Sunday, January 19, 2014

Icicles #14 Glass Butt Plug

Having a Nice Hunk of Glass in My Ass!

Thanks to the nice French boy who's master
has allowed him to send me a picture of
his nicely plugged ass.
Anyone who has read my blog over the last nine months knows that I have said that the Prisms Devi Glass anal plug is perfect and that I have achieved Nirvana...sexual Nirvana with it in my ass 24/7 and nine months. But in my last post, I said I was trying the Icicles #14 plug to kick my plugging up a notch. Mainly the only difference between the Devi and the #14 is the size of the shaft. The Icicles's shaft is a full inch in diameter. It's like having a hard (albeit rather small) cock up my ass all the time. I've been wearing it now for two weeks, 24/7, except for a couple of hours here and there due to weary butt, or should I say weary sphincter.

For those of you who have gone out and bought the Devi plug on my recommendation, I wholeheartedly still recommend it for overall comfort and very nice sphincter stimulation. In fact, well into my second week of wearing the Icicles plug I had one of those weird moments when I sat down in a wicker chair on my patio one day at lunch. At first I thought I had suddenly got a hard t***rd in my anal opening and so rushed off to the bathroom to pull the plug and clean myself. But when I reached for the ring on the plug it was...not where it should have been. I quickly discovered after pulling the plug out clean as a whistle (to my relief) that the base of the plug had slipped past the anal opening and was stretching my sphincter over two inches. Hence the feeling of suddenly having a ball of t***rd at the anal opening.

Yep, they're having to check the position of their plugs, too.
This meant that my sphincter was a lot looser after wearing the Icicles for almost ten straight days and nights. I also have to say that on that particular day, I was having a very nice plugging session and was really able to slam the plug home that morning with no pain whatsoever. It also gave a nice pop as it slipped past the sphincter and filled up my rectum. is a kind of warning (to me). The one-inch diameter shaft on the Icicles will stretch the sphincter more than the Devi, although I suspect when and if I go back to the Devi, everything will return to normal—at least as normal as it can considering that I am virtually living every day and night with a hunk of glass in my ass. I'm also still loving the hell out of it.

I hope this post's vid isn't a repeat! It's a fun one...

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