usually comes away clean. It doesn't dry out, and as lubes go, it's cheaper than others. I'll have to do a google search of Rascal anal lube and come up with more details.

At any rate, to me, it's all about keeping a plug up my hungry butt and going about my daily routines. I seldom masturbate, but I quite often edge until the precum drips into my shorts.

Here's a guy who reviews the Tantus Severin large plug. I love it when reviewers readily admit that they've tried the products they're reviewing. I also love the way this reviewer lovingly strokes the butt plug he's showing us:

Although I'm partial to my glass plug, which currently causes me zero comfort issues, I think I might like to challenge myself with the Severin.


  1. Regarding the Tantus Severin review, I thought he said it was the medium size. I played the clip again and that is definitely what he said.

    As a preface, EVERYONE is different or has or may have different tastes.

    Big deal about the logo. Sorry, that does 0 for me.

    Now I only have hard stuff of steel, pyrex or aneros plastic. I did not like the silicone started plug I first tried. I can squeeze mine, too. The flexible nature might be good, but I have not tried that. Seems the stems are thin enough allowing movement in the portion of the plug that pops in above the sphincter.

    He talks about warming up with another smaller plug. Not quite sure what that means. And WHY it pops out telling him he is ready for the Severin. He is not specific but I suspect he is just 'playing.' Now that is certainly OK and his choice. But I am with Plugged Man on this: longer term wear, day and or night, is more satisfying than just play and rub.

    Although I am not very big, I can take and remove a 2.25 inch pyrex plug all day or night without it becoming uncomfortable. I have done this at work in a restroom stall. Granted, I used to struggle even to insert this guy while on my side in bed. I have 1 larger pyrex plug, but have some issues removing it.

    I feel torn.... Sometimes I would just love to buy and wear something steel, huge and heavy. I'd probably need a harness to keep it in during the day.

    And other times, like now, after > 24 hours of nothing, I have an Aneros Helix in and it is gently moving around down there, mostly without any conscious effort on my part, letting some hormones flow. As you may know, this is a smallish toy, probably not more than 1 in diameter.

    I hardly ever masturbate any more. Any I never have precum or drip, or so I believe. Still, I love the sensations and they often lead to erections.

    Now, this may be a bit off topic, but I also like the idea of an all-day vagina for the front end. I have lots of nice satin sleeved "manties" from a seller on eBay. I'd be glad to share that if you are interested.

  2. I'm not sure what you're referring to when you say the logo...

    Give me the name of the product...the manties...or whatever they're called. Some of my readers might be interested in that.

  3. He makes a big deal about the Tantus logo on the bottom or side of the plug's heel. I don't understand why he thinks that is cool. Says it looks hand-made.

    I have 4 or those. Also in the ADULT SECTION item 400041561736. I have 4 or those among and some with external sleeves.


  4. I agree, who cares about the logo? It's what goes in the butt that counts. What are your glass and steel plugs. I think I'm ready for something bigger than 2 inches in diameter.

  5. I am not always sure BIGGER is BETTER. I have asked about inflatables and have no answer. I think we (any interested and informed parties) should discuss.

    There's a shop in MD.... painful pleasures. I bought the medium but he has a large pear-shaped steel plug. I believe he has one > than 2 inches.

    Seller glassreign from Ebay or Etsy has made some custom plugs glass ones for me. But that size in not her normal work.

    There is something like Ebay item 200812972960 (adults only). There is the expandable steel plug.... Ebay 281034901253 -- I saw one somewhere that goes to 3 I thought, but it is quite expensive. And 251290413531.

    Those are some options. Don't have any of those.


  6. hi i wanted to buy a buttplug to wear for days, but do not know which type.
    And I was wondering if after you use for several months the sfincher gets weaker and open? I'm going to need diapers when not using the buttplug? Sorry for my silly doubt ..

  7. You shouldn't have to worry about "weakening" your sphincter just by wearing a butt plug for a long time. It's the size of the shaft that will actually do any stretching, and a one-inch shaft, the part that keeps your sphincter open, is not going to do any damage. Buy a glass or steel plug, either the NJOY or Icicles #14, the Prisms Devi glass plug, etc.