Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Living Plugged for a Whole Year

Plugged for 365 Days and Nights

There is a case where a 90-year-old
man wore a plug for 55 years.
Today I celebrate having a butt plug in my ass for 24/7/365! Although I started using butt plugs again in December of 2012, kind of on the spur of the moment sort of thing, it took a few months before I actively started thinking about what it would be like to "live plugged." I had gotten my inspiration from another blogger "All About the Butt Plug Lifestyle" who talked about butt plugging as a lifestyle. And his iconic picture of his plugged butt that greeted visitors was just so sexy, I was inspired—really inspired—not only to come home after work and slam a plug home, so to speak, but to be at work plugged and to sleep plugged. I was so inspired, as a matter of fact that I started a log of hours plugged vs. hours unplugged. I started this log in April 2013 and continued keeping track through June of 2013. After a couple of successive weeks when I could total up the hours in a day that I was virtually plugged at 24 hours, I then no longer saw the need to keep the log.

So, even though I claim a whole year plugged 24/7, I've gotten as close as is humanly possible, and what I have learned over this past year is very valuable, which is where I'm heading next in this entry. But first I will admit that the 24/7/365 is really about 348 days out of a year, plugged 24 hours a day, for a total of 95 percent of the time. There were a few days off for illness, and a few hours a day here and there for digestive issues, of which I had been plagued quite often before I started seriously plugging—and no, no, no! Wearing a plug when you have the runs is true insanity. You're going to end up shitting all over the plug, and it's going to leak into your shorts, and when you pull it out, it's going to sling shit all over the bathroom.

Lookin' Good!
What I have learned in order to live plugged is it begins with the mouth, not the anus. Most importantly for me (others may have different issues) is the food I eat. Like many people I eat too much fatty foods, not enough greens, too much red meat, too much spicy food, etc. I also have IBS and tend to get the runs rather than become constipated, so I had to search for foods that slowed down my digestion, rather than providing "explosive theater" moments when I barely had time to get to the bathroom. Nonetheless, I don't want to drift off into an article on good nutrition; just suffice it to say that I now watch my fatty-food intake, eat lots of rice, yogurt, meat occasionally, etc. You have to control what goes in before you can predict how the south end of the digestive chain behaves.

Send in those selfies, guys!
Next, I take loperamide HCL (Imodium) on a regular, daily, basis (it's an anti-diarrheal) and doctors say that you can take it long-term as long as you still have regular BMs. I made this helpful discovery at about six months into my plugging year. And I've learned in that period just how much to take every day. So I control what I eject by what I inject, so to speak. It makes for a very pleasant, predictable plugging experience.

It was also in April of 2013 that I switched from the NJOY medium, stainless steel plug to the three types of glass plugs that I sequenced through, until I finally settled on the Icicles #14 glass plug. Second to this, I used the Prisms Devi glass plug most of the time during this past year. The secret is the ring base and the perfectly safe glass. Clean up is easy. I have reduced the amount of lube I use to just a drop (if I use a silicone based lube) or the tip of my finger with a dab if I use Aloe Vera Gel. I prefer Aloe Vera Gel, because it is a healthy, risk-free substance that also has a slight healing effect.

Finally, and most important for me is that I have not had hemorrhoids now since I started plugging with either metal or glass, which has been over a year. So, to summarize: I'm hemorrhoid free and my ass is kept satisfied all the time. Yes, guys, I'm hard as I write this. I'm plugged, and I'm heading into my second year of living plugged.

I know exactly what this guy is feeling...


  1. Well done on what must have seemed the impossible. I really enjoyed the read, and can relate!

  2. Glad you enjoyed the read. I really do love talking about butt plugging and of course being plugged.

  3. Congratulations on the anniversary! Your blog is inspirational and an invaluable source of information and encouragement to me as I enter my second month of following in your footsteps and "living plugged".

  4. Hey, Don, that's great! I hope you enjoy the constant reminder that you're plugged. Although I can work and go about my daily life, whether it's working at my computer, shopping, dining out, or going to a party, I'm intimately aware of my plug and just love to give myself little thrills by clenching to feel it inside doing its job. What kind of plug do you wear? Are you having any discomfort issues? After I discover my first glass plug I've never had a discomfort issue from wearing one, and now that I'm in my second year being virtually plugged 24 hours a day, I see no reason at all to ever stop. Of course, I haven't been on a plane trip, yet, and I just hope that when I do, the glass plug won't show up in the security check. I know it doesn't beep when I go through detectors at the stores, but that's no guarantee I will be safe in airport security. Nonetheless, please do let me know what kind of plug you're wearing. I enjoyed reading your blog, BTW, called slices of life.


  5. Well, oddly enough, my plug looks the same as the one the guy's using in the XHamster video there! Looking at it in relation to the size of his hand, I'm fairly sure it's exactly the same plug, in fact. So I was sat here watching him while doing what he was doing - squeezing at the end of the clip - and it's a terrific sensation!

    I have found it has a tendency sometimes for the flange to curl up and dig into my ass cheek a bit uncomfortably and I take it out for a short while and apply a little more lube before reinserting, but otherwise I'm really getting used to being plugged all the time and loving it. I really enjoy chatting and writing about being plugged, too. I'm definitely aware of the full feeling in my ass when I'm out and about, but I'd say I'm more conscious of it when at home and I have this awesome sensation of being intimately penetrated all the while - and it just turns me on no end!

    I've never flown, but I wouldn't think a glass plug would trigger an airport security alert. I know the rectal cavity is reportedly a favoured hiding place for drug couriers, but I can't think that they would check every traveller unless they had a particular reason to be suspicious that something was concealed up there!

  6. Hi, Don,
    That was the reason I asked about the plug. It's the base that'll get you. The circle base on the Icicles #14 and the Devi plug fit between the butt cheeks like a coin in a slot and, hence, there is NEVER any discomfort. Thanks for the thoughts on wearing a plug through airport security. I wouldn't think glass, especially clear glass would show up, either.

    Anyway, enjoy your day plugged!