Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Permanent Butt Plug

The Graphic Reality of Permanent Butt Plugging...

Before I get into the idea of the graphic reality of wearing a butt plug 24/7/365, we should be clear that there is a difference between the so-called permanent butt plug and wearing a butt plug permanently.

Here is the permanent butt plug from MEO—those guys really know how to create interest. Note that you wear this gem permanently and can give yourself enemas directly without removing the plug. I've never been too keen on the base of this thing. I think it would be uncomfortable...but who knows. If you want to explore this permanent plug in more detail go here. The plug is for intermediate users, since the widest part is right at two inches in diameter. Maybe if I were living by myself and not keeping my stash of plugs hidden from my husband (who is simply not into anal), I would get this baby and set up an enema system in my shower. I love metal and glass, so for this reason, this plug is intriguing. But I wonder about the hard base, the round part and sitting down. I would have to keep the rod slipped into the plug for graphic BM reasons.

This picture makes me want to chew on those balls!
And so that leads me to the subject of "the graphic reality of permanent butt plugging." I wear my glass plug darn near one hundred percent of the time, and that's about 355 days from April 2013 to April 2014, coming up. The only times I've had to go without glass in my ass was for illness and the reality of occasional loose bowels. No, Virginia, wearing a plug when you have the runs is not a very good idea. It doesn't plug the anus well enough to keep the...stuff...from coating the plug and then leaking. About eight months into living plugged for real, I discovered the judicious use of Imodium (and its generic counterpart). More graphic explanation ahead.

I have to eat foods that slow my digestion and I take little generic Imodium pills to help remove the water from my stool, causing me to be somewhat constipated, so that I can go long periods without BMs and which also helps keep the plug clean. Rarely now do I pull out my plug to find it...dirty. Sometimes, I have to do an enema to kickstart the BM. But most often, I have good BMs. Okay, enough with the graphic reality of permanent butt plugging.

Right now, as I write this, my plug (one-inch shaft) is keeping my sphincter all atwitter with sensation. I'm half erect because it feels so fucking good! Men, gay and straight, young and old, fit or not fit, permanent plugging (as opposed to using a permanent plug) is something you should try. You might ask why wear a plug all the time? Good question. Even though I have to perform some maintenance on the glass plug, lubing is not one of them. I used to use silicone based or oil based lubes, but the evidence shows up on my tighty whites. With glass or metal, it takes just a small drop of oily lube or water-based lube (my frequent choice is aloe vera gel), so the main maintenance has to do with an enema at least once or twice a day. I find that the less lube I use the greater the stimulation to my man cunt. With little or no lube, my plug just nestles up to my rectum. but the glass is NEVER uncomfortable, and I get sexual feelings all day and night.

4-inch dildo/plug


  1. I give MEO full marks for creativity and inventiveness, and I'd be very willing indeed to give that a test drive! But - and I think this is true of quite a lot of their stuff - I tend to be very skeptical of the prospect of long-term wear. Maybe I'm just biased on account of an uncomfortable previous experience with a stainless steel plug where the flange dug into me so uncomfortably I couldn't use it for more than a couple of hours or so (although I'm a lot more experienced at being plugged now than I was then).

    And yes - having had the misfortune to suffer a bout of the runs a couple of months back, I defy anyone to stay plugged through something like that. The constant irritation and soreness of my sphincter was enough to make me cringe at the very thought of a plug!

  2. Same idea, much better base for wearing here:

    This is what I have, but without the ring on the base, which would be very uncomfortable to sit down with! Original idea was to keep it in all the time and wash out through the centre hole, but this was not successful with my diet, so just remove it now for BM's.

  3. I an permanently plugged now for 3 Years with a 12cm diameter oval tunnelplug.My mistress wanted me to be plugged to make sure she can fist ne right away anytime anywhere.There is no way back.My anus is already too loose without the buttplug so i have to wear him 24/7.
    Attached during night i have 2 pipes connected ar the plug which are cleaning my rectum automatically.
    A third smaller hole is for lubrication.
    All 3 holes can be closed with caps.
    The plug itself has many riffles and a bigger diameter at the end so it will stay in its place very well.Getting em out after 3 days for cleaning takes a while because of its riffled surface.
    While beeing cleaned my mistress is using big anal clamps to keep my anus wide open so reinsertion of the plug again will make it easier and faster.
    For some Infos you can always email me at