Saturday, August 17, 2013

Glass and Metal Plugs and Lube

How I Lube My Plug...

With glass and metal butt plugs, a little lube goes a long way. Over the last nine months I have discovered that glass and metal butt plugs don't need nearly as much lube (if it is silicone based) as the more porous silicone plugs. Further, silicone based lube does not get absorbed by the rectal tissue nearly as readily as does water-based lubes. And further, the thinner the lube the better for glass and steel plugs.

When I first started plugging again after several years and several wonderful advancements in butt plug design and materials, I followed the advice of experienced butt plug users who cautioned everywhere to use plenty of lube. The result showed on my underwear, and because I was using a silicone-based lube for my glass and steel plugs, I began to wear briefs and boxers at the same time. The theory was that the briefs would collect most of the excess lube that leaked out around the plug, and the boxers, being less intimate with my ass and looser would absorb the rest. But I saw that after a few days of staying lubed that even the back of my jeans had developed an oily stain than no doubt showed when I was out in public. The stain was subtle but it was there, and when I did laundry, I directly added laundry detergent to the oily stains so that they would come out in the wash.

I also figured that if the stain was just slightly noticeable, I didn't mind if people wondered what had caused it.

Still, I began to experiment. I found that the thicker silicon-based lubes left an oily crust on the base of the butt plug, and required washing the plug more often. And so, when I tried the thinner lubes, which I had been slathering on the plug and on my anus, I realized that almost right away, when I got dressed and went out plugged in public, that much of the lube was immediately transferred to my clothing.

After that, I either just used the lube on my ass or put it only on the plug. My idea was that either way, the lube would be effective in getting the plug past my sphincter, and it did seem to work. I was just as comfortable as I had been when using more lube. The irritation of the plug in my ass never developed, and I could still go hours without relubing. I think this has to do with the way the oily lube adheres to the plug. It just needs to be a very thin film on metal, just a sheen, really, and not in any way a big amount. A little lube truly does go a long way on metal and glass. I would still suggest more lube if you are going to use it like a dildo and move it back and forth in your ass as you masturbate; but when it just used for long-term plugging, it is not necessary to have the lube dripping out of your ass.


  1. Neat photo of the guy with an Analmaster locked inside him and connected to a chain! See
    This metal plug expands to 3 1/3 inches inside his rectum and locks in that position so he can't get it out. I've always wanted something that works like that, but this one is pretty expensive. Maybe I'll keep waiting until something better or cheaper comes along.


  2. It's best to put the lube both on the ass and the toy. I prefer metal ones because they are smooth and sturdy.


    It's best to pick the ones with a large base and a good grip.