Monday, June 10, 2013

Straight Men Love Butt Plugging, Too

Heterosexual and Heteroflexible Butt Pluggers

I would like to thank the straight and heteroflexible men who have written to me about this blog, and how the pictures and videos of the men with plugged butts have turned them on. Up until a couple of months ago, I had no idea that straight men liked to use butt plugs. But in creating this blog, one of my goals was to discuss how all men, gay and straight, could benefit from the joys and health-giving properties of using butt plugs. While most men I would dare say only use a butt plug for the duration of a sexual encounter, the benefits from being plugged while having sex are well known: harder ejaculations and good prostate massage.

In fact, though it might not be the first use of butt plugs, I have read that butt plugs were created by doctors who wanted to help men (and women) treat hemorrhoids and the Aneros plugs were made specifically for prostate massage. And as with Viagra, which was first developed for an entirely different purpose, these prostate massagers stimulated much more than the prostate. Over a few decades, butt plugs have been embraced by many men and women as one of the most exciting and desirable of sex toys.

Some of my more experienced users might be able to correct any misconceptions I might inadvertently state here (I have only been plugging seriously for six months, following a years' long hiatius when I used my first butt plug in the nineteen nineties).  But as I like to show here, butt plugs are not only health-giving but they are also erotic, and the pictures presented here are specifically chosen for their erotic imagery, like the male duo in this picture that are obviously enjoying the benefits of both being plugged.

I think most men viewing this picture would want to be the one also receiving the blow job, but then those of us who really love to suck dick would prefer to be the one on the bottom. But everyone benefits from such imagery, no doubt including the photographer. Perhaps he has a butt plug firmly planted in his ass while he snaps this photo.

All photos and vids in this blog come from the Internet, from sites that allow users to repost the vids and pictures.

As regular readers of this blog might be aware, my personal goal is to "live plugged," which means staying plugged continually, 24 hours a day, but my first earnest attempt came to an end in the twenty-first day of my longest plugging. Either my body betrayed me, or I betrayed my body by eating too much of the kinds of food that likes to run through my system; and even though I tried to stay plugged on the twenty-first day, I couldn't. My body went through a tremendous cleansing cycle. Of course I have also said that being plugged 24/7/365 is probably unrealistic, and so I did not view this first interruption as a failure, so much as a time out. I took two days off, and I have to report that last night when I resumed wearing my glass plug, it was sheer heaven. Over time, I must have gotten used to the kinds of sensations I thought I had not gotten used to while staying continuously plugged for twenty days. The intensity of my sphincter being deliciously exercised, again, as well as deeper inside, where I felt the glass sliding around as I moved seemed more intense. And so the count begins again...

Mmmm...mmmm....mmmm...we certainly know what this guy is feeling! Enjoy!

buttplug 4" wide in and out my ass!! brought to you by PornHub

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    Hetero here, but no cooperation from the wife.

    As you can see there are actually 2 rectal sphincters. As I see it they are located near the lower portion of the rectum. I am no expert, but the sphincters surround the THIN section of the plug and the larger portion sits above them. Certainly we can move those muscles.

    I asked before if you can move the UPPER portion of the plug with the (PC) muscles in that area. I believe it is the upper, larger portion of the plug that pushes against the prostate and bladder.

    Also, at times, and this is very wonderful, the plug moves in me EFFORTLESSLY for minutes on end as if the muscles are instinctively pulling and pushing the inner portion of the plug. Now it may be the bladder or prostate or muscles; I am not a doctor or specialist.

    Oddly, as I have written, I have never witnessed pre-cum or had a regular orgasm from the plug. It is true I wear diapers at night and the plug. Instead I urinate, sometimes quite uncontrollably. And I prefer these 20 or 30 or even 40 minute urination marathons to the - what - 30 second normal orgasm. I can (note CAN, so not always) experience two or three in one session.... One before I fall asleep (midnight), one after waking up (4 am) and a final one before I arise from bed (7 am). Sometimes I am just soaking wet and leaking, so I have to change early before the final "gusher" and so have to forgo that one.

    I can barely insert AND REMOVE (that's the most difficult for me) my 2.75 inch plug. I think it encounters bone. I don't see how I could use a 4 inch diameter plug.

    I asked on EP about an inflatable plug as did others. Any thoughts or experiences?


  3. I certainly don't have that experience of my muscles moving the plug. I have to do kegels to get any action of the plug, and I believe it is the inner sphincter attempting to close around the shaft that gets the most action. I don't experience precum the way I wear my plug, which is angled, as the NJOYs are. And I saw a review that said if you wanted long-term comfort, you wear the head of the plug angled away from the prostate. For a short masturbation session, one would wear the angle toward the sphincter.

  4. I believe the PC muscles are doing the kegels and would be moving or clenching the plug. I am right now plugged with a 6 in long pear shaped metal plug. I agree that the innermost sphincter can move the plug. I can also compress muscles (PC) it seems along the side of the plug towards the tip of it which is ~ 6 inches inside the rectum. I can push the plug downwards as I am sitting or lift it upwards. I don't have an NJOY and all my plugs are straight. I am diapered and have been expelling urine for quite a while.... 45 minutes or so, maybe more, as I squeeze the plug consciously or if I stop whatever muscles or nerves there are down there will just gently contract around the plug automatically. A rectal or prostate or bladder orgasm if you will.

    So "away" from the prostate is downwards? I don't manually masturbate much but allow and encourage the rectum and prostate to "do their thing" as often as possible. I suppose that is masturbation in a way, just not using my hands.

    Again, many thanks for the blog.

    I saw buttpluglover's blog for the first time. Posts are sadly quite old.

    Enjoy life!


  5. I prefer to sit on my plug and rock and wriggle while masturbating an awsome sensation